1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois




Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Brookside 24 FABEY, H.            
Santa Fe 2 FARMER, L.            
East Fork 14 FARMER, L. R.            
Santa Fe 2 FARMER, Louis            
East Fork 9 FARMER, M.            
East Fork 1 FARMER, S.            
Patron Trenton Farmers Bank General Banking     Trenton   Organized 3 Jun 1905
Advertising Trenton Farmers' Bank            
Carlyle 17 FARRELL, John            
Clement 1 FARRELL, R. P.            
Clement 16 FARRELL, R. P.            
Clement 21 FARRELL, R. P.            
Clement 27 FARRELL, Rich'd            
Clement 24 FARRELLY, T. F.            
Clement 25 FARRELLY, T. F.            
Germantown 24 FAUCKE, Frank *          
Germantown 25 FAUCKE, Frank            
East Fork 9 FAUGHT, A.            
East Fork 27 FAUGHT, Nancy            
East Fork 35 FAUGHT, Nancy            
Germantown 24 FAUKE, Clem *          
Germantown 11 FAULKE, C. *          
Santa Fe 31 FAULKE, W.            
St. Rose 1 FEDER, John            
Wade 23 FEHLKER, H.            
Germantown 14 FEHRMANN, Ben            
Germantown 23 FEHRMANN, Ben            
Breese 21 FELDMAN, B.            
Breese 36 FELDMAN, B.            
Sugar Creek 26 FELDMAN, E.            
Sugar Creek 35 FELDMAN, H.            
Sugar Creek 35 FELDMAN, H.            
Sugar Creek 14 FELDMAN, H. Est.            
Sugar Creek 27 FELDMAN, Henry            
Breese 31 FELDMAN, Herman            
Sugar Creek 23 FELDMAN, Hy.            
Sugar Creek 26 FELDMAN, Hy.            
Sugar Creek 11 FELDMAN, John            
Sugar Creek 14 FELDMAN, John            
Brookside 1 FELTON, E.            
Meridian 35 FELTON, John            
Brookside 1 FELTON, M.            
Looking Glass 16 FERKER, B.            
Lake 6 FERRELL, R. P.            
Santa Fe 27 FESTER, W. *          
Santa Fe 22 FESTER, Wm.            
Santa Fe 27 FESTUS, Wm. *          
Germantown 21 FICKER, W.            
Santa Fe 31 FIESLER, H.            
Santa Fe 6S FIESLER, H.            
Germantown 36 FIESTER, Henry            
Wheatfield 26 FINGER, A.            
Santa Fe 2 FINK, Maria F.            
Santa Fe 4 FINK, Maria F.            
Santa Fe 28 FINK, Mary            
Irishtown 11 FINLEY, H. H. *          
Irishtown 12 FINLEY, H. H.            
Irishtown 14 FINLEY, H. J.            
Irishtown 17 FINLEY, Josie            
Irishtown 14 FINLEY, Sarah            
Irishtown 2 FINLEY, W. H. H. *          
Irishtown 3 FINLEY, W. H. H.            
Patron Breese First National Bank       Breese    
Patron Carlyle First National Bank       Carlyle    
Advertising Carlyle First National Bank            
Advertising Breese First National Bank            
Looking Glass 29 FISCHER, Fred            
Sugar Creek 32 FISCHER, Fred.            
Sugar Creek 34 FISCHER, G.            
Sugar Creek 27 FISCHER, Geo. *          
Looking Glass 36 FISCHER, P.            
Looking Glass 19S FISCHER, P.            
Looking Glass 20 FISCHER, Peter            
Looking Glass 28 FISCHER, Peter            
Looking Glass 32 FISCHER, Peter            
Looking Glass 33 FISCHER, Peter            
St. Rose 13 FISHER, F, B.            
Sugar Creek 20 FISHER, F.            
St. Rose 8 FISHER, F. B.            
St. Rose 13 FISHER, F. B.            
St. Rose 16 FISHER, F. B.            
St. Rose 17 FISHER, F. B.            
Sugar Creek 30 FISHER, Geo. P. *          
Irishtown 15 FISHER, J.            
Irishtown 23 FISHER, J.            
Irishtown 20 FISHER, Jane            
Clement 22 FISHER, M. C. & S.             
Sugar Creek 20 FISHER, Mrs. Fred            
Trenton 20 FISHER, Mrs. Frederick            
Irishtown 18 FISHER, Samuel            
Patron Trenton FISHER, Thomas Director of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and 1913     Trenton    
Trenton Vac/8 FISHER, Thos.            
Carlyle 24 FISK & Truesdail            
Clement 1 FITTEN, John            
Clement 12 FITTEN, John            
Wheatfield 27 FLADER, R.            
Wheatfield 32 FLADER, Robt.            
Meridian 7 FLAHERTY, M & P.            
Clement 21 FLANAGAN, P.            
Irishtown 2 FLOYD, H. T.            
New Memphis 5 FOCHLMAN, Laura *          
St. Rose 3 FOEHNER, John            
Looking Glass 3 FOEHTMANN, Louis        where? *          
Brookside 11 FOLLMER, J. H.            
Germantown 29 FOPPE, B.            
Looking Glass 1 FOPPE, B.            
Santa Fe 28 FOPPE, H., Sr.            
Santa Fe 7 FOPPE, H., Sr.            
Breese 22 FOPPE, Henry            
Germantown 29 FOPPE, Hy.            
Wade 31 FOPPE, Mary            
Lake 17 FORD, T. E.            
St. Rose 7 FORISTER, F.            
Irishtown 23 FOX, E.            
Patron Keyesport FOX, E. D. Dealer in general merchandise and building material     Keyesport 1898  
Advertising Keysport FOX, E. D.            
Irishtown 13 FOX, E. D.            
Irishtown 23 FOX, E. D. *          
Irishtown 22 FOX, F. D. *          
Irishtown 15 FOX, F. D.            
Irishtown 2 FOX, Jessie            
St. Rose 24 FRAME, A.            
Brookside 5 FRANCOIS, A.            
Brookside 6 FRANCOIS, A.            
Brookside 17 FRANCOIS, A.            
Lake 1 FRANCOIS, A.            
Looking Glass 19S FREDERICH, Geo. Est.            
Looking Glass 7S FREDERICH, Geo. Est.            
Looking Glass 17S FREDERICH, John            
Looking Glass 18S FREDERICH, P.            
Looking Glass 19S FREDERICH, P.            
Looking Glass 7S FREDERICH, Peter, Jr.            
Germantown 1S FREDERKING, Aug.            
Germantown 17 FRERKER, B.            
Germantown 20 FRERKER, B.            
Germantown 21 FRERKER, B.            
Germantown 29 FRERKER, B.            
Germantown 19 FRERKER, R.            
Wheatfield 22 FREUND, Anna            
Wheatfield 35 FREUND, Anna            
Clement 25 FREUND, F. W.            
Clement 36 FREUND, F. W.            
Patron 25 FREUND, F. W. Farmer & stockraiser 25 Clement Hoffman 1909  
Patron Breese FREUND, Henry Barber & farm insurance     Breese 1879 Born in Clinton County
Advertising Breese FREUND, Henry            
Breese 2 FREUND, Mrs. C.            
Breese 3 FREUND, Mrs. C.            
Breese 10 FREUND, Mrs. C.            
Breese 11 FREUND, Mrs. C.            
Wade 22 FREY, Adam            
Wade 23 FREY, P. Est            
Wade 22 FREY, Peter            
Looking Glass 2 FRICKE, J. B.            
Patron 6 FRICKER, Emil Farmer & stockraiser 6 St. Rose Highland 1880  
St. Rose 6 FRICKER, Emil            
St. Rose 5 FRICKER, F.            
St. Rose 8 FRICKER, F.            
St. Rose 12 FRICKER, F.            
St. Rose 12 FRICKER, F.            
St. Rose 7 FRICKER, Fred            
St. Rose 5 FRICKER, Mrs. R.            
St. Rose 12 FRICKER, Mrs. R.            
Patron 6 FRIEDERICH, John Farmer 6 Looking Glass Mascoutah 1892  
Looking Glass 6S FRIEDERICH, John            
Looking Glass 7S FRIEDERICH, John            
Looking Glass 18S FRIEDERICH, Otto            
Patron 18 FRIEDERICH, Otto B. Farmer & stockraiser 18 Looking Glass New Memphis 1887 Born in Clinton County
Patron Aviston FRIEDRICH, H. W. A. Postmaster, notary public and insurance agent     Aviston 1866  
Meridian 30 FRIEND, Henry            
Looking Glass 33 FRIESBAUM, F.            
St. Rose 27 FRITZ, John            
St. Rose 35 FRITZ, John            
St. Rose 8 FROHN, Theo.            
Sugar Creek 25 FRUEKE, B. H.            
Santa Fe 23 FRYE, Wm.            
Looking Glass 36 FUCHNE, T. *          
Looking Glass 20S FUCHS, G.            
Looking Glass 4S FUCHS, G.            
Damiansville 43 FUEHNE, Henry            
Looking Glass 14 FUEHNE, M.            
Looking Glass 23 FUEHNE, M. Est.            
Looking Glass 14 FUEHNE, T.            
Looking Glass 36 FUEHNE, T. *          
Damiansville 43 FUEHNE, Theo.            
Looking Glass 23 FUEHNE, Theodore            
Looking Glass 24 FUEHNE, Theodore            
Looking Glass 7S FUESSER, Geo. & Anna            
Looking Glass 19S FUESSER, J. P.            
Looking Glass 17S FUESSER, Phil.            
Breese 12 FUHLER, J.            
St. Rose 33 FUHLER, John            
Wade 5 FUHLER, John            
Looking Glass 16S FUSTER & Gross            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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