1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois




Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Looking Glass 20S GAERTNER, F.            
Looking Glass 11S GAERTNER, F.             
Looking Glass 5S GAERTNER, Fred, Jr.            
Brookside 1 GAIZER, M.            
Boulder  20 GAMBILL, B.            
Brookside 8 GARITSON, Mrs.            
Trenton 19 GARRIGUS, J.            
Brookside 23 GARRISON, Marg't            
Brookside 24 GARRISON, R.            
Brookside 19 GARRISON, S. C.            
Brookside 20 GARRISON, S. C.            
Brookside 23 GARRISON, S. C.            
Looking Glass 4S GASKELL, Geo.            
Germantown 34 GAUSEPONT, C.            
Brookside 16 GEAR, W. D.            
Meridian 36 GEARY, F. G.            
Brookside 2 GEARY, L. H.            
Brookside 13 GEARY, L. H.            
Brookside 14 GEARY, L. H.            
Brookside 10 GEARY, W. D.            
Brookside 11 GEARY, W. D.            
Brookside 13 GEARY, W. D.            
Brookside 15 GEARY, W. D.            
Looking Glass 20S GEBBIE, John            
Breese 29 GEBHERDT, John *          
St. Rose 24 GEBKE, A.            
St. Rose 26 GEBKE, A.            
St. Rose 15 GEBKE, Aug.            
Santa Fe 18 GEBKE, Mary            
Breese 19 GEERS, Geo.            
Breese 20 GEERS, Geo.            
Germantown 2 GEERS, Geo.            
Santa Fe 2 GEHRS, N.            
Meridian 1 GEIGER, C. F.            
Meridian 1 GEIGER, John            
Brookside 24 GEILHAUSEN, G.            
Irishtown 5 GELBY, Hugh            
Irishtown 6 GELBY, Hugh *          
Santa Fe 21 GELLHAUSEN, E.            
Irishtown 11 GELLY, Hugh *          
Sugar Creek 17 GELLY, Hugh Est.            
Sugar Creek 18 GELLY, Hugh Est.            
New Memphis 5 GEORGER, Emil            
Patron New Baden GEORGER, Wm. City Clerk, dealer in brick, lime and cement, contractor of brick and cement work     New Baden 1871 Born in Clinton County
Advertising New Baden GEORGER, Wm.            
New Memphis 5 GEORGER, Wm.            
New Memphis By Ch GEORGER, Wm.            
Patron 4 GERARDI, George Farmer & breeder of thorough-bred Poland China hogs 4 Looking Glass Trenton 1874  
Looking Glass 4 GERARDI, George            
Breese 13 GERDES, H.            
Breese 15 GERDES, H.            
Breese 13 GERDES, Henry A.            
Clement 1 GERDES, J. H.            
Clement 3 GERDES, John            
Wade 10 GERDES, Mary            
Clement 12 GERDES, Mary C.            
Clement 23 GERDES, Mary C.            
Germantown 16 GERLING, B.            
Germantown 5 GERLING, Ben.            
Germantown 24 GERLING, Henry Est            
Germantown 13 GERLING, Henry Est.            
Wheatfield 12 GERMAN, Dan Est.            
Illustrations Germantown Germantown Savings Bank            
Advertising Aviston GERSTNER, Geo.            
Patron Aviston GERSTNER, George Livery, feed and sale barn     Aviston 1872 Born in Clinton County
Sugar Creek 2 GERTENKORTE, G.            
Germantown 10 GERTHER, H. ?                        
Germantown 24 GESENHAUS, G. *          
Santa Fe 19 GESENHAUS, G.            
Germantown 7 GESENHEUS, G. Est. *          
Looking Glass 12 GESENHUTS, M. E.            
Trenton - K/P   GIESEK, Aug.            
Sugar Creek 9 GIESEKE Bros.            
Sugar Creek 9 GIESEKE, A.            
Sugar Creek 10 GIESEKE, A.            
Trenton 19 GIESEKE, A.            
Trenton 19 GIESEKE, Aug. *          
Trenton Lew/G GIESEKE, Aug.            
Looking Glass 3 GILDIG, Phil            
Looking Glass 4 GILDIG, Phil            
East Fork 8 GILLETT, Fred            
Brookside 14 GILMORE, C. A.            
Brookside 15 GILMORE, C. A.            
Brookside 15 GILMORE, Eleanor            
Brookside 10 GILMORE, W. H.            
Brookside 14 GILMORE, W. H.            
Trenton Lew/I GINSEL, M.            
Sugar Creek 14 GISEKE, Aug            
Sugar Creek 18 GISEKE, Aug *          
Sugar Creek 17 GISEKE, Aug.            
Advertising Trenton GLANZNER, Jos. & Son            
Patron Trenton GLANZNER, Joseph Mgr of Joseph Glanzner & Son, undertaking, dealers in furniture, rugs and linoleums     Trenton    
St. Rose 1 GNEDINGER, W.            
St. Rose 2 GNEDINGER, W.            
St. Rose 3 GNEDINGER, Wm.            
Looking Glass 2S GOBEL, F. A. *          
Clement 2 GODDARD, Wm.            
Wheatfield 12 GODDELL, Mary *          
Wheatfield 2 GODELL, G., Jr. *          
Patron Albers GOEBEL, F. A. Dealer- general merchandise and building material     Albers 1879 Business in Damiansville
Advertising Damiansville GOEBEL, F. A.            
Looking Glass 26 GOEBEL, F. A.            
Looking Glass 28 GOEBEL, F. A.            
Looking Glass 34 GOEBEL, T. A.            
Lake 2 GOESLING, C.            
Clement 35 GOESLING, Chas.            
Clement 36 GOESLING, Chas.            
St. Rose 31 GOESTENKARS, Stephen            
Irishtown 16 GOLDER, Agnes            
St. Rose 35 GOLDSMITH, H.            
Breese 2 GOLDSMITH, Henry            
Clement 34 GOLDSMITH, J. T.            
Patron 34 GOLDSMITH, J. T. Farmer & Chairman county board of supervisors 34 Clement Carlyle    
Sugar Creek 7 GRAESSER, --            
Sugar Creek 18 GRAESSER, M.            
Patron Trenton Grafeman Dairy Co. Dairy products, manufacturers of ice cream & condensed milk     Trenton   And of St. Louis, MO
Advertising St Louis GRAFEMAN Dairy Co.            
Meridian 10 GRAMLICH, John            
Germantown 10 GRAMMANN, A.            
Germantown 11 GRANE, F. *          
Santa Fe 28 GRANE, H.          ?            
St. Rose 12 GRAPPENHAUS, A.            
St. Rose 21 GRAPPERHAUS, A.            
St. Rose 13 GRAPPERHAUS, H.            
St. Rose 19 GRAPPERHAUS, H.            
St. Rose 20 GRAPPERHAUS, H.            
St. Rose 24 GRAPPERHAUS, H.            
Trenton Vac/8 GRASSER, Matt            
Patron 17 GRAWE, Ben Farmer & stockraiser 17 Santa Fe Bartelso 1852 Born in Clinton County
Santa Fe 17 GRAWE, Ben            
Santa Fe 20 GRAWE, Ben            
Santa Fe 29 GRAWE, J.            
Germantown 13 GRAWE, John            
Germantown 24 GRAWE, John            
Irishtown 4 GRAY, G.            
Patron 4 GRAY, G. W. Farmer & stockraiser 4 Irishtown Keyesport 1862  
Irishtown 4 GRAY, M. E.            
Wheatfield 23 GRAY, N.            
Wheatfield 26 GRAY, N.            
Wheatfield 27 GRAY, N.            
Patron Trenton GREER, F. M. Retired     Trenton 1858  
Lake 14 GREFE, E.            
Lake 22 GREFE, E.            
Breese 1 GREISBAUM, Geo.            
Sugar Creek 10 GREW, H. *          
Looking Glass 14 GRIESBAUM, --            
Looking Glass 11S GRIESBAUM, A.            
New Memphis By Ch GRIESBAUM, A.            
Looking Glass 18 GRIESBAUM, A., Jr.            
Looking Glass 14 GRIESBAUM, H.            
Looking Glass 22 GRIESBAUM, H.            
Looking Glass 14 GRIESBAUM, Jos.            
New Memphis By Ch GRIESBAUM, Mary            
Looking Glass 18 GRIESBAUM, W. and dairy            
Looking Glass 15 GRIESBAUM, X.            
Looking Glass 16 GRIESBAUM, X.            
Looking Glass 19S GRIMMER, John            
Lake 2 GRINNELL, B.            
Brookside 12 GRISSON, Wm.            
Sugar Creek 26 GROENE, Hy.            
Sugar Creek 35 GROENE, Hy.            
Looking Glass 2 GROENE, M.            
Sugar Creek 27 GRONE, G.            
Brookside 14 GROSCH, J.            
Looking Glass 30S GROSS & Eyster            
Looking Glass 16S GROSS & Fuster            
Carlyle 29 GROSS, A. F.            
Carlyle 31 GROSS, A. F.            
Carlyle 32 GROSS, A. F.            
Santa Fe 22 GROSS, F.            
Patron 5 GROSS, Frank Farmer & stockraiser 5 Santa Fe Bartelso 1867 Born in Clinton County
Santa Fe 5 GROSS, Frank            
Santa Fe 14 GROSS, Frank            
Santa Fe 16 GROSS, Jacob            
Santa Fe 9 GROSS, Joe            
Santa Fe 21 GROSS, Jos.            
Santa Fe 29 GROSS, Jos.            
Santa Fe 9 GROSS, Nic            
Santa Fe 14 GROSS, Nic            
Santa Fe 16 GROSS, Nic            
Trenton - H/6   GROSS, V. H.            
Lake 22 GROTE, D.            
Clement 10 GROTE, Matilda            
Clement 15 GROTE, Matilda            
Santa Fe 28 GROTENDECK, Wm.  ?            
Irishtown 6 GRUBE, Henry Est.            
Sugar Creek 17 GRUEBLER, A.            
St. Rose 1 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
St. Rose 2 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
St. Rose 3 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
St. Rose 4 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
St. Rose 9 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
St. Rose 10 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
St. Rose 2 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
Wheatfield 6 GRUNDMAN, J. R.            
Irishtown 9 GUBSER, E.            
Irishtown 11 GUBSER, E.            
Patron 4 GUBSER, Ed Farmer & stockraiser 4 Irishtown Carlyle 1867  
Irishtown 4 GUBSER, Ed.            
Irishtown 5 GUBSER, Ed.            
Patron Aviston GUIGNON, Paul C. Secretary & treasurer of Aviston Milling Co.     Aviston 1909  
Advertising Aviston GUIGNON, Paul C.            
Meridian 21 GULLICK, Minnie            
Sugar Creek 16 GUNDERSOHN, Fred.            
Sugar Creek 17 GUNDERSOHN, Fred.            
Clement 21 GUNDLACH, P. M.            
Carlyle 20 GUNDLACH, P. M., Est.            
Carlyle 29 GUNDLACH, P. M., Est.            
Carlyle 32 GUNDLACH, P. M., Est.            
Clement 33 GUNDLACH, P. M., Est.            
Clement 28 GUNDLACH, P. P.            
Clement 10 GWIN, G. W.            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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