These Marriage records were transcribed from the St Teresa Catholic Church in Marydale, Illinois. The records were written in Latin. The source for the records was the FamilySearch Record Search - Pilot Site. They have been translated by  and proofed by Dorothy Falk.

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  Groom Bride  
14 Jun 1920 Ortman, John Blank Blank Ortman, Hubert Laux, Maria Boatright, Dott   Crawford, IL Boatright, John Tennyson, Jessie Boatright, Fred Hughes, Maggie
28 Dec 1921 McQuade, Andrew 26 Jul 1899 St. Felicitas, Beaver Prairie, IL McQuade, Robert Walter, Maria Peppenhorst, Viola Margaretha Jul 1904 St. Mary, Carlyle, IL Peppenhorst, Bernard Henry Rensing, Frances McQuade, George Gregorius, Lena
7 Feb 1923 Rovane, James Harold 20 Sep 1896 St. Bridgit, St. Louis, MO Rovane, James Eagorn, Anna Roeckenhaus, Elisabeth Helen Feb 1896 St. Mary, Carlyle, IL Roeckenhaus, Henry Hollenkamp, Mary Roeckenhaus, Michael Andrew Roeckenhaus, Wilhelmina Margarett
26 Apr 1923 Dierkes, Henry Francis 21 Apr 1890 St. Mary, Carlyle, IL Dierkes, George Sautmann, Anna Moore, Margaret Iola (Myrtle) 12 Feb 1899 St. Bridgit, St. Louis, MO Moore, Marion Francis Carter, Mary Hughes, Terence Dierkes, Celia
3 Oct 1923 Warnecke, George 18 Feb 1899 St. Dominic, Breese, IL Warnecke, Frank Elling, Mary Henken, Agnes Blank Blank Henken, Norbert Pohlmann, Helena Warnecke, Theodore Henken, Catharine
11 Apr 1924 Baumgartner, Peter Blank Blank Baumgartner, Charles Schmidt, Johanna Reinhard, Maria acath. Bapt.   Blank Blank Baumgartner, John Niess, Clementine
16 Jun 1925 Huelsmann, Henry Jun 1895 St. Cecilia, Bartelso, IL Huelsmann, Bernard Schoemaker, Rosa Henken, Kathrine Helen May 1900 St. Mary, Carlyle, IL Henken, Norbert Pohlmann, Helena Huelsmann, Bernard Henken, Emilia
24 Nov 1925 Luebbers, Paul John Blank St. Mary, Carlyle, IL Luebbers, Bernard Etters, Anna Borgelt, Maria Louise Blank St. Mary, Carlyle, IL Borgelt, Joseph Wuebbles, Anna Luebbers, William Luebbers, Teresa
21 Jun 1927 Hitpas, Paul I. 6 Jul 1902 St. Anne, Edgewood, IL Hitpas, John Kayerts, Rose Vieregge, Elizabeth C. Blank St. Mary, Carlyle, IL Vieregge, Anthony Lourri ?, Magdalena Vieregge, Mervin Hitpas, Regina
21 Nov 1928 Thoele, August 1898 Germantown, IL Thoele, Herman Meyer, Rose McQuade, Lenora 1907 St. Felicitas, Beaver Prairie, IL McQuade, Robert Whahler, Mary McQuade, Elmer Gehrling, Alvena
29 Apr 1930 Wallace, Robert S. 13 Nov 1897 Harrisonville, IL, St. Francis of Assisi Wallace, Cake Allen, Mary Mollet, Irene 27 Aug 1906 Damiansville, IL Mollet, Emil Sudholt, Christina Mollet, Wm Kaltenbronn, Clara
22 Jul 1930 Hartlieb, Orville Hy 3 Jul 1930 St. Teresa, Marydale, IL (conv) Hartlieb, John Mewes, Mathilda Kapp, Louise C. 12 Apr 1912 Carlyle, IL Kapp, Joe Meyer, Anna Kapp, Howard Kapp, Gladys
28 Jul 1931 Fehrmann, August born
9 Nov 1902
10 Nov 1902
Bartelso, IL Fehrmann, Bernard Huene, Mary Hilmes, Irene born
25 Jan 1910
27 Jan 1910
Germantown, IL Hilmes, August Albers, Elizabeth Boeckmann, Bernard Boeckmann, Marie, Mrs.
30 Jul 1931 Henken, Arthur B. born
15 Jun 1907
17 Jun 1907
Germantown, IL Henken, Gerhard Timmermann, Bernadine Weirich, Flora born
17 Jan 1914
18 Jan 1914
St. Mary, Greencreek, IL Weirich, Henry Stephany, Louisa Schleper, George Weirich, Anna

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