1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



Br - Bu

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Lake 3 BRANDHORST, Henry            
Germantown 31 BRANDMEIER, J. H.            
Patron 23 BRANDMEYER, Herman Farmer 23 Looking Glass Albers 1860  
Looking Glass 14 BRANDMEYER, J. H.            
Looking Glass 23 BRANDMEYER, J. H.            
Wheatfield 22 BRANDT, Cath.            
Wheatfield 22 BRANDT, M.            
Wheatfield 28 BRANDT, Martin            
East Fork 30 BRASSE. F. C.            
Santa Fe 17 BRAWE, Ben            
Breese 15 Breese Driving Park & Fair Assoc.            
Breese Town 22 Breese Trenton Mining Co.            
Carlyle 7 BREESE, J. Y. Est            
Carlyle 18 BREESE, J. Y. Est            
Carlyle 19 BREESE, J. Y. Est            
Wade 21 Breese-Trenton Mining Co.            
Wade 22 Breese-Trenton Mining Co.(BTM Co.)            
Patron Aviston BREFELD, G. G. Brefeld & Sons Hardware Co.     Aviston 1868  
Patron Aviston BREFELD, G. Dir. of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905.      Trenton    
Patron Aviston BREFELD, G. & Son Undertaking, dealers in hardware, stoves, furniture, farm Implements, harness and saddlery     Aviston    
Advertising Aviston BREFELD, G. & Son Hardware Co.            
Patron Beckemeyer BREFELD, H. B. President of Village Board and Dealer in Hardware     Beckemeyer 1880 Born in Clinton County
Advertising Beckemeyer BREFELD, H. B.            
Germantown 31 BREINER, J.            
Germantown 33 BREINER, John            
Patron 27 BREINER, Michael Farmer & stockraiser 27 Looking Glass Albers 1874 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 27 BREINER, Michael            
Looking Glass 34 BREINER, Michael            
Looking Glass 35 BREINER, Michael            
Looking Glass 2S BREINER, Michael            
Wheatfield 10 BREITEZBACH, M.            
Clement 1 BREMER, H. L.            
Clement 1 BREMER, Mrs. H. C.            
Clement 12 BREMER, Mrs. H. C.            
Santa Fe 6S BRENNECK, H. *          
Santa Fe 32 BRENNECKE, Henry *          
Carlyle 7 BRENTNER, A.            
Patron Bartelso BRETZ, C. J. Merchant     Bartelso 1877  
Santa Fe 11 BRETZ, K. & L.            
Carlyle 36 BRETZ, Mary            
Santa Fe 11 BRETZ, Mrs. M.            
Meridian 36 BRIEHLER, Aug.            
Brookside 24 BRIER, Wm.            
Lake 24 BRINK, W.            
Lake 12 BRINK, Wm.            
Hoffman 12 BRINK, Wm.            
Brookside 24 BRINKMAN, F.            
Brookside 24 BRINKMAN, J. C.            
Lake 9 BRINKMAN, Wm.            
Lake 10 BRINKMAN, Wm.            
Lake 24W BRINKMANN, A. W.            
Lake 25W BRINKMANN, A. W.            
Lake 26W BRINKMANN, F., Jr.            
Lake 19 BRINKMANN, G.            
East Fork 1 BROCKELMEYER, W.            
Looking Glass 4S BROCKLING, John *          
East Fork 2 BROCKMEYER, M.            
Looking Glass 35 BROECKLING, John *          
Looking Glass 36 BROECKLING, Mary            
Wheatfield 21 BROENING, M.            
Wheatfield 23 BROENING, M.            
Lake 2 BROMEIER, C. H.            
Clement 28 BROMLEY, G. A.            
Carlyle 8 BROMMER, H.            
East Fork 22 BROOKS, B.            
Wheatfield 23 BROSEBROUGH, S. D.            
Breese 7 BROWN & Randall            
Breese 8 BROWN & Randall            
Irishtown 22 BROWN, F. P. Est            
Brookside 8 BROWN, H.            
Irishtown 15 BROWN, H. & E.            
Carlyle 31 BROWN, M. A.            
Irishtown 17 BROWN, Martha A. *          
East Fork 9 BROWN, Mary A.            
East Fork 21 BROWN, Mary A.            
Irishtown 5 BROWN, Mary A. *          
Irishtown 6 BROWN, Mary A.            
Patron Carlyle BROWN, Mrs. M. A. Retired     Carlyle 1857  
Looking Glass 20S BRUCKER, Eliz. *          
Patron 3 BRUCKNER, Gus Farmer & stockraiser 3 Wheatfield Carlyle 1886  
Wheatfield 3 BRUCKNER, Gust.            
Looking Glass 16S BRUECKNER, E. *          
Wheatfield 22 BRUEGGEMAN, Ed.            
Wheatfield 20 BRUEGGERMAN, Ed.            
Wheatfield 21 BRUEGGERMAN, Ed.            
Wheatfield 28 BRUEGGMANN, Ed.            
Advertising Carlyle BRUEMMER, H. & Son            
Wade 11 BRUEMMER, Herman            
Patron Carlyle BRUEMMER, John H. Bruemmer & Son, Lumber & building material     Carlyle    
Lake 15 BRUMMEYER, H. C.            
Lake 16 BRUN, Fred            
Lake 12 BRUN, Henry            
Lake 1 BRUN, P. G.            
Brookside 22 BRUN, W.            
Germantown 10 BRUNS, M. E.            
Germantown 3 BRUNS, Maria            
Germantown 4 BRUNS, Maria E.            
Breese 33 BRUNS, Mrs. C. E.            
Wheatfield 30 BRUNSMANN, Wm.            
Boulder  20 BRYANT, L. D.            
Boulder  20 BRYANT, Mary            
Meridian 36 BUCHLER, Alb.            
Irishtown 5 BUCK, J. A.            
Irishtown 8 BUCK, J. A.            
Breese 11 BUDDE, F.            
Breese 10 BUDDE, Frank            
Breese 15 BUDDE, Frank            
Germantown 33 BUDDE, H.            
Germantown 34 BUDDE, H.            
Germantown 14 BUDDE, Hy.            
Germantown 33 BUDDE, Hy.            
Brookside 24 BUDE, H.            
East Fork 16 BUEHLE, A. *          
Brookside 24 BUEHLER,  -            
Brookside 1 BUEHLER, A.            
Brookside 11 BUEHLER, Alb.            
Brookside 12 BUEHLER, Alb.            
Brookside 1 BUEHLER, Aug.            
Brookside 12 BUEHLER, Aug.            
Centralia 13 BUEHLER, E.            
Centralia 24 BUEHLER, E.            
Wade 30 BUEHLER, Wm.            
Wade 31 BUEHLER, Wm.            
St. Rose 21 BUEHNE, B.            
St. Rose 22 BUEHNE, B.            
St. Rose 24 BUEHNE, B.            
St. Rose 27 BUEHNE, B. N, Jr.            
St. Rose 11 BUEHNE, H.            
St. Rose 28 BUEHNE, H.            
St. Rose 28 BUEHNE, S. N.            
St. Rose 25 BUEHNE, S. N., Jr.            
Brookside 19 BUENING, Wm.            
Brookside 13 BUETNER, W.            
Looking Glass 26 BUETTMANN, Wm.            
Looking Glass 6 BUK, M.            
Breese 1 BURGER, A.            
Breese 12 BURGER, A.            
Breese 1 BURGER, Arcilius            
Wheatfield 9 BURGER, S.            
Irishtown 27 BURGU__A, Geo.            
Patron Breese BURHORN, C. J. Furniture & undertaking     Breese 1874 Born in Clinton County
Advertising Breese BURHORN, C. J.            
Breese 2 BURHORN, H.            
Patron Breese BURHORN, Henry Contractor, plasterer, cement and brick work     Breese    
Advertising Breese BURHORN, Henry            
Breese 2 BURHORN, Hy.            
Brookside 7 BURMEISTER, Hy            
Irishtown 22 BURNSIDE, J. T.            
Irishtown 27 BURNSIDE, J. T.            
Irishtown 28 BURNSIDE, J. T.            
Irishtown 29 BURNSIDE, J. T.            
Irishtown 32 BURNSIDE, J. T.            
Irishtown 33 BURNSIDE, J. T.            
Irishtown 33 BURNSIDE, J. T.              
Clement 4 BURNSIDE, R. P.            
Irishtown 28 BURNSIDE, R. P.            
Irishtown 29 BURNSIDE, R. P.            
Irishtown 33 BURNSIDE, R. P.            
Irishtown 15 BURNSIDE, W. G.            
Irishtown 16 BURNSIDE, W. G.            
Irishtown 29 BURNSIDE, W. G.            
Irishtown 34 BURNSIDE, W. G.            
Patron 10 BURR, G. C. Retired 10 Clement Carlyle 1887  
Breese 8 BURTON, John            
Patron Trenton BURTON, John Farmer     Trenton 1860  
Sugar Creek 1 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 3 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 4 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 19 BURTON, John            
Trenton 19 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 22 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 26 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 27 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 28 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 30 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 33 BURTON, John            
Sugar Creek 34 BURTON, John            
Breese 20 BUSCH, Adolphus            
Irishtown 17 BUSCH, R. *          
Irishtown 17 BUSH, Ella *          
St. Rose 25 BUSH, J.            
St. Rose 13 BUSHER, B. J.            
St. Rose 16 BUSHER, B. J.            
Breese 25 BUSSELMAN, G.            
Breese 36 BUSSELMANN, G.            
Looking Glass 33 BUSSMAN, Amos            
Looking Glass 36 BUXTON & White            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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