Partial List of Patrons (Clinton County)

Source: "1881 History of Marion & Clinton Counties, Illinois"


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Name  (male) or Maiden Name (female) Post Office Residence Occupation or Relationship To Nativity Settled in Clinton Co. Township Grouping
SACKVILLE, A. S. Centralia Sec. 24 TAYLOR, I. S., wife of Canada 1870 Brookside
SAEGER, Louisa Trenton Trenton EMIG, Charles, wife of St. Clair Co., IL 1877 City of Trenton
SANDMEIER, Catherine Died 1864   BECKMANN, W. H., Sr., late wife of Prussia 1859 Germantown
SANTEL, Henry Damiansville Sec. 27 Twp. Collector & Teacher Clinton Co., IL 1850 Looking Glass
SANTEL, J. Herman Damiansville Damiansville Farmer and Constable Clinton Co., IL 1853 Looking Glass
SANTEL, Margaret Aviston Aviston JUNKER, Adam, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1855 Sugar Creek
SANTEL, Margaret Damiansville Damiansville LEHERTER, August, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1862 Looking Glass
SATTLER, Lewis Clement Sec. 28 Farmer and Stock Raiser Buffalo, NY 1867 Clement and Carlyle
SAUTER, Christina Trenton Trenton EISENMAYER, A., wife of Germany 1847 City of Trenton
SAUTHMANN, Mary Carlyle Sec. 36 ZIEREN, Theodore, wife of St. Clair Co., IL 1860 Wheatfield
SCHAEFFER, Elizabeth Trenton Trenton HILLER, Henry W., wife of Prussia 1856 City of Trenton
SCHAEFFER, Samuel F. Carlyle Carlyle Deputy Circuit Clerk Switzerland 1874 City of Carlyle 
SCHAFFNER, John U. Breese Breese Tinware and Stoves Switzerland 1857 Breese
SCHALKAMP, M. Anna Breese Sec 29 ALBERTERNST, Bernhard H., wife of Prussia 1847 Breese
SCHEPES, M. Helena Breese Sec. 22 SCHULTE, H. Henry, Sr., wife of Hanover, Germany 1855 Breese
SCHLAFLY, August Carlyle Carlyle Banker Switzerland 1858 City of Carlyle 
SCHLARMANN, Mary E. Breese Sec. 23 HAGEN, Henry, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1858 Breese
SCHLAUTMANN, Mary G. Breese Breese BUERMANN, J. Friederich, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1848 Breese
SCHLICHTMAN, John Lost Creek Sec. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Hanover, Germany 1868 Meridian
SCHLUETER, Charles, A. St. Rose St. Rose Wagon Maker St. Louis, MO 1863 St. Rose
SCHLUETER, Dina Died Mar 18, 1873   DOERRIES, Henry, first wife of Prussia, Germany   Breese
SCHMIDT, Frank Aviston Sec. 22 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1866 Sugar Creek
SCHMIDT, Joseph Breese Breese Wagon Maker Oldenburg, Germany 1867 Breese
SCHMIEDEAR, Sebastian Carlyle Carlyle Brick and Stone Mason and Plasterer Germany 1855 City of Carlyle 
SCHNEIDER, N. Trenton Trenton Teacher Austria 1879 City of Trenton
SCHOENEFELD, B., Sr. Breese Sec. 29 Farmer, Stock Raiser and Mexican Soldier Prussia 1846 Breese
SCHOENING, Eliza Died Dec, 1861   STOFF, G. H., first wife of Germany 1859 Sugar Creek
SCHOEVLING, Margaret Aviston Sec. 35 KOLKER, Herman, wife of Germany 1865 Sugar Creek
SCHOLT, A. Mary Died 1869   TIMMER, A. Mary, mother of Hanover, Germany 1836 Breese
SCHONEFELD, Eliza St. Rose Sec. 30 HOLTGRAVE, Henry, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1856 St. Rose
SCHRADER, Christ. Clement Sec. 21 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1879 Clement and Carlyle
SCHRAG, George Trenton Sec. 12 Farmer and Stock Raiser St. Clair Co., IL 1864 Sugar Creek
SCHRAG. Peter Died Dec 8, 1864   SCHRAG, George, father of Germany 1864 Sugar Creek
SCHRANT, Anna Germantown Sec. 18 HAUKAP, H. Henry, wife of Hanover, Germany 1855 Germantown
SCHROEDER, Christian Breese Sec. 16 Farmer and Stock Raiser Kurfuerstenthum, Hessen, Germany 1845 Breese
SCHROEDER, Frank H., Jr. Germantown Sec. 12 Farmer, Stock Raiser and Highway Com. Clinton Co., IL 1846 Germantown
SCHROEDER, Frank H., Sr. Germantown Sec. 4 Farmer and Stock Raiser Hanover, Germany 1836 Germantown
SCHROEDER, H. G. Clement Sec. 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1861 Clement and Carlyle
SCHROEDER, Hans Curth St. Rose Sec. 17 Farmer and Stock Raiser Kurf Hessen, Germany 1846 St. Rose
SCHROEDER, Joseph Germantown Germantown Harness Maker Clinton Co., IL 1854 Germantown
SCHULER, Christine Trenton Sec. 8 HAURY, Adolph, wife of St. Louis, MO 1866 Sugar Creek
SCHULTE, Elizabeth Aviston Aviston DILLMANN, Henry, wife of Germany 1840 Sugar Creek
SCHULTE, G. Henry Aviston Sec. 2 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1851 Sugar Creek
SCHULTE, H. Henry, Sr. Breese Sec. 22 Farmer and Stock Raiser Hanover, Germany 1837 Breese
SCHULTE, John H. Carlyle Carlyle Cooper Germany 1859 City of Carlyle 
SCHULTE, M. Catherine Died Sep 27, 1880   RAWE, Hermann, late wife of Hanover, Germany 1860 Germantown
SCHUMACHER, A. Gesina Died Nov 12, 1868   NORDMANN, Johann, late wife of Hanover, Germany 18?8 Germantown
SCHUMACHER, Christian New Baden New Baden General Merchant Germany 1867 Looking Glass
SCHURMANN, Henry Carlyle Carlyle County Clerk Clinton Co., IL 1847 City of Carlyle 
SCHUSTER, John Trenton Trenton Insurance Agent and Saloon Germany 1860 City of Trenton
SCHWEITZER, Julia Lost Creek Sec. 22 THOMAS, Frank, present wife of Marion Co., WI 1878 Meridian
SCHWENKE, Charles Clement Clement Blacksmith Germany 1859 Clement and Carlyle
SCHWENKE, Dorathea Clement Clement SCHWENKE, Charles, wife of Germany 1861 Clement and Carlyle
SCOTT, Mathilda J. Carlyle Carlyle MOORE, D. N., wife of Clinton Co., IL 1838 City of Carlyle 
SCOTT, Nancy Died Jan 18, 1863   CRANE, Smith, first wife of St. Clair Co., IL   Sugar Creek
SEENEY, Teresa Died 1865   POPE, Thomas S., first wife of Crawford Co., IL 1854 Sugar Creek
SEGER, Eliza New Memphis Sec. 32 OSTERWISCH, Louis, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1843 Looking Glass
SEILER, Malinda PENN Trenton Sec. 17 MCGRATH, James, wife of Freiburg, OH 1871 Sugar Creek
SEIP, Juliana H. Carlyle Carlyle HESS, Henry, wife of Germany 1856 City of Carlyle 
SEITER, George Trenton Trenton Carpenter Pennsylvania 1870 Sugar Creek
SENN, Elizabeth Highland Sec. 8 FRICKER, Abraham, wife of Switzerland 1851 St. Rose
SERGER, Josephine Died May 10, 1874   THOMAS, Frank, first wife of St. Clair Co., IL 1873 Meridian
SETTLE, R. H. Carlyle Sec. 4 KENNEDY, D., wife of Clinton Co., IL 1840 Santa Fe
SEUTER, Catherine Carlyle Carlyle HUBERT, Jacob, wife of France 1844 City of Carlyle 
SEYBOLD, Rosina Queens Lake 1 S.5, Sec. 16 LUTZ, Joseph, wife of Germany 1865 Looking Glass
SHARP, Elisha Buxton Sec. 21 Farmer and Teacher Clinton Co., IL 1830 Wade
SHARP, Nancy St. Clair Died Jul 28, 1876   CLABAUGH, David, late wife of Clinton Co., IL 1823 Wade
SHARP, S. A. Carlyle Carlyle Brick Mason & Carpenter Clinton Co., IL 1839 City of Carlyle 
SHELLY, Ann Clement Clement KENOWER, George, wife of Lancaster Co., PA 1834 Clement and Carlyle
SHELTON, Nancy E. Carlyle Carlyle JONES, Jesse, wife of Rutherford Co., TN 1838 City of Carlyle 
SHEPART, Henrietta L. HOLT Jamestown Jamestown FEATHERSTON, John R., widow of, retired Columbus, OH 1849 St. Rose
SHEPHERD, Henry Trenton Trenton Blacksmith England 1850 City of Trenton
SHEPHERD, W. H. Trenton Trenton Salesman Eisenmayer's Mill Clinton Co., IL 1859 City of Trenton
SHON, Fred. Trenton Sec. 32 Farmer and Stock Raiser Clinton Co., IL 1859 Sugar Creek
SHON, George Trenton Sec. 32 SHON, Fred., father of Prussia 1858 Sugar Creek
SHORT, J. W. Clement Sec. 2 Farmer and Stock Raiser Macon Co., GA 1839 Lake
SICKE, Barbara Lost Creek Sec. 9 JUST, Samuel, wife of Bohemia 1865 Meridian
SIDDELL, Jonathan Clement Sec. 22 SIDDELL, S. H., father of Bradford, Eng. 1862 Clement and Carlyle
SIDDELL, S. H. Clement Sec. 22 Farmer and Stock Raiser Franklin Co., OH 1862 Clement and Carlyle
SIEGLINGER, Caroline Lost Creek Sec. 14 SCHLICHTMAN, John, wife of Pennsylvania 1866 Meridian
SIMCOX, Anna M. Clement Clement WATTS, W. F., wife of Kentucky 1876 Clement and Carlyle
SIMONDS, Emma Trenton Sec. 4 RAMSAY, John M., wife of Pike Co., MO 1865 Sugar Creek
SINCLAIR, Orville G. Carlyle Carlyle Merchant Tailor Columbiana Co., OH 1879 Clement and Carlyle
SINGLER, Bernhard New Baden Sec. 20 Farmer and Highway Comm. Baden, Germany 1853 Looking Glass
SINGLER, Mathias, Jr. Trenton Sec. 30 Farmer and Stock Raiser Baden, Germany 1854 Sugar Creek
SIPPEL, Adam Carlyle Carlyle Cigar Manufac'r No. 211 Germany 1877 City of Carlyle 
SLATE, Grace E. Carlyle Carlyle SINCLAIR, Orville G., wife of Monroe Co., IL 1879 Clement and Carlyle
SLOAN, Grace Carlyle Carlyle WHITE, W. W., wife of Clinton Co., IL 1857 City of Carlyle 
SLOOT, Catherine Centralia Sec. 17 WATTS, Benjamin, present wife of Pennsylvania 1840 Brookside
SMILEY, Martha J. Trenton Trenton DUGGER, John W., wife of Alabama 1858 City of Trenton
SMITH, Amelia S. Carlyle Carlyle BOWLBY, Joel M., wife of Perry Co., OH 1877 City of Carlyle 
SMITH, J. F. Carlyle Carlyle Undertaker Bucks Co., PA 1856 City of Carlyle 
SMITH, Letty M. Trenton Sec. 18 LEACH, William A., wife of Illinois 1860 Sugar Creek
SMITH, Sarah E. Carlyle Carlyle RICHARDS, M. E., wife of Somerset Co., PA 1867 City of Carlyle 
SMITH, Susan J. Carlyle Sec. 15 CROCKER, Nymphas P., wife of Clinton Co., IL 1857 Wade
SOHN, Elizabeth Trenton Sec. 33 HUELSMANN, Fritz, wife of St. Clair Co., IL 1856 Sugar Creek
SOLOMON, Nancy J. New Memphis Sec. 33 KRUEGER, F. William, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1854 Looking Glass
SOMMER, Catherine St. Rose Sec. 19 POLLMANN, Henry Herman, present wife of Holland 1867 Wheatfield
SOMMERS, Bernard Died Oct 29, 1874   SOMMERS, M. Angela, late husband of, and Former Proprietor Shoal Creek Mills Oldenburg, Germany 1856 Breese
SOMMERS, Mary E. Breese Breese VORHHOLT, Conrad, wife of Hanover, Germany 1834 Breese
SOPER, Margaret A. Died Mar 29, 1862   JONES, James W., first wife of Franklin Co., IN 1859 Clement and Carlyle
SPARKS, Wm. A. J. Carlyle Carlyle Member of Congress Harrison Co., IN 1850 City of Carlyle 
SPECHT, Jacob Trenton Sec. 22 Farmer, Stock Raiser and Dairyman St. Louis, MO 1856 Sugar Creek
SPELLERBERG, Dorethea Breese Breese KOLLME, Theodore, wife of Hanover, Germany 1867 Breese
SPILKER, Mary E. Breese Breese MEISSNER, Louis, wife of Prussia 1863 Breese
SPREHE, Frank H. Died Dec 23, 1880   SPREHE, M. Sophia, late husband of Hanover, Germany 1847 Germantown
STAMMEN, A. Margaret Breese Sec. 27 AHLERS, B. Herman, wife of Mercer Co., OH 1875 Breese
STAMMEN, Peter J. Germantown Sec. 3 Farmer and Stock Raiser Prussia 18?5 Germantown
STARK, Joseph Germantown Sec. 18 Teacher Germany 1847 Santa Fe
STEANKEMYER, E. W. Clement Sec. 2 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1877 Clement and Carlyle
STEILING, J. Henry Germantown Sec. 4 Farmer and Stock Raiser Westphalia, Prussia 1849 Germantown
STEINER, Henry Trenton Trenton Brick Maker St. Louis, MO 1860 City of Trenton
STEINER, Louisa Highland Sec. 8 IENNY, Samuel, present wife of Clinton Co., IL 1853 St. Rose
STEINMETZ, Augusta K. Trenton Trenton EISENMAYER, J. C., wife of St. Louis, MO 1859 City of Trenton
STEINMETZ, C. J. Trenton Trenton Merchant Bavaria, Germany 1866 City of Trenton
STEPHENS, Hattie Buxton Sec. 21 WALKER, J. N., wife of Washington Co., IL 1858 Wade
STEPHENS, Jonathan T. Buxton Sec. 21 Farmer and Stock Raiser Washington Co., IL 1857 Wade
STEPHENS, Mary Died May 17, 1871   O'HARNETT, M. J., first wife of Clinton Co., IL 1832 Wade
STEPHENS, Rhoda Carlyle Sec. 16 WEAST, Theodore, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1854 Santa Fe
STEPHENSON, Eliza Jane Carlyle Carlyle WILLIAMSON, James, wife of Ohio 1857 City of Carlyle 
STEWART, Jennie Carlyle Carlyle EAMES, J. B., wife of Washington Co., IL 1873 City of Carlyle 
STEWART, John W. Clement Sec. 31 Farmer and Stock Raiser Lancaster Co., PA 1857 Meridian
STOCKMANN, Herman Aviston Aviston Proprietor of Saw Mill Clinton Co., IL 1848 Sugar Creek
STOFF, Elizabeth Aviston Sec. 35 GROEN, Henry, wife of Clinton Co., IL 1860 Sugar Creek
STOFF, G. H. Aviston Sec. 11 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1859 Sugar Creek
STOFF, Henry Aviston Aviston Carpenter Germany 1860 Sugar Creek
STOLTERBEN, Catherine Breese Breese GOELLNER, Ferdinand, present wife of St. Louis, MO 1862 Breese
STORZ, Jacob Trenton Trenton Cooper, and STORZ, Louis, father of Germany 1858 City of Trenton
STORZ, Louis Trenton Trenton Cooper Clinton Co., IL 1861 City of Trenton
STRANG, E. Clement Clement Wheel Wright and J. P. Tioga Co., PA 1859 Clement and Carlyle
STRANG, Susan Clement Sec. 31 STEWART, John W., wife of Tioga Co., PA 1859 Meridian
STRIEGEL, John A. Trenton Sec. 22 Farmer and Stock Raiser Baden, Germany 1856 Sugar Creek
STROHMANN, Gerhard H. Aviston Sec. 31 Farmer and Stock Raiser Prussia 1849 Breese
STROLDTBERND, Caroline Damiansville Damiansville SANTEL, J. Herman, wife of Hanover, Germany 1876 Looking Glass
STROOT, John Henry Aviston Sec. 31 Farmer and Stock Raiser Hanover, Germany 1843 Breese
STRUBHART, Elizabeth Aviston Aviston THOMA, Math., wife of Elsass, France 1858 Sugar Creek
STUMPH, Louisa Clement Sec. 2 STEANKEMYER, E. W, wife of New Orleans, LA 1877 Clement and Carlyle
SULLIVAN, Julia Died Dec 31, 1865   FLAHERTY, Michael, late wife of Co. Kerry, Ireland 1865 Meridian
SURMANN, Josephine Aviston Aviston STOFF, Henry, wife of Germany 1860 Sugar Creek
SUTTON, John J. St. Rose Sec. 30 Farmer and Stock Raiser Bucks Co., PA 1845 St. Rose
SWART, George Joseph Aviston Sec. 26 Farmer and Stock Raiser St. Louis, MO 1876 Sugar Creek



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