1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois




Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Clement 24 CAFFREY, James            
Santa Fe 6S CAMPE & Weeke            
Looking Glass 10S CANTRELL, Jos.            
Looking Glass 3S CANTRELL, Jos.            
Illustrations Carlyle Carlyle Business Section            
Carlyle 17 Carlyle F&T Club            
Carlyle 8 CARLYLE F.& T. Club            
Advertising Carlyle Carlyle Milling            
Patron Carlyle Carlyle Milling Co. General milling     Carlyle   Established 1883
Patron Trenton CARR, W. T. Pres.& Dir. of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and 1913     Trenton    
Advertising Trenton CARR, W. T.            
Illustrations Trenton CARR, W. T.            
Sugar Creek 15 CARR, W. T.            
Trenton Lew/N CARR, W. T.            
Carlyle 20 CARRIGAN, Carrie J.            
Meridian 20 CARSON, A. H.            
Meridian 35 CARSON, A. H.            
Meridian 36 CARSON, A. H.            
Meridian 34 CARSON, M.            
Meridian 21 CARSON, Minnie            
Trenton - H/8   CARTER, A. W.            
East Fork 2 CARTER, Anna            
Patron Trenton CARTER, Dr. A. W. Dir. of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and 1913     Trenton    
Brookside 16 CARTER, G. M.            
Brookside 17 CARTER, G. M.            
Brookside 19 CARTER, G. M.            
Brookside 21 CARTER, G. M.            
East Fork 11 CARTER, G. M.            
East Fork 22 CARTER, G. W.            
Patron 22 CARTER, G. W. Farmer & dairyman 22 East Fork Sandoval 1875  
East Fork 9 CARTER, H. G.            
East Fork 9 CARTER, J. H.            
East Fork 15 CARTER, J. H. and cemetery            
East Fork 22 CARTER, J. N.            
East Fork 22 CARTER, John A.            
East Fork 10 CARTER, M. A.            
East Fork 11 CARTER, M. A.            
East Fork 14 CARTER, M. A.            
East Fork 23 CARTER, M. A.            
East Fork 2 CARTER, Phil            
East Fork 11 CARTER, W.            
Meridian 20 CASHMAN, D. L.            
Santa Fe 13 CASTING, W.            
Lake 25W CASTING, Wm.            
Illustrations Bartelso Catholic Church            
Illustrations Germantown Catholic Church            
Brookside 14 CAWLEY, P. S.            
Meridian 36 CB& Q Railroad            
Brookside 24 Centralia M. & Mfg. Co.            
Brookside 21 CHAMBERS, A.            
Brookside 21 CHAMBERS, D. W.            
Brookside 21 CHAMBERS, N. A.            
Patron 21 CHAMBERS, N. A. Farmer & stockraiser 21 Brookside Centralia 1861  
Brookside 2 CHARTTON, Mary            
Wheatfield 6 CHILDERSON, Walter            
Wheatfield 20 CHRIST, P. N.            
Germantown 9 Church Land & Cemetery            
Trenton Lew/N CHURCH, Baf.            
Illustrations Breese City Hall, Water Tower & Fire Dept.            
Irishtown 23 CLABAUGH, Jos.            
East Fork 21 CLARK, A.            
East Fork 16 CLARK, Geo.            
East Fork 17 CLARK, Geo.            
East Fork 11 CLARK, H.            
East Fork 14 CLARK, H.            
Irishtown 1 CLARK, John            
Lake 1 CLARK, L. M.            
Brookside 22 CLARK, S. S.            
East Fork 17 CLARK, Thos. and cemetery            
East Fork 20 CLARK, V. T.            
Boulder  17 CLARK, Wm.            
Wade 22 Clinton Co. Zinc Co.            
Carlyle 1 CLINTON County            
Illustrations Carlyle Clinton County Court House            
Patron Carlyle Clinton County Garage A. W. Donnewald, Prop.     Carlyle    
Sugar Creek 21 CLINTON, A. S.            
Sugar Creek 22 CLINTON, A. S.            
Trenton Lew/G CLINTON, Mrs. A. M.            
Sugar Creek 17 CLINTON, Mrs. A. S.            
Looking Glass 17 Coal Mine            
Brookside 10 COE, I. S. Est.            
Brookside 13 COE, I. S. Est.            
Brookside 14 COE, I. S. Est.            
Brookside 15 COE, I. S. Est.            
Brookside 16 COE, I. S. Est.            
Brookside 20 COE, I. S. Est.            
Brookside 23 COE, I. S. Est.            
Breese 22 COERS, J. C.            
Boulder  20 COLE, J.            
Meridian 2 COLEMIRE, Mrs.            
Carlyle 18 COLLIER, John            
Brookside 17 COLLIER, W. B.            
Clement 35 COLLINS, John J.            
Sugar Creek 10 CONRAD, F. Est            
Carlyle 30 CONRAD, N. W.            
Patron 8 CONRAD, Peter Farmer & stockraiser 8 Meridian Carlyle 1865  
Meridian 8 CONRAD, Peter            
Meridian 9 CONRAD, Peter            
Breese 7 CONRAD, Sophie            
Breese 18 CONRAD, Sophie            
Meridian 8 CONRAD, W.            
Meridian 9 CONRAD, W.            
Patron 8 CONRAD, Wm. Farmer & stockraiser 8 Meridian Carlyle 1865  
Meridian 6 CONRAD, Wm.            
Meridian 7 CONRAD, Wm.            
Meridian 22 CONROY, Frank            
Breese 21 Consolidated Coal Corp.            
Looking Glass 30 CONSTANZER, A.            
Looking Glass 2S CONSTANZER, A.            
Looking Glass 30 CONSTANZER, C. E.            
Carlyle 19 CONWELL, M.            
Patron Carlyle CONWELL, Marshall Livery, sale and feed stable and dealer in coal     Carlyle    
Advertising Carlyle CONWELL, Marshall            
Looking Glass 10S COOLEY, --            
Clement 35/3N COOLEY, E. F.            
Patron 35 COOLEY, Elmer Farmer 35 Clement Huey 1897  
Clement 1 COOLEY, J. H.            
Clement 36/3N COOLEY, J. H.            
Breese 23 Co-op Coal Co.            
Clement 22 COOPER, Geo. B.            
Clement 15 COOPER, George P.            
Meridian 35 COPPLE, Edw.            
Looking Glass 29 CORMICH, L. P.            
Santa Fe 20 COUDY Bros.            
Santa Fe 29 COUDY Bros.            
Looking Glass 3S COX, Thos.            
East Fork 8 COX, W. H.            
Sugar Creek 19 CRAIG, Jas. Est. *          
Trenton - L/D   CRAIG, Mrs. Thos.            
Sugar Creek 19 CRAIG, Thos. Est *          
Sugar Creek 19 CRAIG, Thos. Est.            
Breese 21 Creamery            
Sugar Creek 8 CREPPS, Mrs. L.            
Meridian 35 CRILEY, Carroll            
Brookside 1 CRILEY, E.            
Brookside 2 CRILEY, E.            
Lake 7 CROCKER, J. W.            
Wade 9 CROCKER, N. P.            
Wade 14 CROCKER, N. P.            
Wade 15 CROCKER, N. P.            
Lake 8 CROCKER, O. C.            
Lake 7 CROCKER, S.            
Patron 8 CROCKER, Sarah J. Retired 8 Lake Posey 1856  
Illustrations Posey CROCKER, Sarah J.            
Lake 7 CROCKER, Sarah J.            
Lake 8 CROCKER, Sarah J.            
Lake 17 CROCKER, Sarah J.            
Lake 20 CROCKER, Sarah J.            
Sugar Creek 21 CRONE, Carrie            
East Fork 6 CUMMINS, V. D.            
Brookside 21 CUNNINGHAM, F. A.            
Trenton Lew/N CUNNINGHAM, L.            
Lake 17 CURTIS, Roy            
Lake 19 CURTIS, Roy            
Lake 20 CURTIS, Roy            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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