Seated left to right: Mrs. Thelma Tschudy, Mrs. Dorothea Lengerman, Harold Gentz, Mrs. Ruth Lager, Mrs. Mary Stroot.
Standing-left to right: Paul Netemeyer, Fred Lohman, Dick Kues.

Historical Committee Dedication

This book is dedicated to those brave and hardworking people who first settled in the Aviston Community more than 100 years ago. Some of them were of American stock and many others crossed the Atlantic Ocean to settle in a new land far from their own country.

This book is not complete. The history of a growing community never ends. The deeds and events are recorded as accurately as possible. In some cases the records are missing or incomplete. In other instances the information varies in accounts and truth is difficult to arrive at.

Aviston Centennial Historical Committee
Harold L. Gentz, M. A., Chairman