1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois




Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Meridian 8 LADUC, H.            
Patron 34 LAEMMEL, Louis Farmer & stockraiser 34 Wheatfield Carlyle 1907  
Wheatfield 34 LAEMMEL, Louis            
Wheatfield 2 LAGANT, A.            
Wheatfield 2 LAGANT, Adolf            
Patron 2 LAGANT, Adolph Farmer 2 Wheatfield Tamalco 1893  
Wheatfield 2 LAGANT, L.            
Breese 36 LAGER, A.            
Germantown 21 LAGER, B.            
Breese 19 LAGER, Ben            
Sugar Creek 1 LAGER, Gust.            
Sugar Creek 2 LAGER, Gust.            
Breese 20 LAGER, J. B. Est.            
Breese 35 LAGER, J. B. Est.            
Irishtown 16 LAMBE, S.            
Wade 20 LAMMERS, Herman            
Wade 21 LAMMERS, Herman            
St. Rose 23 LAMPE, Hy.            
Lake 16 LAMPEN, J. C.            
Breese 33 LANDOLT, M.            
Breese 36 LANDOLT, M.            
Germantown 1 LANDOLT, M. *          
Santa Fe 6 LANDOLT, M.            
Patron 6 LANDOLT, Melchior Farmer & stockraiser 6 Santa Fe Bartelso 1854  
Lake 3 LANE, M. M.            
Looking Glass 17S LANG, Mrs. Aug            
Germantown 29 LANGENHORST, G. Est.            
Germantown 29 LANGENHORST, Mary            
Germantown 6 LANGERHORST, G.            
East Fork 8 LANGHAM, C. M.            
East Fork 18 LANGHAM, Chas.            
East Fork 17 LANGHAM, Chas. and cemetery            
Irishtown 17 LANGHAM, S. M.            
Patron Keyesport LANGHAM, W. Pres. of Keyesport Bank     Keyesport 1881  
Irishtown 17 LANGHAM, W. *          
Irishtown 3 LANGHAM, Wm.            
Irishtown 4 LANGHAM, Wm.            
Irishtown 9 LANGHAM, Wm.            
Irishtown 10 LANGHAM, Wm.            
Wade 32 LANGHAUSER, J.            
Wade 33 LANGHAUSER, J.            
Wade 32 LANGHAUSER, M. J.            
Germantown 1 LANGHAUSER, M. T.            
Patron 8 LANTER, Louis Retired farmer 8 Looking Glass Trenton 1899  
Looking Glass 7 LANTER, Louis            
Looking Glass 8 LANTER, Louis            
Breese 26 LAPPE, A.            
Breese 36 LAPPE, Adolph            
Wade 19 LAPPE, Adolph            
Breese 13 LAPPE, G.            
Wheatfield 33 LAPPE, Geo. F.            
Breese 31 LAPPE, Hy.            
Breese 13 LAPPE, J.            
Breese 16 LAPPE, John            
Looking Glass 30S LAREBARDIER, F.            
Germantown 1 LAUDOLT, M. *          
Looking Glass 10S LAUTENSCHLAGER, C.            
Carlyle 6 LAUX, Henry Est.            
Carlyle 7 LAUX, Henry Est.            
Carlyle 8 LAUX, Henry Est.            
Irishtown 12 LAUX, W. *          
Irishtown 5 LAUX, Wm. Est.            
Irishtown 6 LAUX, Wm. Est.            
Irishtown 8 LAUX, Wm. Est.            
Wheatfield 1 LAWRENCE, Ira            
East Fork 4 LAWRENCE, S. B.            
Clement 2 LAWS, Sarah            
Clement 12 LAWS, Sarah            
St. Rose 7 LEBEQUE, E.            
St. Rose 5 LEBEQUE, Z.            
St. Rose 1 LEDER, J.            
St. Rose 2 LEDER, J.            
Wheatfield 6 LEDER, J.            
Sugar Creek 3 LEE, C.            
Sugar Creek 3 LEE, J.            
Trenton Lew/L LEE, Jas.            
East Fork 12 LEE, John            
Trenton Vac/12 LEE, Mrs.            
Brookside 24 LEE, O. A.            
Looking Glass 8S LEHMAN, J.            
Germantown 10 LEHRTHER, H.            
Looking Glass 10S LEIBIG & Son            
East Fork 30 LEICHT Heirs            
East Fork 10 LEICHT, G. G.            
East Fork 14 LEICHT, G. G.            
Patron 14 LEICHT, G. G. Farmer & surveyor 14 East Fork Sandoval 1876  
East Fork 10 LEICHT, Geo.            
East Fork 11 LEICHT, Geo.            
East Fork 14 LEICHT, Geo.            
East Fork 15 LEICHT, Geo.            
Clement 14 LEITWEIN, Sarah C.            
Clement 23 LEITWEIN, Sarah C.              
Wade 16 LEITZE, F. A.            
Irishtown 19 LEITZE, F. A.            
Looking Glass 11S LEMKEMEYER, H.            
Looking Glass 10S LEMKEMEYER, Hy.            
Looking Glass 4S LEMKEMEYER, Hy.            
Brookside 24 LEMON, W. D.            
Sugar Creek 21 LENORD, F. T. A.            
Brookside 10 LENZINI, A.            
Trenton - H/3   LEOHARD, Ed. *          
Germantown 22 LEONARD, Fred            
Germantown 15 LEONARD, Fred Est.            
Germantown 22 LEONARD, L. Est.            
Patron Trenton LEONHARD, A. M. Cashier of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and 1913     Trenton    
Advertising Trenton LEONHARD, A. M.            
Illustrations Trenton LEONHARD, A. M.            
Patron Trenton LEONHARD, F. Dir. of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and 1913     Trenton    
Trenton - H/7   LEONHARD, Frank *          
Trenton Lew/K LEONHARD, Louis            
St. Rose 4 LEU, George, Jr.            
East Fork 4 LEWIS, J. M.            
Patron Keyesport LIERMANN, Dr. F. K. Dentist     Keyesport 1912  
Wade 11 LIETZE, Emma            
Wade 11 LIETZE, Emma            
Breese 3 LIETZE, F. A.            
St. Rose 14 LIETZE, F. A.            
St. Rose 23 LIETZE, F. A.            
Wheatfield 13 LIETZE, F. A.            
Wheatfield 24 LIETZE, F. A.            
Wade 11 LIETZE, F. A.            
Wade 15 LIETZE, F. A.            
Wade 27 LIETZE, F. A.            
Irishtown 6 LIETZE, F. A.            
Patron New Baden LINCK, William Township clerk & prop. of saloon     New Baden    
Advertising New Baden LINCK, Wm.            
Irishtown 15 LINDSEY, F. L.            
Breese 35 LINEMAN, H.            
Germantown 10 LINNEMANN, A.            
Germantown 2 LINNEMANN, B. H.            
Germantown 10 LINNEMANN, B. H.            
Germantown 2 LINNEMANN, C.            
Germantown 10 LINNEMANN, C.            
Germantown 4 LINNEMANN, Christ Est.            
Germantown 4 LINNEMANN, Christina            
Germantown 35 LINNEMANN, Christine            
Germantown 2 LINNEMANN, F.            
Germantown 20 LINNEMANN, John            
Patron 4 LINNEMANN, Mrs. Christina Farming & stockraising 4 Germantown Germantown 1855  
Meridian 26 LIPPERT, Henry            
Meridian 27 LIPPERT, Henry            
Meridian 34 LIPPERT, Jake            
Sugar Creek 2 LIPPMEYER, J.            
Santa Fe 21 LIST, And.            
Santa Fe 28 LIST, F.            
Santa Fe 28 LIST, Florian            
Wade 35 LIST, J. A.            
Santa Fe 22 LIST, P.            
Santa Fe 28 LIST, P.            
Patron 16 LIST, Peter Farmer & stockraiser 16 Santa Fe Carlyle 1864 Born in Clinton County
Santa Fe 16 LIST, Peter            
Sugar Creek 10 LITTLEKEN, Mary            
Sugar Creek 12 LITTLEKEN, Mary            
Wheatfield 11 LOAN, Joseph            
Santa Fe 2 LOCEY, D.            
Lake 6 LOCEY, Daniel            
Carlyle 32 LOCEY, Dan'l            
Irishtown 2 LODDICK, Herman            
Germantown 24 LOEPKER, B.            
Santa Fe 31 LOEPKER, B.            
Santa Fe 19 LOEPKER, Ben            
Santa Fe 27 LOEPKER, Ben            
Santa Fe 21 LOEPKER, H.            
Germantown 26 LOEPKER, Henry            
Santa Fe 17 LOEPKER, Henry            
Carlyle 19 LOEWER, G.            
Carlyle 25 LOGAL, Julia            
Sugar Creek 27 LOHMAN, E. J.            
Breese 31 LOHMAN, F.            
Sugar Creek 14 LOHMAN, F.            
Sugar Creek 23 LOHMAN, F.            
Looking Glass 2 LOHMAN, F.            
Illustrations Aviston LOHMAN, Rev. Fred J.            
Patron Aviston LOHMANN, Rev. Frederick J. Catholic Priest     Aviston 1876  
Clement 22 LOUBY, T.            
Patron Trenton LOUDEN, B. F. Dealer in farm implements, buggies, etc.     Trenton    
Advertising Trenton LOUDEN, B. F.            
Sugar Creek 20 LOUDEN, B. F.            
Sugar Creek 21 LOUDEN, B. F.            
Sugar Creek 22 LOUDEN, F. B.            
Trenton Vac/8 LOUDEN, H.            
Patron Trenton LOUDEN, L. A. With B. F.Louden     Trenton 1882 Born in Clinton County
Trenton Lew/A LOUDEN, Mrs. Geo.            
Trenton Lew/B LOUDEN, Walter            
Trenton Vac/5 LOUDEN. H.            
Trenton Lew/A LOUDON, Miss Mary            
Trenton Lew/K LOUDORA, Mary            
St. Rose 23 LUBER, F. *          
St. Rose 24 LUBER, F.            
Meridian 31 LUCKING, H.            
Carlyle 7 LUEBBERS, B.            
Carlyle 5 LUEBBERS, Benj.            
Carlyle 6 LUEBBERS, Benj.            
Carlyle 5 LUEBBERS, Wm.            
Carlyle 6 LUEBBERS, Wm.            
Carlyle 8 LUEBBERS, Wm.            
Patron 6 LUEBBERS, Wm. Farmer & stockraiser 6 Carlyle Carlyle 1863 Born in Clinton County
Germantown 29 LUEKE, F.            
Brookside 5 LUEKER, H.            
Brookside 9 LUEKING, A. C.            
Lake 1 LUEKING, H.            
Lake 1 LUEKING, H.            
Sugar Creek 5 LUGENBUHL, Eugene            
Wheatfield 20 Lutheran Church            
Looking Glass 16S LUTZ, J.            
Looking Glass 16S LUTZ, J.            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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