Ad/Photo Pg Description Township
A Back Aviston Milling Company  
P 10 Aviston Mills Aviston
P 37 B. & O. Milk Co. Carlyle
P 63 BANN, Patrick J. (Village Marshall) New Baden
A 37 Barkley Canning Co. can label  
A 38 Barkley Canning Co., A.  
P 13 Bartelso Savings Bank Bartelso
P 80 Bassler Brewery Trenton
P 67 Bassler's Implement House, Henry New Baden
P 47 BAUER, Dr. J. A. Germantown
P 26 Bechtold's Residence, Dr. W.G. Breese
P 15 Beckemeyer & Son's Store, A. Beckemeyer
P 16 Beckemeyer Lumber Co. Beckemeyer
P 16 BECKEMEYER, Aug. Beckemeyer
P 69 Billhartz' Shoe & Furnishing Store, F.A. New Baden
P 27 Blumenstein's Hardware & Harness Store Breese
P 30 Breese & Trenton Mine Co. Breese
A Back Breese Garage  
P 30 Breese Power Plant Breese
P 84 Breese-Trenton Mining Co. Trenton
P 28 Bruegge & Son's Furniture Store Breese
P 38 BURR, Geo C. (Truesdail Hotel & Saloon) Carlyle
P 68 Business Street of New Baden New Baden
P 18 CARR, A. Plack (Corporation Counsel) Breese
P 57 Catholic Church Keyesport
P 22 City Bar Breese
P 18 City Hall Breese
P Cover Clinton County Court House  
P 18 COERS, J.S. (Alderman) Breese
P 22 Coller's Store, Immethun & Breese
A 85 Collignon's Studio  
P 27 Commercial Hotel Breese
P 29 Crause's Paint Store, J.M. Breese
P 43 Diekemper's Blacksmith Shop, Hy. Damiansville
P 24 Dieker's Marble & Granite Works, Henry Breese
A 86 Drovers' National Bank  
P 65 DUFFNER, J.W. New Baden
A 77 East St. Louis Gazette  
A Back East St. Louis Gazette  
P 7 Einhoff's Store, Jos. Albers
P 84 Eisenmayer's Elevator Trenton
P 24 EULBERG, Charles (City Clerk) Breese
P 80 Farmers' Bank Trenton
P 35 Feulner's Hardware Store, Fred Carlyle
P 79 First National Bank Trenton
A Cover First National Bank of Breese  
A Cover Flannery & Son, P.  
P 56 Foehner's Blacksmith Shop, R. J. Jamestown
A 59 Fox, E.D.  
P 58 Fox's General Store, E.D. Keyesport
P 64 Francis Hotel New Baden
P 35 Geiger's Saloon, John W. Carlyle
P 81 Ginzel's Store Trenton
P 82 Glanzner & Sons Furniture Store Trenton
P 66 Glatz' Saloon, Jos. New Baden
P 50 GOELZ, Peter P. Germantown
P 85 Grafeman Condensed Milk Co. Trenton
P 22 GRUNZ, Aug. W. (Police Magistrate) Breese
P 34 Haag's Meat Market, Alex. Carlyle
A 31 Habich & Heidemann  
P 30 Hagen Bros., Builders & Movers Breese
P 74 Hahn's Mill & Elevator Shattuc
P 82 Hamm's Steam Bakery (several unidentified persons in photo) Trenton
P 48 Hanover Star Milling Company Germantown
P 85 HAAS, Emil Albers (under Trenton)
A 31 Heidemann, Habich &  
A 39 Heitmeier, H. F. (three unidentified persons in ad)  
P 37 Heitmeier's fine Carlyle home, H.F. Carlyle
P 25 Helwig's General Store, Hoffman & Breese
A 69 Hertenstein Mercantile Co.  
P 62 Hertenstein Mercantile Store New Baden
P 32 High School Carlyle
P 14 HOELLMANN, Rev. Jos. J. Beckemeyer
P 25 Hoffman & Helwig's General Store Breese
A 17 Hoffman, Ben  
P 51 Hohmann's Blacksmith Shop, Henry Germantown
P 9 Holtkamp's Saw & Grist Mill, Ben Aviston
P 42 Horstmann's Store, Olliges & Damiansville
P 44 Hugo's General Store, Henry Ferrin
P 18 HUMMERT, Aug. J. Breese
P 22 Immethun & Coller's Store (two views) Breese
A 7 Jansen Brothers  
P 13 Jansen's Hotel, F. Henry Bartelso
P 65 KASSEBAUM, Charles New Baden
P 71 Kehrer's Mill & Machine Shop New Memphis
P 18 KELLERMAN, B.H. (Alderman) Breese
P 26 Klutho Lumber Co., August J. Breese
P 18 KNIES, John (Alderman) Breese
P 46 Koch & Co.'s Hardware Store, H. Germantown
P 28 Koch Grain Company's Elevator Breese
P 62 Koch Lumber Co., Fred J. New Baden
P 38 Kueper's West End Saloon Carlyle
A 37 La Carolina cigar box  
A 77 Lager, B.J.  
P 10 Lampe Brothers' Shop Aviston
P 81 Leonhard Mercantile Store Trenton
P 68 Linck's Saloon, Wm. New Baden
P 74 MAHU, A. (Piano Tuner) Shattuc
P 8 Main Street Aviston
P 55 Main Street Jamestown
P 75 Main Street St. Rose
P 41 MEIER, Rev. O. (Pastor St. Damian's Church) Damiansville
P 48 MEIRINK, Dr. B.J. Germantown
P 52 Meyer & Spindler's General Store Huey
P 56 Meyer, J.F. (Residence of) Jamestown
P 51 Meyer's General Store, Karl A. Germantown
P 46 Michels' General Store, A.B. Germantown
P 52 Millet's Implement & Blacksmith Shop, A. Huey
P 61 MONKEN, Geo. J. (Mayor) New Baden
A 70 Nagele's Art Studio  
A 84 Nagele's Art Studio  
P 29 Needham Residence, Dan (Mayor) Breese
P 29 NEEDHAM, Dan (Mayor) Breese
P 62 New Baden Light & Power Co.'s Plant New Baden
P 67 New Baden Mill New Baden
P 27 Niebur's Hardware Store, Christ Breese
P 30 Niemeyer's Livery Stable, Jos. Breese
P 36 Norris, C.P., Stores of Carlyle
P 29 O.K. Restaurant Breese
P 42 Olliges & Horstmann's Store Damiansville
P 55 Ostermann's Place, J.H. (Three unidentified persons in photo) Jamestown
P 71 Osterwich's Residence, Louis New Memphis
P 15 Parsonage, St. Anthony's Church Beckemeyer
P 5 PETERS, Rev. Bernard H. Albers
P 9 Public High School Aviston
P 32 Public School Carlyle
P 57 Public School Keyesport
P 83 Reber's Drug Store, George Trenton
P 73 Redeker's General Store Posey
P 82 Reichman's Saloon, Wm. Trenton
P 63 Reiss' Bakery, Ferdinand New Baden
P 63 Rensing Bar, Martin (Two unidentified persons in photo) New Baden
A 68 Reuter Bottling Works, A.J.  
P 83 Riemann's Lumber Yard, L.C. Trenton
P 49 Robben's General Store, Herman Germantown
P 50 Savings Bank Germantown
P 49 Schlautmann's Saloon, Joseph Germantown
P 47 Schlueter's General Store, H. Germantown
P 18 SCHMIDT, Fred (Alderman) Breese
P 25 SCHMIDT, Henry E. (Public School Sup't) Breese
P 65 Schmidt's Saloon & Lodge All, Robt. New Baden
P 42 Schomaker, Martin (Residence of) Damiansville
P 23 SCHROEDER, E. J. (signature) Breese
P 25 Schroeder's Lumber Yard, Henry W. Breese
P 23 Schroeder's Store, E.J. Breese
A Back Schuette Brothers  
P 77 SCHUETTE, Frank St. Rose
P 76 SCHUETTE, Jos. H. St. Rose
P 72 Schumacher Saoon (#2) New Memphis
P 72 Schumacher's Saloon New Memphis
P 66 Schumacher's Store, L.A. New Baden
P 47 Schwarz' Cigar Factory, F.J. (Six unidentifed persons in ad) Germantown
P 18 SCHWARZ, B.J. (Alderman) Breese
P 56 Senn, Samuel (Residence of) Jamestown
P 24 Silo (built by Breese Artificial Stone Co.) Breese
P 79 Sisters' House & Hospital Trenton
P 6 Sister's Residence Albers
A 86 Southern Illinois National Bank & Trust  
P 52 Spindler's General Store, Meyer & Huey
P 14 St. Anthony's Church & School Beckemeyer
P 21 St. Augustine's Church & School Breese
P 5 St. Bernard's Church Albers
P 5 St. Bernard's School Albers
P 45 St. Boniface Church & School Germantown
P 12 St. Cecelia's Church Bartelso
P 40 St. Damian's Church Damiansville
P 20 St. Dominic's Church (two views) Breese
P 20 St. Dominic's School Breese
P 8 St. Francis of Assisi Church Aviston
P 61 St. George's Church & School New Baden
P 20 St. Joseph's Hospital Breese
P 33 St. Mary's Church Carlyle
P 78 St. Mary's Parochial Residence Trenton
P 33 St. Mary's Parsonage Carlyle
P 33 St. Mary's School Carlyle
P 78 St. Mary's School Trenton
P 76 St. Rose Church St. Rose
P 76 St. Rose School St. Rose
P 67 Stanhaus' Saloon, James New Baden
P 21 State Bank of Breese Breese
P 64 Stoeckel's Stable New Baden
P 66 Stroot's Establishment, F.H. (One unidentified person in photo) New Baden
A 11 Strubhart, Frank  
P 42 Toennies' Saw Mill, Herman Damiansville
P 7 Tonnies' Store, Francis A. Albers
P 6 TONNIES, Henry Albers
A Back Trenton Milling Company  
P 38 Truesdail Hotel & Saloon of Geo. C. Burr Carlyle
P 83 Tschudy Bros.' Meat Market Trenton
P 23 Union Bakery Breese
P 44 Wedekemper's Establishment, H.W. Ferrin
P 76 Weisenfeld's Blacksmith Shop, Henry St. Rose
P 58 WELCH, O.C. (Village Clerk) Keyesport
P 38 Welch's Buffet, G.N. "Bruce" Carlyle
P 49 Welling's Hardware Store Germantown
P 59 White Front Hotel Keyesport
P 18 WILDER, Frank (Chief of Police) Breese
P 64 Woerner's Saloon & Bowling Alley New Baden
P 69 Zion Church New Baden

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