1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



Ko - Ku

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Breese 15 KOCH Bros.            
Advertising New Baden KOCH Bros.            
Wade 4 KOCH, A.            
Wade 5 KOCH, A.            
Wade 8 KOCH, A.            
Patron Breese KOCH, Alvin C. Ass't. Sec. Of North Breese Coal Mining Co.     Breese 1885 Born in Clinton County
Germantown 9 KOCH, Anna            
Germantown 16 KOCH, Anna            
Breese 14 KOCH, E. Est.            
Breese 12 KOCH, F. Est.            
Breese 22 KOCH, F. Est.            
Breese 23 KOCH, F. Est.            
Breese 26 KOCH, F. Est.            
Breese 35 KOCH, F. Est.            
Breese 36 KOCH, F. Est.            
Wade 26 KOCH, F. Est.            
Patron New Baden KOCH, Fred J. Koch Bros., Hardware, furniture and lumber     New Baden 1870 Born in Clinton County
Meridian 10 KOCH, G. W.            
Santa Fe 21 KOCH, Geo.            
Santa Fe 28 KOCH, Geo.            
Wade 7 KOCH, Georgia            
Wade 18 KOCH, Georgia            
Germantown 2 KOCH, H.            
Breese 13 KOCH, J. O.            
Breese 23 KOCH, J. O.            
Breese 24 KOCH, J. O.            
Patron Breese KOCH, J. O. Grain dealer     Breese    
St. Rose 24 KOCH, J. O.            
Wade 7 KOCH, J. O.            
Wade 18 KOCH, J. O.            
Wheatfield 17 KOCH, J. Otto            
Wheatfield 22 KOCH, J. Otto            
Sugar Creek 1 KOCH, Mrs. Fred            
Wheatfield 18 KOCH, Otto *          
Patron Breese KOCH, Walter J. Grain dealer     Breese 1887 Born in Clinton County
Advertising Breese KOCH, Walter J.            
Wheatfield 7 KOCK, Otto *          
St. Rose 5 KOEHLER, J.            
Advertising Trenton KOEHLER, Wm.            
Trenton Lew/B KOEHLER, Wm.            
Patron Trenton KOEHLER, Wm. Real Estate, loans and insurance     Trenton 1877  
East Fork 20 KOEHNE, A & M.            
East Fork 29 KOEHNE, A,            
Brookside 1 KOEHNLE, R.            
Sugar Creek 27 KOELKER, John            
Sugar Creek 35 KOELKER, John            
Sugar Creek 27 KOELKER, T. *          
Sugar Creek 26 KOELKER, Theo. *          
Sugar Creek 35 KOELKER, Theo.            
Brookside 20 KOELLING, F. W.            
Lake 22 KOELLING, H.            
Lake 11 KOELLING, Henry            
Lake 22 KOELLING, Henry            
Lake 16 KOELLING, Hy.            
Brookside 11 KOELMEL, Rud            
Santa Fe 8 KOESTER, H. H.            
Santa Fe 8 KOESTER, H. H.            
Santa Fe 29 KOESTER, H. H.            
Santa Fe 21 KOESTNER, H. H.            
Damiansville 25 KOETER, Mrs. B.            
St. Rose 15 KOHLBRECHER, H.            
St. Rose 9 KOHLBRECHER, Henry            
East Fork 26 KOHLMEYER, C.            
East Fork 36 KOHLMEYER, C.            
Santa Fe 4 KOHRMAN, Matilda            
Santa Fe 5 KOHRMAN, Matilda            
Santa Fe 20 KOHRMAN, Mrs. M.            
Santa Fe 29 KOHRMAN, Mrs. M.            
Santa Fe 32 KOHRMAN, Mrs. M.            
Looking Glass 2 KOLKER, H.            
Looking Glass 27 KOLLMAN, J. *          
Looking Glass 27 KOLLMER, H.            
Looking Glass 27 KOLLMER, J. *          
Carlyle 36 KOLMER, Anton            
Santa Fe 1 KOLMER, Anton            
Santa Fe 2 KOLMER, Anton            
Patron 34 KOLMER, Herman Farmer & stockraiser 34 Wade Carlyle 1887 Born in Clinton County
Germantown 1 KOLP, H.            
Santa Fe 6 KOLP, H.            
Patron Bartelso KOLP, Henry Retired     Bartelso 1842 Born in Clinton County
Santa Fe 16 KOLP, Hy.            
Wade 31 KOLP, Hy.            
Germantown 1 KOOPMAN, J.            
Germantown 2 KOOPMAN, J.            
Germantown 2 KOOPMAN, Jos.            
Germantown 11 KOOPMANN, J.            
St. Rose 32 KORKEMEYER, John *          
St. Rose 24 KORKENMEYER, John *          
Germantown 27 KORTE, A.            
Germantown 33 KORTE, A.            
Germantown 27 KORTE, Aug.            
Germantown 31 KORTE, B.            
Germantown 8 KORTE, Fritz            
Germantown 30 KORTE, H.            
Germantown 7 KORTE, H. Est            
Germantown 8 KORTE, H. Est            
Germantown 20 KORTE, H. Est.            
Germantown 33 KORTE, H. Est.            
Sugar Creek 23 KORTE, H. Est.            
Looking Glass 2 KORTE, H. Est.            
Looking Glass 11 KORTE, H. Est.            
Looking Glass 12 KORTE, H. Est.            
Looking Glass 13 KORTE, H. Est.            
Germantown 6 KORTE, Herman            
Germantown 28 KORTE, Herman              
Germantown 18 KORTE, Herman Est.            
Breese 32 KORTE, J. H.            
Germantown 3 KORTE, J. H.            
Germantown 21 KORTE, J. H.            
Clement 33 KOTTMEIER, Wm.            
St. Rose 36 KRAMER, Bernard            
Sugar Creek 27 KRAMER, J.            
Sugar Creek 30 KRAMER, John            
Damiansville 33 KRAMER, Mrs. Ben            
Looking Glass 31 KRAUSE, Henry *          
Looking Glass 10S KRAUSE, P.P.            
Looking Glass 6S KRAUSZ, Geb.            
Looking Glass 7S KRAUSZ, Geb.            
Looking Glass 19S KRAUSZ, Geo.            
Patron 6 KRAUSZ, George Farmer & stockraiser 6 Looking Glass New Memphis 1874 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 19S KRAUSZ, Hy. *          
Patron 5 KRAUSZ, J. Farmer & stockraiser 5 Looking Glass New Memphis 1866 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 15S KRAUSZ, J.            
Looking Glass 17S KRAUSZ, J.            
Looking Glass 6S KRAUSZ, J.            
Looking Glass 5S KRAUSZ, J.            
Looking Glass 19S KRAUSZ, L.            
Patron 31 KRAUSZ, Louis Farmer 31 Looking Glass New Memphis 1871 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 31 KRAUSZ, Louis            
Illustrations New Memphis KRAUSZ, Louis Residence & Barn            
Looking Glass 19S KRAUSZ, P. P.            
Looking Glass 5S KRAUSZ, P. P.            
Looking Glass 9S KRAUSZ, P. P.            
Looking Glass 6S KRAUSZ, Phil.            
Looking Glass 7S KRAUSZ, Phil.            
Patron Carlyle KREBS, F. E. Deputy County Treasurer     Carlyle    
Santa Fe 6S KREIMER, H.            
Germantown 2 KREKE, G.            
Germantown 11 KREKE, G.            
Germantown 3 KREKE, H. H.            
Germantown 3 KREKE, Henry            
East Fork 30 KRONE, Casper            
East Fork 31 KRONE, Casper            
Irishtown 35 KRONE, Casper            
Meridian 7 KROST, John            
Meridian 8 KROST, John            
Meridian 9 KROST, John            
Breese 23 KRUEP, H.            
Breese 25 KRUEP, H., Jr.            
Breese 26 KRUEP, H., Jr.            
Breese 14 KRUEP, Henry            
Breese 13 KRUEPP, Henry *          
Brookside 5 KRUM, Mrs. N.            
Germantown 13 KRUSE, B.            
Germantown 24 KRUSE, B.            
Santa Fe 31 KRUSE, B.            
Looking Glass 11S KUEHN, L. *          
Wade 17 KUENNECKE, Wm.            
Patron 12 KUES, John Farmer & stockraiser 12 Looking Glass Trenton 1884  
Sugar Creek 12 KUES, John            
Meridian 21 KUESTER, Arnold            
Meridian 26 KUESTER, H.            
Breese Town 22 KUHL, Frank *          
Sugar Creek 35 KUHL, H.            
Sugar Creek 36 KUHL, H.            
Lake 11 KUHLMAN, C.            
Lake 14 KUHLMAN, C.            
Brookside 19 KUHLMANN, C.            
Breese 22 KUHLS, F. *          
Brookside 21 KUHN, And.            
Looking Glass 22 KUHN, Geo.            
Looking Glass 27 KUHN, Geo.            
Patron Trenton KUHN, Jacob, Jr. Dir. of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and 1913          
Brookside 22 KUHN, John            
New Memphis By Ch KUHN, Jos.            
Sugar Creek 18 KUHN, L.            
Irishtown 15 KUNKEL, Geo. R.            
Carlyle 36 KUNKEL, Peter            
Wade 26 KUNKEL, Peter            
Sugar Creek 18 KUNZ, Hy.            
Looking Glass 25 KUPER, Frank            
Meridian 5 KURTH, F.            
Meridian 4 KURTH, Frank            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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