The following newspaper article was published in an unknown newspaper, probably about 1936:

Jerry Yardley and his wife, Mrs. Elvinia Yardley, live near Boulder and both are eligible for the Four Score Club. Mr. Yardley is 80 years of age, having been born in Marion county on Aug. 25, 1851 and Mrs. Yardley is 85 years old, having been born in Fayette county January 22, 1847. They have lived in Clinton county for the past 49 years.

Mr. and Mrs Yardley were married Nov. 19, 1870 at Patoka and 18 years later they purchased a farm southwest of Boulder prior to the time that there was a town there. When this November comes, they will have been married 62 years. They reared a family of three children, all of whom are living near Boulder. When a young man, Mr. Yardley drove oxen, using horses only when he went to see his friend. In the winter he drove one horse, drawing a sled, guiding the horse by commands. In the summer he and the girl who is now his wife would go horseback or foot.

Mrs. Yardley was the oldest of a large family. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her to care for the entire family, the other children being boys. The washings were large and Mrs. Yardley used a wooden washboard and wooden tub. She wove her own cloth to make her father and brothers clothing and her own as well. She wove the hoop skirts, making the hoops herself and she also made Shaker bonnets. Hats were not known at that time.

Mrs. Yardley has been an invalid for 13 years with rheumatism. Although suffering most of the time, she remains jovial and enjoys talking of the good days of old. Mr. Yardley is in good health and works among his chickens and cows and neither of them would think of leaving the home that has been home to them to long.

Kate, Elvinia and Jerry Yardley