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Wh - Wo


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Place of Death Survivors Confirm., Sponsor or Witness Marriage Date Spouse's Name Father Name Mother Maiden Name Burial Location Misc. Record Type
WHITE, Edward   Trenton, Clinton County, IL         16 Sep 1908 RIEKEN, Anna C. WHITE, Unk Unknown     M
WHITE, James Edward   Belleville, St. Clair County, IL         16 Apr 1904 GEIGER, Thusnelda WHITE, James BAXTER, Mona     M
WHITE, Marie (Mrs.)    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Apr 1905 WHITE Bap.             Spon
WHITE, Marie Janette  3 Mar 1905 Belleville, St. Clair County, IL             WHITE, James E. GEIGER, Thusnelda     B
WIESSNER, Carl    Unk Lecois County Nammburg New York at Baptism       Sponsor Jul 1870 ABEL Baptism             Spon
WILMSMEYER, Charles   Fayettville, IL         23 Aug 1904 BAEHR, Bertha WILMSMEYER, Unk Unknown     M
WILMSMEYER, Ludwig           Witness Aug 1904 WILMSMEYER + BAEHR Wed             Wit
WILSON, Charles    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Aug 1923 SCHROEDER Bap.             Spon
WILSON, Clara Bella   1 Aug 1888 Unknown       Confirmed - 1916 Unk SCHROEDER, Heinirch F. WILSON, Unk Unknown     C
WINCH, Elisabeth    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Jan 1878 KEINER Bap.     Unknown       Spon
WINCH, Heinrich    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Feb 1875 KEINER Bap.             Spon
WINGERTER, Marie     Unk Unknown       Sponsor Jan 1870/71 HORMANN & VOGEL Bap.             Spon
WINKELMAN, Wilhelm    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Jan 1911 MEIER Bap.             Spon
WINKELMANN, Charlotte 26 Feb 1870 B? near Minden Westphalia 27 Aug 1916 46y Came to US 1890, Black Jack, MO 1894. Husband & 4 of 8 children 10 Jun 1894 MEIER, Henry (marriage poss - Black Jack,MO) WINKELMANN, Unknown Unknown     M, D
WINKELMANN, Heinrich    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Sep 1907 MEIER Bap.             Spon
WINKLER, Arthur Joseph 21 Jul 1883 Mascoutah, St. Clair County, IL             WINKLER, Heinrich KRAUSZ, Anna     B
WINKLER, Elmer Heinrich Louis   5 May 1897 New Baden, Clinton Co, IL (1886 Summerfield Sandoval)             WINKLER, Heinrich KRAUSS, Anna     B
WINKLER, Olivia Catharina 30 May 1887 Clinton County, IL ?             WINKLER, Heinrich KRAUSS, Anna     B
WINTERMANN, Caroline  Emma 25 Aug 1920 Breese, Clinton County, IL 15 Jul 1971 50y11m Belleville, IL St. Eliz. Hosp. 11 children, 1 grandchild Tammy Unk WALTHES, Unk WINTERMANN, Unk Unknown     D
WISKAMP, Heinrich    Unk Unknown       Sponsor Feb 1907 SCHWARZ Bap.             Spon
WITTE, Charlotte 15 Aug 1862 Unknown       Confirmed - 1876 Unk Unknown WITTE, Unknown Unknown     C
WITTMAIER, Golzacin / Jolzacin     Unk Unknown         12 Aug 1897 JOKISCH, Anna Emilie WITTMAIER, Jakob BAIER, Anna Maria     M
WOKER, Maria 2 Oct 1865 Minden 9 Mar 1909 43y6m7d Came to New Minden,Wash. Co., IL - 6 Apr 1879 4 of 6 children by 1st husband    Unk VOLKMANN (& MEYER), Henry WOKER, Unknown Unknown Cause - chronic nephritis   D
WOKER, Maria 2 Oct 1865 Minden 9 Mar 1909 43y6m7d Came to New Minden, Wash. Co.,IL- 6 Apr1879 3 of 3 children by 2nd husband 18 Aug 1896 MEYER (& VOLKMANN), Henry (married in Nashville, IL) WOKER, Unknown Unknown Cause-chronic nephritis   D
WOLF, Heinrich    Unk Unk         4 Aug 1866 WOLF, Elisabeth WOLF, Unk Unknown     M
WOODS, Jesse 4 Sep 1870 Clinton County, IL 5 Sep 1870 8.5 hours Clinton County, IL Mrs. VORMANN ? None None WOODS, Unknown Unknown died of fever   D
WORNES?, Louis    Unk Freeburg, St. Clair County, IL         27 Jan 1898 FRIESS, Susnna Anna WORNES, Heinrich WINKLER, Caroline     M
WORTMAN, C. H. Wilhelm 22 May 1862 Unknown       Confirmed - 1878 Unk Unknown WORTMAN, Unknown Unknown     C



Source:  Microfilm rolls 1099 & 1100 available at Concordia Historical Institute, St. Louis MO



Extracted and Translated by Gloria Dettleff who is researching these names:  DETTLEFF, HOYER, MILLER, DRENTEN, FOECKE, FOCKES, RIEMENSCHNEIDER, GLAMMEIER, CAMPBELL and LAMBERT.



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