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Hi - Hu


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Place of Death Survivors Confirm., Sponsor or Witness Marriage Date Spouse's Name Father Name Mother Maiden Name Burial Location Misc. Record Type
HILDEBRANDT, Emma    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Oct 1890 MÜLLER Bap.             Spon
HOELSCHER, Eduard Edwin 12 Feb 1897 Looking Glass Twp.,IL 30 Nov 1898 1y10m Clinton County, IL   None None HOELSCHER, Wilhelm STEINKAMP, Christine Stone Church, Washington Co., IL   D
HOEPKER, Elda Dorothea 18 Oct 1896 Looking Glass Twp, Clinton County, IL             HOEPKER, August MEIER, Louise     B
HOFFARTH, Anna    Unk Unknown       Witness - Feb 1923 OSTERWISCH + GUELDIG  Wed             Wit
HOFFARTH, Louis    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Sep 1892 LINCK Bap.             Spon
HOFFARTH, Olivia    Unk Unknown       Witness - Jun 1930 KRAUS + NUNGESSER  Wed             Wit
HOFFMANN, Carl ~1836 Merselburg 6 Feb 1881 45y-m-d Clinton County, IL ? 7 sons, 1 daughter - Carlyle, IL Unk Unknown HOFFMANN, Unknown Unknown     D
HOFFMANN, Julius Theodor  9 Dec 1881 Clinton County, IL ?             HOFFMANN, Theodor KNOLL, Marie     B
HOFFMANN, Theodor A.    Unk Unknown         23 Feb 1879 KNOLL, Marie Louise HOFFMANN, Unk Unknown     M
HOHLD, Heinrich    Unk Collinsville, St. Clair County, IL at Bap.       Sponsor Feb 1888 NIEMEIER Bap.             Spon
HOHLT, Emma Anna Margaretha 28 Dec 1878 Clinton County, IL ?             HOHLT, Herrmann PETRIE, Margaretha     B
HOHLT, Sophie Karoline Louise 13 Feb 1876 Clinton County, IL ?             HOHLT, Hermann PETRI / PETRIE, Margaretha     B
HOLTGREWE, Laverne       Unk Stone Church,IL          1 Sep 1946 MUELLER, Almar P., Jr. HOLTGREWE, Unknown Unknown     M
HOPP, Anna 18 Dec 1872 Clinton County, IL             HOPP, Michael MUHLHAUSEN, Charlotte     B
HOPP, Charlotte 2 Aug 1871 Clinton County, IL 28 Nov 1871 ~4m     None None HOPP, Michael - Wimingen Bothringen? MUHLHAUSER, Charlotte     B, D
HOPP, Christiana  6 Feb 1875 Clinton County, IL             HOPP, Michael MUELHÄUSER, Charlotte     B
HORRMANN, Anna Christine 12 Jun 1873 Clinton County, IL 10 Aug 1873 -y2m-d Clinton County, IL   None None HORRMANN, Heinrich SCHWIER, Louise     B, D
HORRMANN, Catharine Louise 25 Oct 1871 Clinton County, IL 29 Oct 1871 4d     None None HORRMANN, Heinrich (Petershagen Minden) SCHWIER, Louise - Messlingen near Petershagen     B, D
HORRMANN, Heinrich ~ Feb 1798 Unknown Nov 1865 67y8m13d Clinton County, IL ?   Unk Unknown - BUERMEISTER?, Christine - speculation HORRMANN, Unknown Unknown   Something about BUERMEISTER? D
HORRMANN, Marie Louise 12 Dec 1867 Clinton County, IL             HORRMANN, Heinrich JOHNSON?, Lorice?     B
HOSFELDT, (Catharina) Elisabeth 21 Dec 1829 Rothenburg R??? Cassel?? 6 Dec 1917 87y11m12d To US 15 Oct1852 with parents lists children / Spon Sep 1888 MÜLLER 14 Jul 1855 KRAFT, J. Heinrich - d. 8 Sep 1905; m. - Mascoutah HOSFELDT, Tobias Unknown     Spon, D
HOSSFELDT, Anna Catharine    Unk Unknown       Sponsor 1871 SCHLAG & HORRMAN Bap. Unk KRAFT, Unknown HOSSFELDT, Unknown Unknown     Spon
HOTTES, Barbara 16 Aug 1841 Unknown 27 Oct 1865 24y2m11d Clinton County, IL Brother Georg HOTTES Unk FLÖSSER, Johann HOTTES, Unknown Unknown     D
HOTTES, Catharina 27 Dec 1853 Unknown 12 Jan 1854 0y0m15d Clinton County, IL   None None HOTTES, G. DRÄSER (possibly), Christianna     D
HOTTES, Christianna 27 Mar 1864 Clinton County, IL ?  6 Dec 1865 1y8m9d Clinton County, IL Father None None HOTTES, Georg DRÄSER, Christianna     D
HOTTES, Elisabeth 28 Oct 1855 Unknown  4 Nov 1855 0y0m6d Clinton County, IL   None None HOTTES, G. DRÄSER (possibly), Christianna     D
HOTTES, Elisabeth     Unk Unknown  2 Sep 1864 unk Clinton County, IL   27 Jul 1855 FRIESS, Peter HOTTES, Unk Unknown     M, D
HOTTES, Friedrich 29 Jun 1860 Unknown       Confirmed - 1874 21 Mar 1886 REICHARDT, Sophia HOTTES, Unk Unknown     C, M
HOTTES, Georg     Unk Unknown       Sponsor Sep 1868 LUTZ Bap.     HOTTES, Unk Unknown     Spon
HOTTES, Georg 13 Jul 1858 Unknown 29 Nov 1865 7y4m16d Clinton County, IL ?   None None HOTTES, G. DRÄSER (possibly), Christianna     D
HOTTES, Georg Christian  4 Feb 1888 East St. Louis, St. Clair County, IL             HOTTES, Fritz REICHARDT, Sophia     B
HOTTES, Heinrich 13 Mar 1875 Clinton County, IL 24 Mar 1875 11d Clinton County, IL Parents & 4 siblings None None HOTTES, Georg MILLER, Katharina     D
HOTTES, Henriette 17 Mar 1867 Lookinglass Prairie, Clinton Co., IL 22 Nov 1880 13y8m4d A fall from wagon? Whole story written. Mother, 2 brothers., 1 sister None None HOTTES, Georg (possibly)  - deceased MILLER, Catharina     B, D
HOTTES, Johann   6 Oct 1865 Clinton County, IL 14 Nov 1865 0y1m8d Clinton County, IL Parents None None HOTTES, Georg MÜLLER, Catharina     B, D
HOTTES, Johann 15 Oct 1873 Clinton County, IL       Confirmed - 1889 Unk Unknown HOTTES, Georg MILLER, Catharina     B, C
HOTTES, Johann Georg    Unk Zimmen Hessen Darmstadt       Sponsor Jan 1872 HOTTES Bap.             Spon
HOTTES, Johann Georg 15 Oct 1871 Clinton Clounty, IL 14 Oct 1872 1y-m-d Clinton County, IL   None None HOTTES, Georg - Zimmernheid Dyburg Hessen Darmstadt MILLER, Catharina - (Massenheim)     B, D
HOTTES, Louise 25 Dec 1876 Unknown 25 Sep 1878 1y10m-d Clinton County, IL Mother & 4 siblings. None None HOTTES, Georg MÜLLER, Catharine     D
HOTTES, Maria 10 Apr 1862 Unknown 14 Aug 1871 9y4m4d Clinton County, IL   None None HOTTES, Georg DRÄSER, Christianna     D
HOTTES, Mine     Unk Unknown       1888 Communion list Unk WERHEIM, Johann HOTTES, Unk Unknown     Com
HOTTES, Minna 20 Aug 1870 Clinton County, IL             HOTTES, Georg (Darmstadt) MILLER , Catharine (Messenheim)     B
HOTTES, Wilhelmina 20 Aug 1867 New Memphis, IL         30 Jul 1895 BÄHR / BAEHR, Unk / Friedrich HOTTES, Unk Unknown     M
HUELSKOTTER, Theodor Johann Eduard  6 May 1898 Okawville, Washington County, IL       Confirmed - 1912     HUELSKOTTER, August Unknown     C
HUELTGEL, Margaretha    Unk Unknown       Witness Feb 1897 WEAVER + WEISS Wed             Wit
HÜMKE / STÜMKE?, Bertha Wilhelmine Charlotte 22 Dec 1880 Clinton County, IL ?         Unk Unknown HÜMKE, Friedrich Gottlieb REHWALD, Auguste     B
HÜNKLER, Mary / Marg.    Unk Unknown       Witness - Nov 1885 PETERS + MAXEINER Wed             Wit
HURST, Earl     Unk East St. Louis, IL         21 Nov 1940 FORD, Jessie HURST, Unk Unknown     M
HUSMILLER, Carolina 11 Feb 1850 Unknown  9 Nov 1911 61y8m28d Clinton County, IL 3 children? Unk GÄRTNER, Ernst HUSMILLER, Unknown Unknown New Memphis, IL   D
HUSTER, Christiana    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Nov 1866 EICHHORN Bap.             Spon
HUTINET, Gustave    Unk Unknown       Witness - Jul 1874 BLUMHORST + SAEGER Wed             Wit
HUTTER, Marie Elisabeth 26 May 1876 Clinton County, IL             HUTTER, Albert METZ, Margaretha     B
HUWATCHICK ?, Ernest (Mrs.)    Unk Unknown       Sponsor May 1906 BOSWELL Bap.             Spon



Source:  Microfilm rolls 1099 & 1100 available at Concordia Historical Institute, St. Louis MO




Extracted and Translated by Gloria Dettleff who is researching these names:  DETTLEFF, HOYER, MILLER, DRENTEN, FOECKE, FOCKES, RIEMENSCHNEIDER, GLAMMEIER, CAMPBELL and LAMBERT.




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