These marriage records were translated from the Latin records. 

This transcription and translation has NOT been proofed. Researchers are advised to check the source document which is available on the FamilySearch Record Search - Pilot Site.

5/2/1871 SANDKUHLER, Friderick 27 SANDKUHLER, John Henry BALLMANN, Anna Maria NORDMANN, Catharina 22 BOHNENKEMPER, Friderick MEIER, Elisabeth
2/1/1921 SCHRAGE, Anton F. 21 SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina MIDDEKE, Franzisca 20 MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS (nee KRUEP), Maria
1/15/1924 SCHRAGE, August J. 25 SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna WEIDNER, Salome T. 20 WEIDNER, Francis S. ESSWEIN, Dorothea
10/29/1919 SCHRAGE, Bernard 27 SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Catharina GOESTENKORS, Maria B. 23 GOESTENKORS, George HELLMANN, Elizabeth
6/4/1930 SCHRAGE, Edward F. 24 SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Katharina WILKE, Christina 23 WILKE, Henry GOESTENKORS, Katharina
5/19/1891 SCHRAGE, Francis 22 SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWIRTH, Theresia TEBBE, Elisabeth 18 TEBBE, Henry HOLTHAUS, Elisabeth
5/25/1927 SCHRAGE, Francis H. 27 SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elizabeth HOH, Cecilia E. 19 HOH, George HELLDORFER, Julia
5/28/1918 SCHRAGE, Friderick 24 SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elisabeth BUEHNE, Theodora 21 BUEHNE, Bernard HENRICHS, Elisabeth
10/27/1885 SCHRAGE, Henry 23 SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWIRTH, Theresia TIMMERMANN, Philomena 18 TIMMERMANN, Herman KARHOFF, Anna
1/24/1888 SCHRAGE, Henry 25 SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWIRTH, Theresia SCHUMACHER, Catharina 20 SCHUMACHER, Gerhard LUEKEN, Anna
9/26/1911 SCHRAGE, Herman 23 SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina HOLTGRAVE, Veronica 17 HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
2/15/1887 SCHRAGE, John 21 SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWIRTH, Theresia KRUEP, Carolina 18 KRUEP, Herman HOLTHAUS, Anna Maria
5/2/1911 SCHRAGE, John 22 SCHRAGE, John KRUEP, Carolina SCHONEFELD, Maria 21 SCHONEFELD, Henry VOSS, Wilhelmina
5/14/1895 SCHRAGE, Joseph 24 SCHRAGE, Joseph DINGWERTH, Theresia HOFF, Anna 19 HOFF, Bernard LINTKER, Anna
2/26/1924 SCHRAGE, Theodore J. 22 SCHRAGE, Henry SCHUMACHER, Katharina KAMPWERTH, Gertrude M. 19 KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria
2/7/1893 SCHROER, Anton 40 SCHROER, Francis B. SCHMITT, Anna Maria WALBERG, Anna 19 WALBERG, Bernard WEBER, Margaret
5/17/1905 SCHROER, Bernard 22 SCHROER, Francis RATERMANN, Christina ALBERTERNST, Theresia 20 ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid
8/8/1876 SCHROER, Francis SCHROER, Francis Bernard SCHMITT, Anna Maria RATERMANN, Christina RATERMANN, Bernard WOLTERING, Anna Maria
9/28/1880 SCHUETTE, Francis 25 SCHUETTE, Francis SCHRODER, Theresia NIEMEYER, Elisabeth 20 NIEMEYER, Christian WITTMER, Maria
4/23/1912 SCHUETTE, Francis 34 SCHUETTE, Peter MUELLER, Margaret LUBER, Emma Carolina 34 LUBER, Francis WUNSCH, Carolina
4/21/1891 SCHUMACHER, Bernard 29 SCHUMACHER, Gerhard LUEKEN, Anna SCHUETTE, Maria 22 SCHUETTE, Peter MULLER, Josephine
11/27/1900 SCHUMACHER, Gerhard 37 SCHUMACHER, Gerhard LUEKEN, Anna GOESTENCORS, Gertrude 21 GOESTENCORS, Stephan KRONING, Theresia
5/8/1917 SCHUMACHER, Gerhard 25 SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria HOLTGRAVE, Emilia 26 HOLTGRAVE, Henry SCHONEFELD, Elisabeth
1/28/1919 SCHUMACHER, Joseph B. 23 SCHUMACHER, Bernard SCHUETTE, Maria SCHRAGE, Bernardina Theresia 22 SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna
2/24/1925 SCHUMACHER, Theodore S. 23 SCHUMACHER, Gerhard GOESTENKORS, Gertrude BUEHNE, Emma K. 24 BUEHNE, S. N. BECKMANN, Anna K.
9/3/1918 SCHWARTZ, Henry 33 SCHWARTZ, Henry WEBER, Anna KAMPWERTH, Anna 30 KAMPWERTH, Herman RICHTER, Maria
11/6/1906 SPIERLING, Theodore 33 SPIERLING, Herman GRUGGEL, Theresia HENRICHS, Sophia 22 HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria
1/28/1913 SPIHLMANN, Bernard 26 SPIHLMANN, John STORM, Maria NEFF, Maria 26 NEFF, Peter HEIDEMANN, Philomina
1/25/1911 STEINMANN, Anton 21 STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina KORKENMEIER, Helena 19 KORKENMEIER, John FOCKES, Rosina
8/17/1920 STEINMANN, Francis S. 27 STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Katharina WOLTERING, Franzisca M. 22 WOLTERING, Henry BOEHLE, Franzisca
5/7/1912 STEINMANN, Henry 21 STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina BOENHOFF, Maria 21 BOENHOFF, Anton THOLE, Agnes
8/3/1886 STEMPEL, Henry 22 STEMPEL, Francis MULLER, Josephine WEIDNER, Anna 19 WEIDNER, Carl BRAUN, Maria Anna
5/18/1915 STRAETER, Francis 32 STRAETER, Theodore LOHMANN, Maria SCHRAGE, Elzabeth 22 SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elizabeth
4/17/1923 SUDHOLT, Anton F. 27 SUDHOLT, Herman SCHUMACHER, Maria ALBERTERNST, Dora Rosa 18 ALBERTERNST, John RICHTER, Adelheid
2/25/1908 TAPHORN, Bernard 32 TAPHORN, John George WERNER, Elisabeth WEISENFELD, Theresia 21 WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elisabeth
6/4/1919 TEBBE, August 28 TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina WOLTERS, Maria 21 WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna
10/15/1907 TEBBE, Bernard 28 TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina GRAPPERHAUS, Elisabeth 19 GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
10/7/1913 TEBBE, Friderick 29 TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Catharina GRAPPERHAUS, Josephina 21 GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
8/17/1875 TEBBE, Henry TEBBE, Theodore SCHLMEIER, Anna Maria MIDDEKE, Catharina MIDDEKE, Bernard LEUWEKAMP, Clara
5/9/1899 TEBBE, Henry 26 TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina TRAME, Elisabeth 19 TRAME, August KRUEP, Christina
11/9/1909 TEBBE, Herman 24 TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina FISCHER, Clara 18 FISCHER, Francis SCHUETTE, Maria
11/7/1916 TEBBE, John 23 TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina NORDMANN, Catharina 20 NORDMANN, Bernard SCHOER, Maria
10/18/1898 TEBBE, Theodore 24 TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina HENRICHS, Josephina 21 HENRICHS, Bernard KOHLBRECHER, Maria
10/25/1904 TEBBE, Theodore 28 TEBBE, Theodore WOLTERING, Christina WESSEL, Josepha 18 WESSEL, August LAMPE, Elisabeth
4/20/1927 THOLE, Anton 22 THOLE, Bernard REHKEMPER, Maria OTTENSMEIER, Louisa K. 23 OTTENSMEIER, Henry THOLE, Louisa
1/22/1895 THOLE, Bernard 25 THOLE, Henry HERMES, Maria REHKEMPER, Maria 18 REHKEMPER, Herman REHKEMPER, Maria
2/14/1903 THOLE, Clement 24 THOLE, Henry HERMES, Maria STEINMANN, Catharina 19 STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Catharina
4/27/1927 THOLE, Clement 37 THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia WILKE, Elizabeth 29 WILKE, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Margaret
10/28/1902 THOLE, Gerhard 26 THOLE, Henry HERMES, Susanna VOSSHOELLER, Maria 23 VOSSHOELLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina
2/16/1909 THOLE, Herman 32 THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia KORTE, Elisabeth 20 KORTE, Henry MIDDEKE, Elisabeth
5/6/1919 THOLE, John Henry 23 THOLE, Bernard REHKEMPER, Maria VONDER HAAR, Anna 21 VONDER HAAR, Bernard TRAME, Carolina
10/22/1930 TIMMERMANN, August 24 TIMMERMANN, William VON HATTEN, Katharina DIEKMANN, Anna T. 22 DIEKMANN, John TEBBE, Katharina
11/23/1927 TIMMERMANN, Francis 28 TIMMERMANN, Frederick DUST, Katharina BOENHOFF, Anna 24 BOENHOFF, Anton THOLE, Agnes
4/19/1898 TIMMERMANN, Friderick 24 TIMMERMANN, Carl THEISSING, Elisabeth HILBUSE, Carolina 23 HILBUSE, Francis KORKENMEYER, Gertrude
10/19/1904 TIMMERMANN, Henry 25 TIMMERMANN, Theodore HOCKELBERG, Anna BARTH, Bertha 25 BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
11/9/1904 TIMMERMANN, Herman 27 TIMMERMANN, Theodore HOCKELBERG, Anna BARTH, Veronica 20 BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
4/15/1925 TIMMERMANN, Victor T. 24 TIMMERMANN, Gerhard VON HATTEN, Maria SCHRAGE, Emilia A. 19 SCHRAGE, Francis TEBBE, Elizabeth
2/11/1873 TOEBBE, Theodore 28 TOEBBE, Theodore SEELMEYER, Anna Maria WOLTERING, Christina 23 WOLTERING, Theodore RATERMANN, Anna Maria
4/24/1873 TRAGESSER, Adam 22 TRAGESSER, Michael FEST, Rosina BLANKE, Maria 18 BLANKE, Conrad MARTINER, Maria
11/16/1910 TRAME, Henry 32 TRAME, August KRUEP, Christina DUST, Emma 30 DUST, Gerard DETERMANN, Wilhelmina
10/17/1905 TRAME, Theodore 28 TRAME, August KRUP, Christina SPIHLMANN, Agnes 20 SPIHLMANN, John STORM, Maria
11/11/1884 VOCKE, Francis Henry 23 VOCKE, Bernard HAGE, Maria Elisabeth RICHTER, Maria 20 RICHTER, John Clement PETERMEIER, Anna Angela
10/8/1895 VOLLMER, William 25 VOLLMER, William SPAETH, Theresia WEIDNER, Emma Theresia 19 WEIDNER, Carl BRAUN, M. Anna
2/20/1900 VON ALST, Bernard 23 VON ALST, Theodore SCHROEDER, Christina WOLTERING, Maria 25 WOLTERING, Henry VOSSHOLLER, Catharina
2/5/1924 VON BOKEL, Bernard 25 VON BOKEL, John KLUMPKER, Maria FUHLER, Katharina 23 FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia
11/5/1907 VON HATTEN, Anton 28 VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEIER, Anna HOLTGRAVE, Emma 21 HOLTGRAVE, Herman HEIDEMANN, Elisabeth
9/30/1919 VON HATTEN, Bernard 24 VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Anna WOLTERING, Louisa 25 WOLTERING, Henry BOEHLE, Francisca
5/14/1919 VON HATTEN, Henry 26 VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Anna MIDDEKE, Eugenia 22 MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria
11/7/1911 VON HATTEN, Louis 26 VON HATTEN, Louis NIEMEYER, Anna WOLTERING, Catharina 27 WOLTERING, Henry BOEHLE, Franzisca
10/8/1919 VONDER HAAR, August B. 26 VONDER HAAR, Bernard REBEL, Carolina THOLE, Rosa Anna 22 THOLE, Bernard REHKEMPER, Maria
2/16/1892 VONDER HAAR, Bernard 37 VONDER HAAR, Herman WOLTERING, Adelheid REBEL, Carolina 19 REBEL, Gerhard KRUEP, Christina
11/23/1909 VOSS, John Bernard 25 VOSS, Bernard VOSS, Maria PEEK, Maria 25 NIEMEIER, Theodore JORDAN, Friderica
10/29/1889 VOSSHOELLER, Francis 23 VOSSHOELLER, Henry NETERMANN, Clara STROHMANN, Elisabeth 21 STROHMANN, Gerhard PETERS, Maria
9/10/1878 VOSSHOELLER, Friderick 31 VOSSHOLLER, Henry NETEMEIER, Clara SCHOO, Carolina 19 SCHOO, Clement STROTBERENS, Carolina
11/13/1877 VOSSHOLLER, Bernard VOSSHOELLER, Henry NETEMEIER, Clara WOLTERING, Maria Bernadina WOLTERING, Theodore RATERMANN, Anna Maria
4/6/1875 WANGLER, Andrew WANGLER, Sebastian MESSERSCHMIDT, Magdalena BAHR, Maria Anna BAHR, Jacob BRAUNSTEIN, Carolina
9/6/1881 WEISENFELD, Henry 27 WEISENFELD, John SUSS, Elisabeth JORDAN, Elisabeth 20 JORDAN, Adam SELIG, Barbara
5/20/1920 WEISENFELD, John B. 21 WEISENFELD, Henry JORDAN, Elizabeth STEINMANN, Bertha B. 24 STEINMANN, Francis HOLTGRAVE, Katharina
6/3/1919 WELLEN, John Henry 25 WELLEN, Bernard THOLE, Maria FEHLKER, Rosa 21 FEHLKER, Gerhard WESSELMANN, Theresia
4/30/1918 WESSEL, August 28 WESSEL, August LAMPE, Elisabeth HASELHORST, Anna 25 HASELHORST, Stephan DEIMEKE, Maria
1/26/1909 WESSEL, Henry 25 WESSEL, August LAMPE, Elisabeth TRAME, Catharina 24 TRAME, August KRUP, Christina
4/10/1923 WESSELMANN, Theodore G. 24 WESSELMANN, Bernard RIBBING, Katharina DIEKMANN, Christina J. 29 DIEKMANN, George WILKE, Anna
2/11/1896 WILKE, Bernard 28 WILKE, Henry OSTERMANN, Gertrude KLOSTERMANN, Margaret 22 KLOSTERMANN, Bernard SCHMITT, Elisabeth
6/20/1905 WILKE, Bernard 38 WILKE, Henry OSTERMANN, Gertrude WEGMANN, Anna BEHRMANN, Gerhard LINDEMANN, Margaret
4/25/1922 WILKE, Bernard A. 23 WILKE, Henry GOESTENKORS, Katharina SCHRAGE, Anna F. 22 SCHRAGE, Joseph HOFF, Anna
2/19/1889 WILKE, Henry 26 WILKE, Henry OSTERMANN, Gertrude GOESTENCORS, Catharina 24 GOESTENCORS, Stephan KROENING, Theresia
10/29/1919 WILKE, Henry 22 WILKE, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Margaret GOESTENKORS, Theresia 25 GOESTENKORS, George HELLMANN, Elizabeth
10/1/1899 WILKE, John 24 WILKE, Henry OSTERMANN, Gertrude THOLE, Magdalena 18 THOLE, Bernard MOSS, Theresia
4/29/1919 WILKE, Stephan Edward 28 WILKE, Henry GOESTENKORS, Katharina TEBBE, Maria Agnes 21 TEBBE, Henry MIDDEKE, Katharina
4/17/1929 WILKE, William J. 25 WILKE, Henry GOESTENKORS, Katharina REHKEMPER, Clara C. 21 REHKEMPER, Bernard TEBBE, Anna
7/27/1915 WOBBE, Anton 23 WOBBE, Henry GERLING, Catharina VOSSHOELLER, Rosa 23 VOSSHOELLER, Bernard WOLTERING, Bernardina
4/20/1909 WOBBE, John 25 WOBBE, Henry GERLING, Catharina SPIHLMANN, Johanna 20 SPIHLMANN, John STORM, Maria Helena
1/20/1891 WOLTERING, Bernard 37 WOLTERING, Theodore RATERMANN, Anna Maria KLOSTERMANN, Louisa 19 KLOSTERMANN, Bernard SCHMITT, Elisabeth
4/30/1919 WOLTERING, Bernard 23 WOLTERING, Bernard KLOSTERMANN, Louisa WESSEL, Anna 23 WESSEL, August LAMPE, Elisabeth
4/20/1926 WOLTERING, Francis B. 29 WOLTERING, Bernard Henry BOELE, Franzisca LIENING, Margaret B. 21 LIENING, Henry WELLEN, Anna
4/18/1872 WOLTERING, Henry 31 WOLTERING, Dieterich RATERMANN, Anna Maria VOSSHOLLER, Catharina 20 VOSSHOLLER, Henry NETERMANN, Clara
5/8/1883 WOLTERING, Henry 40 WOLTERING, Theodore RATERMANN, Anna Maria BOELE, Franzisca 24 BOELE, Anton NIGGEMEIER, Maria
2/22/1881 WOLTERING, Herman 33 WOLTERING, Theodore NIEMEIER, Anna Maria Catharina 18 NIEMEIER, Joseph SOMMER, Catharina
11/14/1906 WOLTERS, Henry 24 WOLTERS, Bernard STROHMANN, Anna GODELL, Anna 26 GODELL, August BULTEMEIER, Catharina
11/7/1906 WUBBELS, Francis 27 WUBBELS, Bernard KUTER, Theresia VOSSHOELLER, Josephina 22 VOSSHOELLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina
10/11/1904 WUBBELS, Henry 23 WUBBELS, Bernard KUTER, Theresia VOSSHOELLER, Rosa 21 VOSSHOELLER, Friderick SCHOO, Carolina

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