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As of 30 Sep 2002

These death records were transcribed from St. Dominic’s Church Death Records which were written in Latin. They are from the beginning of the Church in 1858 through 1927.

As always, the spellings as recorded were retained here. Be sure to check for alternate/phonic spellings.

Verification of the data can be made from the faint microfilmed records currently available at the Belleville, IL public library and at the St. Louis County, MO library. Images of the original Death Records are now online at FamilySearch Pilot Site (external link). There are several Latin translators online, one of which is The University of Notre Dame Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid (external link). The records on this Clinton County ILGenWeb site have not been proofed. If you find any errors, please contact us.

AlphabeticalListing by Deceased's Name

A B C - D E - F
G - Ha He - Hu I - Kn Ko - Ku
L - Me Mi - O P R
Sa - Se Sh - T U - V W - Z

Alphabetical Listing by Fathers Name

A B C - E F - G
Ha - He Hi - Hu I - Ke Kl - Ku
L - M N - P R S
T - U V - Z    

Alphabetical Listing by Mothers Maiden Name

A - B C - E F - G H
I - K L - M N - R S
T - V W - Z    

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