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Shattuc is a small settlement, lying near the eastern boundary line of Clinton county. It has but few enterprises, being devoted principally to rural pursuits. Yet, owing to its location on two railroads, the B. & O. and the C., B. & Q., it is gradually growing into a shipping point for farm products. Among its leading business men is Mr. Gustav HAHN, His biography follows:

Gustav HAHN

Mr. HAHN was born in Germany in 1877. When six years of age he located, with his parents, in Chatsworth, Ill., and attended the public school of that place and assisted his father in the work of the farm. At the age of 20 he moved to Southern Illinois and located at Shattuc. In 1897 he began buying and selling grain and shipping it all over the country. During one year he shipped 140 cars of grain, chiefly wheat, from Shattuc. He ships large quantities of oats and corn also. The elevator he now conducts has a capacity of 10,000 bushels of grain and he has a warehouse with a capacity of 5 cars. He also deals in flour and sells a Kansas brand of hard wheat flour known as the "Turkey Patent Flour." He also does custom grinding and his place of business is one of the busiest in the little city of Shattuc. His elevator is located between the tracks of the Baltimore and Ohio and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroads. Mr. HAHN is married and resides in the eastern part of the city with

his wife and children. He is one of the most, if not the most, progressive business men in Shattuc and has a host of friends.


Mr. MAHU is one of the principal and prominent piano-tuners in Clinton. He is also a composer and has published an excellent instrumental piece of music, entitled "Albertina Waltzes." This latest creation of his will be furnished free to anyone in the county having their piano tuned by him. Mr. MAHU’s place of business is located at 1140 Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., but he makes headquarters in practically every city in Clinton county and can be reached by postal card any time at his

business address. He conducts a music store at the above address and sells all kinds of musical instruments and sheet music. He makes a specialty, however, of tuning pianos and has had many years of experience in the

business having been employed for several years with a number of the largest piano manufacturers in the country. He gives entire satisfaction to his customers and has a very large and extensive business in his line in the county. Prompt service is his motto. Write him.


The value of the output of silver, copper, lead. and zinc in the States of Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and northern Illinois in 1912 was $79,675,814, an increase of $15,156,370 over the value for 1911 and of $23,349,111 over that for 1908. The total value of the production of these metals for the years 1908 to 1912, inclusive, was $327,385,994, of which $151,830,008 was for copper, $98,188,656 for zinc, $76,217,618 for lead, and $1,150,512 for silver.

A full account of the production of these metals and their ores in the States named is discussed by districts in an Advance Chapter on "Precious and Semiprecious Metals in the Central States in 1912" by B. S. Butler and J. P. Dunlop, of the United States Geological Survey.

A copy of the report may be obtained free on application to the Director of the Geological Survey, Washington, D. C.

A Louisville Courier-Journal dispatch says: A defect in the date from which the income tax was to be computed for 1913 was discovered in that section of the tariff bill which would have rendered the measure unconstitutional. An amendment correcting the measure will be offered in the Senate.

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