David A Friederich (1926 - 2007) wrote an outstanding article, including pictures.  It covers everything from life in the early 1900s to Indians, the KKK, threshing machines, barn raising, and beautiful stories of life in the 1930s.

To honor his work, his daughter,  has graciously given the Clinton County ILGenWeb Project permission to host his article.

Beginnings of the Friederich Family in Illinois

1. The Farm 2. Some Memories - How We Dressed
3. Around the Farm 4. Some Painful Memories
5. Fun Around the Farm 6. Chickens, Crops and Fruit Trees
7. Dad's Stories, Interests, and Inventions 8. Recreation, Concoctions, and Gatherings
9. Trains, Planes & Other Flying Things 10. St. George's Church & My Great Adventure

Last modified: 07 October 2011