Columns on this combined Mortality Schedule and Death Record report are:


  1. Township From the census takers records.  If this column is blank, no one gave the info to the census takers, the info came from the Death Register.
  2. Name The name of the deceased.  Spellings often varied between the two listings.  Sometimes show both spellings.
  3. Age Also varied between listings.  Usually used the year-month-days age shown on the Death Register, if available.
  4. Sex
  5. Color
  6. Marriage status This often varied too, probably more an oversite since a blank block was supposed to mean single.
  7. Place of birth of the deceased.
  8. Place of birth of deceaseds father.
  9. Place of birth of deceaseds mother.
  10. Occupation of deceased some seemed to have 2 occupations.
  11. Date died.  Usually showed the death register date.
  12. Cause of death
  13. Where died
  14. Where died
  15. When buried
  16. Years in Clinton County from the mortality schedule
  17. Years in Illinois from the death register ideally, this column should be equal to or greater than # 18.
  18. Days sick before death.
  19. Description of line number in the Death Register at the court house.
  20. Census household number that some census takers annotated some of the time.  Matches the second number of the household number of the transcribed census.
  21. Any other comments that were written or noted.
  22. Name of doctor that was sometimes listed.  Might give a clue to general geographic area if no location was given.  See the Medical Personnel List.


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