Rev. A. Yingst, of Huey, had a thrilling experience in East St. Louis on Wednesday of last week. He had an appointment to perform a wedding ceremony at Waterloo, Ill. While waiting for his train at East St. Louis, Rev. Yingst stepped into a florist's establishment to get some flowers. During the time he was at the florist's, a lady customer discovered that she had been "touched." That is some one had stolen her pocket book. She sized up the Rev. Adam as the guilty party and had a policeman place him under arrest. Despite Mr. Yingst's protests of innocence, and that he was a Methodist minister with a flock at Huey, he was taken to the police station and searched. Of course nothing was found, but the operation caused an annoying delay, for while it was going on, the train for Waterloo pulled out without the muchly wanted minister.

Article submitted by Chad Parson

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