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Name Maiden Name Born Died Age Comments
CALVERT, Linda ----  ----  1 Jun 1977  ----  Died in Belleville, IL. Cremated. 
CAMPBELL, Lorena M. ----  ----  4 Jun 1995  84y  Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. 
CANNON, William Thomas ----  29 Jan 1881  18 Mar 1941  60y1m9d  Born in Hillsborough, IL and died at his work in the steel mill at Granite City, IL. Cause of death was a blood clot in the lung. 
CARTALL, William J. ----  4 Mar 1857  23 Sep 1915  58y6m19d  Born in Braunschweig, Germany. Came to America in 1871 - Knob View, MO. 1878- Frisco RR; 1882-travelling auditor for MO Pacific RR. Married Bintia ? ZIMMERMANN in Trenton in 1884. They had 5 children. He died in St. Louis, MO. 
CASTAGNOLA, Zach A. ----  ----  23 Nov 2001  19y  Died from car accident in Chapel Hill, NC. 
CLARK, Elmer ----  ----  Sep 2000  ----  ---- 
COATS, Esther Louise HALL / HULL  5 Jul 1904  10 Jul 1927  ----  Dau of Rufus Hall or HULL and Emma born REBLING. Born in Breese, Il. She spent all her life in Breese except the last 3 years. She married Vernon Coats on 19 Feb 1927 in St. Louis. She was killed in an auto accident at Gray's Summit, MO. Her husband, mother and sister Elizabeth were all seriously hurt in this accident. Her sister died 14 Jul 1927, the day of her funeral. Funeral from Theo FISCHER's house. She is listed as Coates in Missouri online Death Certificates 
COPE, Mary Anna SCHROEDER  21 Apr 1872  29 Jan 1922  49y9m8d  Born in Holt County, MO. Married Arthur Cope 17 Oct 1900, they had 5 children. 
CORDELL, Fred ----  ----  6 Nov 1974  60y11m9d  ---- 
CORDELL, Pearl L. ----  ----  1 Jan 1977  58y  Died in Firmin Desloge Hospital St. Louis, MO. 
CREPPS, Conrad ----  2 Nov 1835  3 Dec 1921  83y1m1d  Born in Hessen, Germany. Came to America in 1842. Married Sarah WESLEY in 1859. They had 11 children, 3 died. Served 4 years in Federal Army, Co. II 154 IL Inf. Wife died in 1890. He then married Sophia HAUSMANN. Died of old age. Had military honors at funeral. Surname is written as KREPPS also. 
CUNNINGHAM, Catharine Eleanor ----  7 Aug 1935  31 Oct 1935  2m24d  Dau of Lynn & Eleanor born TSCHUDY. Born in St. Louis, MO; died in St. Mary's Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried from the Rob Tschudy home. 
CUNNINGHAM, Eleanore ----  ----  5 Dec 1984  78y  Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. 
CUNNINGHAM, Lynn ----  ----  23 Aug 1985  80y  Died in St. Joseph Hospital, Breese, IL. 

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