1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois




Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Germantown 9 HAAKE, J.            
Germantown 31 HAAR, A.            
Germantown 32 HAAR, B.            
Looking Glass 24 HAAR, B.            
Looking Glass 36 HAAR, B.            
Germantown 30 HAAR, Ben            
Germantown 19 HAAR, Ben. Est.            
Lake 21 HAAR, C.            
Breese 22 HAAR, Cath            
Breese 25 HAAR, Cath.            
Breese 26 HAAR, Cath.            
Breese 28 HAAR, Cath.            
Patron Breese HAAR, Cath. Retired     Breese    
Germantown 2 HAAR, H.            
Breese 26 HAAR, Theo.            
Looking Glass 11 HAAS, E. and park            
Patron Albers HAAS, Emil Dealer in wines and liquors     Albers 1875  
Sugar Creek 4 HAAS, John            
Sugar Creek 7 HAAS, John            
Damiansville 36 HAAS, John            
Patron Pocahontas HABBEGGER, L. G. Dealer in general merchandise     Pocahontas 1857 Business in Jamestown
Advertising Jamestown HABBEGGER, L. G.            
St. Rose 2 HABEGGER, L. G.            
St. Rose 2 HABEGGER, M. E.            
Advertising Breese HABICH, P. A.            
Patron Breese HABICH, P. H. Livery, feed and sale stable     Breese    
Brookside 8 HADLEY, S. S.            
Brookside 7 HADLEY, S. S. and cemetery            
Looking Glass 8S HAEGE, L.            
Patron 8 HAEGE, Louis Farmer & dealer in wines and liquors 8 Looking Glass New Memphis 1898  
Looking Glass 17S HAEGE, Louis            
Looking Glass 17S HAEGE, Louis            
Looking Glass 18S HAEGE, Louis            
Breese 26 HAGEN, B.            
Breese 33 HAGEN, B.            
Breese 35 HAGEN, B.            
Germantown 2 HAGEN, D.            
Germantown 11 HAGEN, D. Est.            
Advertising Carlyle HAHN, C. J.            
Advertising Carlyle HAHN, Chas. N.            
Meridian 15 HAHN, G.            
Patron Shattuc HAHN, Gustav Grain dealer     Shattuc 1898  
Advertising Shattuc HAHN, Gustav            
East Fork 34 HAHN, John            
St. Rose 3 HAISLER, Frank            
St. Rose 4 HAISLER, Frank            
Illustrations Posey HALL, Mr. & Mrs. George            
Lake 17 HALL, Mrs. S.            
Lake 7 HALL, R.            
Santa Fe 16 HALL, Robert            
Lake 12W HALL, Wm.            
Lake 13W HALL, Wm.            
Lake 18 HALL, Wm., Sr.            
Trenton Lew/L HAMM, H.            
Looking Glass 8 HAMMANN, H. Est.            
Looking Glass 17 HAMMANN, H. Est.            
Advertising Trenton HAMMEL, A. B.            
Patron Trenton HAMMEL, S. Dir of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and VP & Dir in 1913     Trenton    
Advertising Trenton HAMMEL, S.            
Illustrations Trenton HAMMEL, S.            
Looking Glass 6 HAMMEL, Sebastian            
St. Rose 25 HAMMEL, Wm.            
Breese 35 HANKAMP, C.            
Germantown 11 HANKAP, F.            
Germantown 14 HANKAP, F., Jr.            
Clement 36 HANKE, C.            
Lake 2 HANKE, C.            
Clement 25 HANKE, Fred            
Germantown 34 HANKE, J.            
Sugar Creek 19 HANKE, J. Est.            
Germantown 11 HANKE, Joseph *          
Trenton Vac/9 HANKE, Mrs.            
Lake 19 HANKS, Jos.            
Patron Germantown Hanover Star Milling Co. Flour, meal, etc.     Germantown    
Illustrations Germantown Hanover Star Milling Co.            
Advertising Germantown Hanover Start Milling Co.            
Advertising Germantown Hanover Start Milling Co.            
Sugar Creek 5 HANSELMANN, F.            
Lake 2 HANSON, N.            
East Fork 6 HARNETIAUX, E.            
Wheatfield 3 HARNILIAUX, Emil            
Wheatfield 2 HARNILIAUX, L.            
Looking Glass 10 HARPSTRITE, A.            
Looking Glass 5 HARPSTRITE, C.            
Patron 5 HARPSTRITE, Charles Farmer & stockraiser 5 Looking Glass Trenton 1868 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 9 HARPSTRITE, Chas.            
Looking Glass 10 HARPSTRITE, Chas.            
Looking Glass 16 HARPSTRITE, Chas.            
Patron 32 HARPSTRITE, Ed. Farmer & stockraiser 32 Sugar Creek Trenton 1870  
Sugar Creek 27 HARPSTRITE, Ed.            
Sugar Creek 32 HARPSTRITE, Ed.            
Sugar Creek 33 HARPSTRITE, Ed.            
Sugar Creek 34 HARPSTRITE, Ed.            
Looking Glass 19 HARPSTRITE, Hy.            
Patron 20 HARPSTRITE, Tony Farmer & dealer in farm implements 20 Looking Glass Trenton and New Baden 1865 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 19 HARPSTRITE, Tony            
Looking Glass 20 HARPSTRITE, Tony            
Lake 26W HARRE, Wm.            
Patron 2 HARRIS, Chas. Farmer & stockraiser 2 Irishtown Keyesport 1901  
Irishtown 3 HARRIS, Chas.            
Carlyle 31 HARRIS, E. J. B.            
Wheatfield 12 HARRIS, Eliza            
Irishtown 6 HARRIS, John            
Clement 2 HARRISON, E. E.            
Clement 11 HARRISON, E. E.            
East Fork 25 HARRISON, Mary E.            
Clement 2 HART, Wm.            
Breese 13 HARTLAGE, G.            
Breese 14 HARTLAGE, G.            
Trenton - L/D   HARTLEY, Geo.            
Lake 16 HARTLIEB, A.            
St. Rose 1 HARTLIEB, John            
St. Rose 2 HARTLIEB, John            
Meridian 5 HARTMAN, F.            
Meridian 6 HARTMAN, F.            
Irishtown 25 HARTMAN, Fred            
East Fork 32 HARTMANN, Fred            
Patron Breese HARTUNG, Rev. Vincent Pastor of St. Augustine Church     Breese 1912  
St. Rose 23 HASELHORST, M.            
St. Rose 22 HASELHORST, S.            
Damiansville 26 HASS, John            
Sugar Creek 23 HASTER, Wm.            
Boulder  17 HATHAWAY, A. J.            
East Fork 17 HATHAWAY, B. C. *          
East Fork 29 HATHAWAY, J.            
East Fork 19 HATHAWAY, Jerry            
Carlyle 24 HAUGE, A.            
Breese 27 HAUKAP, C., Sr.            
Germantown 15 HAUKAP, F., Jr.            
Breese 34 HAUKAP, Frank Est.            
Patron 18 HAUKAP, J. F. Farmer & stockraiser 18 Germantown Albers 1879  
Germantown 18 HAUKAP, J. F.            
Germantown 20 HAUKAP, J. F.            
Germantown 29 HAUKAP, J. F.            
Germantown 1S HAUKE, J. *          
Brookside 12 HAUSMAN, W.            
Clement 26 HAUSMAN, W. F.            
Brookside 1 HAUSMANN, Wm.            
East Fork 12 HAWKINS, Mrs.            
East Fork 13 HAZELWOOD, Lon            
East Fork 24 HAZELWOOD, Lon            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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