St. Peter's Lutheran Church

New Memphis, Clinton County Illinois



Church Records




C - D


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Place of Death Survivors Confirm., Sponsor or Witness Marriage Date Spouse's Name Father Name Mother Maiden Name Burial Location Misc. Record Type
CALVERT, Alice 29 Nov 1874 Jasperson County, IL 28 Apr 1908 33y4m29d Clinton County, IL Husband and 4 children Unk BECKER, Albert CALVERT, Unknown Unknown     D
CARL / KARL, Maria Margaretha      Unk Unknown         2 Feb 1871 HERTENSTEIN, Gustav CARL / KARL, Unknown Unknown     M
CARL, LeRoy Hermann      Unk Clinton County, IL             CARL, Hermann MAHRANN ?, Emilie     B
CARL, Unknown      Unk Unknown / From Baden?       Sponsor Sep 1871 SCHÖPF Bap Unk HEINTZMANN, Unknown CARL, Unknown Unknown     Spon
CASPAR / KASPAR, Karoline Wilhelmine 23 Feb 1828 Biern Westphalen Prussia 26 Jan 1875 46y11m3d   Husb, 2 sons, 2 dau of 8 kids / Conf - 1871 Unk FEHRING, Heinrich CASPAR / KASPAR, Unknown Unknown     C, D
CHRISTBAUM, Eva    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Apr 1875 HERTENSTEIN Bap.             Spon
CONSTANZER / KONSTANZER, Albert Heinrich  Bernhardt 15 Oct 1891 New Memphis, Clinton County, IL 28 Aug 1948 56y10m St. Louis, MO    Unk Unknown CONSTANZER, Albert BORGMANN, Friedericke Mascoutah, IL   B, D
CONSTANZER / KONSTANZER, Maria Christina    Unk New Memphis, Clinton County, IL         30 Apr 1913 RIESS, Edmund Georg CONSTANZER, Albert BORGMANN, Friedericke     M
COON, Harry     Unk Belleville, St. Clair County, IL          4 Jun 1949 ZELLMER, Alice COON, Unk Unknown     M
DAAB, Maria 28 Feb 1834 Gross Liberau Hessen Darmstadt Germany 9 Oct 1898 64y7m Walnut Hill (Belleville), IL   26 Dec 1857 SCHUCHMANN, Georg DAAB, Unknown Unknown     M, D
DEMME, Friedrich     Unk Unknown / Perry County, IL Apr 1871 - KRAUSS Bap.       Sponsor Apr 1871 KRAUSS Bap.             Spon
DEPPE, Augusta  (Mrs.)    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Feb 1930 MUELLER Bap.             Spon
DEPPE, Wilbert     Unk Belleville, St. Clair County, IL         12 Oct 1938 DEPPER, Marcella DEPPE, Unk Unknown     M
DEPPER, Marcella     Unk Belleville, St. Clair County, IL         12 Oct 1938 DEPPE, Wilbert DEPPER, Unk Unknown     M
DETERDING, Heinrich    Unk Edwardsville, IL at time of Bap.       Sponsor Mar 1872 SCHWETTMANN Bap.             Spon
DEUFELBAN ?, Friedrich 9 Dec 1862 Unknown 26 Feb 1873 ~3m Clinton County, IL ?   None None DEUFELBAN ?, Unknown Unknown     D
DICKHAUT / DIRKHAUT, Georg August     Unk Belleville, St. Clair County, IL?         15 Nov 1885 LAUTENSCHLÄGER, Catherine DICKHAUT / DIRKHAUT, Unk Unknown     M
DICKROEGER, Wilhelm Friedrich (Jr.)   3 Sep 1895 New Memphis, Clinton County, IL         Unk Unknown DICKROEGER, Wilhelm Friedrich (Sr.) LUTZ, Mary     B
DICKRÖGER, Sophia  6 Oct 1858 Unknown       Confirmed - 1872 Unk Unknown DICKRÖGER, Unk Unknown     C
DIEKROGEL, Friedrich (See KILLENBERG) 10 Feb 1857 Unknown       Confirmed - 1871 Unk Unknown KILLENBERG, Unk Unknown     C
DIETRICH, Andreas    Unk Unknown       Sponsor - Nov 1865 SCHWETTMAN Bap Unk RENT, Elisabeth DIETRICH, Unk Unknown     Spon
DIETRICH, Clara    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Aug 1878 LEHR Bap.             Spon
DIETRICH, Dorothea Louise 11 Apr 1874 Prairie DuLong, St. Clair Co., IL 1 Jan 1901 ~26y8m Clinton County, IL   9 Mar 1892 RUHL, Ferdinand DIETRICH, Johann BUNGERMANN, Christine Freeburg Evangelic Cemetery   M, D
DIETRICH, Michael    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Aug 1878 LEHR Bap.             Spon
DIETZ, Henriette ~1868 Unknown ~ Aug 1869 1y Clinton County, IL ?   None None DIETZ, Heinrich WEBER, Margaretha     D
DIETZ, Johann / Johannes 25 Sep 1867 D O B ~ 23 Nov 1867? - St Clair County, IL ~ Aug 1869 ~2y Clinton County, IL ?   None None DIETZ, Heinrich WEBER, Margaretha     B, D
DIETZ, Maria 20 Jan 1870 Mascoutah, St. Clair County, IL             DIETZ, Heinrich (Badengen Hessen Darmstadt) WEBER, Margaretha     B
DOELLING, Carrie  C.     Unk Unknown       Witness Dec 1900 NIEMEYER + MEYER Wed             Wit
DOUKAN, Nanci (Mrs)    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Nov 1885 RINKER Bap.             Spon
DRÄSER, Christianna ~25 Dec 1834 Unknown 2 Apr 1864 29y3m7d Clinton County, IL   Unk HOTTES, Georg DRÄSER, Unknown Unknown     D
DRÄSER, Dorothea     Unk Unknown / Mascoutah, IL - 1870 HOTTES Bap.       Sponsor Sep 1870 HOTTES Bap.             Spon
DRASER, Jeorg (Georg)    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Dec 1885 WEHRHEIM Bap.             Spon
DRISCHEL, Johann Heinrich 22 Dec 1864 Clinton County, IL             DRISCHEL, Friedrich Wilhelm SCHEÜBLER, Elisabeth     B
DUFFY, William (Mr & Mrs)     Unk Unknown       Witness Jan1928 MUELLER + SATTLER Wed             Wit
DUGAN, John     Unk St. Louis, MO         9 Aug 1903 GRETENER, Clara Mary DUGAN, Unk Unknown     M
DUGAN, Ralph Henry August 28 Aug 1904 St. Louis, MO             DUGAN, John GRETENER, Clara     B
DUNCAN , Meredith 10 Jun 1828 Damiensville, Clinton County,  IL 7 Mar 1898 69y9m Clinton County, IL   Unk DUNCAN - Possibly, Unknown DUNCAN / Unknown Unknown New Memphis, IL   D
DUNKAN / DUNCAN, Sarah 21 Aug 1826 Sugar Creek, Damiensville, IL 5 Jul 1907 80y10m14d St. Louis, MO   Unk HANSON, Unknown DUNKAN / DUNCAN, Unknown Unknown New Memphis Public Cemetery   D
DUNOAN (DUNCAN ?), Thomas    Unk Unknown       Witness - Jul 1874 BLUMHORST + SAEGER Wed             Wit



Source:  Microfilm rolls 1099 & 1100 available at Concordia Historical Institute, St. Louis MO



Translated and Extracted by Gloria Dettleff who is researching these names:  DETTLEFF, HOYER, MILLER, DRENTEN, FOECKE, FOCKES, RIEMENSCHNEIDER, GLAMMEIER, CAMPBELL and LAMBERT.



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