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Clinton County, Illinois was erected from Washington, Bond and Fayette counties, and was named in honor of the distinguished statesman, DeWitt Clinton, of New York. Clinton County had become the home of permanent and bona fide settlers as early as 1814, when the first land entries were made. At the time of the organization of the county, December 27, 1824, some 33,000 acres had been entered, three-fifths by actual settlers, the balance by speculators. The names of the actual settlers appear in the county census of 1825.

Land entries were made in all congressional townships of the county during said period of time, 1814 to 1824. All lands entered at that early date were timber land. The value of prairie land was evidently not understood nor appreciated. The population of the county in 1824 was about 1,100 all told, consisting chiefly of Americans from southern states and Pennsylvania, with a mixture of some English and Irish, who had settled in the vicinity of Carlyle.

Time Frame History, Biographies, Directories, and Newspaper Articles Comments
1673 - 1813 Early Illinois Settlers Names from earliest land grants
1769 - 1828 Dewitt Clinton Short biography
1825 1825 Census Extracted from the History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois
1847 - 1848 Levi Edmonds Diary Transcription of a Mexican American War diary
1847 - 1936 4 Score Club Newspaper article about Elvinia and Jerry Yardley
1850 - 1836 Old Spinning Wheel, Resting 40 Years, Put Back Into Use by Original Owner Newspaper article about Dorothea RASCH KROST and her spinnning wheel
1864 - 1964 Aviston Illinois Centennial Transcriptions, photos, and scans of pages from the souvenir book (partial)
1878 In Memoriam: Frank Strang Clement National Christian Temperance Union newspaper article
1881 Patrons from Clinton County List of people that paid fees to have their names published in the History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois
1881 Township Histories Extracted from the History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois
1894 Trenton, Breese, Carlyle Extracted from Historical And Descriptive Review of Illinois Volume I The Southern Section “Egypt” Her Principal Towns and Their Progressive Men
1897 - 1898 Keyesport Journal Excerpts from the newspaper
1897 - 1982 Ted Warnecke's Memoirs All about Clinton County life
1899 Rev. Yingst Experience Newspaper transciption
1906 Breese Mining Disaster Newspaper transciptions
1913 Commercial History of Clinton County and its Thriving Cities All 87 pages on-line
1920 Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders, Washington and Clinton Counties Names and information
1926 - 1943 Growing Up On A Farm During The Great Depression David A Friederich's outstanding article, including pictures, on everything from life in the early 1900s to Indians, the KKK, threshing machines, barn raising, and beautiful stories from the 1930s.

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