These death records are from the State of Illinois web page and are provided here for assistance in finding alternate spellings and so our Clinton County Searchers will find them.  As usual with early, hand written Clinton County clerk records, be vigilant for the wrong interpretation between the "u" and the "n" and between the "L" and the "S".   Background material and tips for using the State data base are given on the State's web page.

The full record information does NOT contain the parents' names but may contain the following items (not every record includes all this information):  

Death Record Contents
Number Date of Report Name Gender & Color
Age at Death Occupation Date of Death Marital Status
Nationality Where Born Length of Residency in Illinois Place of Death
Cause of Death Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial
Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and Address of Physician

If you want a printed copy of the Death Record:

  1. Rent the microfilm through your local Family History Center.  There is one copy of that microfilm permanently at the O'Fallon, IL FHC. 
  2. You may borrow the microfilm through your local library from the Illinois State Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.
  3. Go to the Illinois State Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library or to the Illinois State Archives.
  4. You could order/pick-up a copy through the Illinois State Archives' Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD) located on the SIU Carbondale campus.
  5. You could order/pick-up a copy of a death certificate from the Clinton County Clerk's office.
  6. If none of these work for you, Contact Us and we will try to help.

If anyone would like to volunteer to do look-ups or make copies for other researchers, please let Contact Us.  Some locations allow the use of  thumb drives and digital camera making copying easier.  The USGenWeb Project and its affiliated projects are completely free and do NOT charge for any services, however, we hope requesters would reimburse your expenses for items like gasoline, copying, and postage.

Jan 1916 to Dec 1950 Death Record Index by Surname

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