1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



Me - My

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Illustrations Beckemeyer M. E. Church            
Illustrations Carlyle M. E. Church            
Lake 9 MEANS, J. W.            
Santa Fe 13 MEANS, J. W.            
Patron Carlyle MEANS, J. W. J. W. Means & Son, Livery, sale & feed stable.  Was supervisor of Carlyle Twp.     Carlyle 1876  
Advertising Carlyle MEANS, J. W. & Son            
St. Rose 1 MEIER, A. *          
Lake 27W MEIER, F.            
Patron Albers MEIER, Otto Catholic Priest     Albers 1903 Served in Damiansville
Lake 22 MEIER, Wm.            
Patron Breese MEIFUSS, Rev. J. F. Pastor of St. Dominic Catholic Church     Breese    
Meridian 30 MEISNER, H.            
St. Rose 18 MELLERA, L.            
Carlyle 19 MENKHAUS, M. C.            
Carlyle 30 MENKHAUS, M. C.            
Meridian 33 MERTEN, Rich.            
Meridian 28 MERTEN, Robt.            
Meridian 33 MERTEN, Robt.            
Meridian 33 MERTEN, Rosa            
Lake 6 MERTON, Frank            
Brookside 19 MERTON, R.            
St. Rose 1 MEWES, Mrs. C. *          
St. Rose 1 MEWES, Mrs. C. G. *          
St. Rose 2 MEWES, Mrs. C. G.            
St. Rose 3 MEWES, Mrs. C. G.            
St. Rose 11 MEWES, Mrs. C. G.            
St. Rose 11 MEWES, Mrs. C. G.            
St. Rose 1 MEWES, W. F.            
Wheatfield 7 MEWIS, Wm. *          
Breese 13 MEYER & Voss            
Germantown 34 MEYER & Wellinghoff            
Breese 14 MEYER, A.            
St. Rose 1 MEYER, A. *          
Wheatfield 6 MEYER, A.            
Patron 5 MEYER, C. Farmer & stockraiser 5 Germantown Breese 1845  
Germantown 11 MEYER, C.            
Germantown 16 MEYER, C.            
Germantown 33 MEYER, C.            
Wade 6 MEYER, Christ            
Wade 7 MEYER, Christ            
Germantown 5 MEYER, Conrad            
Germantown 2S MEYER, D.            
Germantown 2S MEYER, F.            
Looking Glass 2S MEYER, F.            
Brookside 12 MEYER, F. M.            
Wade 16 MEYER, F. M.            
Wade 17 MEYER, F. M.            
Looking Glass 32 MEYER, Fred            
Patron 18 MEYER, H. Farmer & stockraiser 18 Santa Fe Bartelso 1872  
Germantown 11 MEYER, H.            
Santa Fe 18 MEYER, H.            
Santa Fe 19 MEYER, H.            
Germantown 13 MEYER, Henry            
Brookside 1 MEYER, Herman            
Looking Glass 5S MEYER, Hy.            
St. Rose 2 MEYER, J.            
Wheatfield 24 MEYER, John            
Patron Hoffman MEYER, Karl A. Merchant     Hoffman 1882  
Illustrations Hoffman MEYER, Karl A. Store            
Wade 22 MEYER, Margaret            
Wade 29 MEYER, Marg't.            
Santa Fe 15 MEYER, Mrs.            
Patron 22 MEYER, Wm. Farmer & dairyman 22 Wade Beckemeyer 1879 Born in Clinton County
Wade 22 MEYER, Wm.            
Irishtown 2 MEYERS, O. M.            
Lake 22 MEYERS, Wm.            
Brookside 14 MICHAEL, B.            
Brookside 18 MICHAEL, B. H.            
Lake 22 MICHAEL, H.            
Brookside 19 MICHAEL, Hy.            
Meridian 7 MICHAEL, John            
Irishtown 17 MICHAEL, John            
Meridian 31 MICHAEL, Wm.            
Meridian 32 MICHAEL, Wm.            
Germantown 2 MICHELS, A. B.            
Sugar Creek 11 MIDDEKE, Anna            
Sugar Creek 14 MIDDEKE, Anna            
Sugar Creek 15 MIDDEKE, Anna            
St. Rose 25 MIDDEKE, B.            
St. Rose 35 MIDDEKE, J. H.            
St. Rose 16 MIDDEKE, John            
Breese 5 MIDDEKE, Theo.            
Germantown 31 MIDDENDORF, B.            
Looking Glass 23 MIDDENDORF, B.            
Looking Glass 25 MIDDENDORF, B.            
Germantown 32 MIDDENDORF, H.            
St. Rose 13 MIDDIKE, J. *          
Clement 4 MILLER & Madden            
East Fork 23 MILLER, A. J. E.            
Lake 14 MILLER, C.            
Lake 24 MILLER, C.            
Breese 22 MILLER, Chas.            
Wheatfield 10 MILLER, Jas. M.            
Santa Fe 11 MILLER, Maria            
Brookside 5 MILLETT, F.            
Patron 4 MILLS, C. E. Farmer & stockraiser 4 Irishtown Tamalco 1866  
Irishtown 4 MILLS, C. E.            
Irishtown 4 MILLS, L. C.            
Irishtown 3 MILLS, Louis            
Irishtown 3 MILLS, R. G.            
Irishtown 3 MILLS, R. G. & L. C.            
Brookside 4 MOEHLE, H.            
Trenton 20 MOFFATT, J.            
Trenton Lew/L MOFFATT, J.            
Germantown 10 MOLITOR, C.            
Germantown 17 MOLITOR, C.            
Germantown 4 MOLITOR, Casper            
Germantown 1S MOLLENKAMP, F.            
Trenton Lew/L MOLLER, Mrs.            
Sugar Creek 26 MONDT, H. Est.            
Sugar Creek 26 MONK, E. Est.     ?            
Lake 10 MONKEN, F. C.            
Patron New Baden MONKEN, George J. Mayor of New Baden, Supv. of Looking Glass Twp. and New Baden Milling Co.     New Baden    
Illustrations New Baden MONKEN, George J.            
Lake 11 MONKEN, Louis            
Wheatfield 25 MONTACUE, Lizzie            
Brookside 22 MOORE, Ch. Est.            
Irishtown 5 MOORE, Chas.            
Irishtown 6 MOORE, F. M.            
Irishtown 24 MOORE, Sarah            
Wheatfield 14 MORELOCK, C.            
Wheatfield 35 MORELOCK, C.            
St. Rose 2 MOREY, T. R.            
Meridian 29 MORGAN, John            
Meridian 29 MORGAN, S. I.            
Meridian 31 MORGAN, Sarah            
Germantown 2S MORGAN, Susie            
Germantown 3S MORGAN, Susie            
Wade 23 MORLOCK, C.            
Wade 14 MORLOCK, L. F. E.            
Wade 14 MORLOCK, Lizette            
Looking Glass 2S MORLOCK, P.            
Looking Glass 29 MORLOCK, Phil Est.            
Patron Carlyle MORONY, Dr. J. J. Clinton County Coroner          
East Fork 13 MORRIS, A. J. and 2 cemeteries            
East Fork 14 MORRIS, Art.            
East Fork 14 MORRIS, F. and cemetery            
Brookside 17 MORRIS, Frank            
Carlyle 32 MORRIS, Frank            
East Fork 23 MORRIS, J. N.            
East Fork 25 MORRIS, J. N.            
East Fork 22 MORRIS, John A.            
East Fork 23 MORRIS, John A.            
East Fork 24 MORRIS, John N.            
Looking Glass 35 MOSS, C.             
Looking Glass 34 MOSS, C. & L.            
Clement 3 MOULTON, Lewis A.            
Breese 22 MOWE, John            
Sugar Creek 18 MUEGLE, Fred            
Germantown 15 MUELLER, B., Est.            
Germantown 16 MUELLER, Ben Est.            
Breese 22 MUELLER, Chas.            
Germantown 1S MUELLER, F.            
Looking Glass 11S MUELLER, G.            
Looking Glass 6S MUELLER, Geo. Heirs            
Germantown 10 MUELLER, Henry            
Looking Glass 32 MUELLER, J. H.            
Patron 7 MUELLER, John Farmer & stockraiser 7 Germantown Albers 1871  
Patron Bartelso MUELLER, John Farmer     Bartelso --  
Germantown 7 MUELLER, John            
Looking Glass 13 MUELLER, John            
Looking Glass 14 MUELLER, John            
Santa Fe 29 MUELLER, John H.            
Wheatfield 22 MUELLER, P.            
Wheatfield 4 MUELLER, Peter            
Wheatfield 21 MUELLER, Peter            
Meridian 3 MUENCH, Herman            
Meridian 3 MUENCH, O.T.L. & H.            
Sugar Creek 31 MUGEDE, Louis            
Sugar Creek 17 MUGELE, Fred            
Looking Glass 3 MUGELE, J. Est. *          
Patron 31 MUGELE, Louis Farmer & stockraiser 31 Sugar Creek Trenton 1871  
Looking Glass 2 MUGGELE, John *          
Looking Glass 6 MUGGLE, F. *          
Wade 3 MURPHY, P.            
Wade 9 MURPHY, Peter            
Wade 4 MURPHY, Wm.            
Wade 9 MURPHY, Wm.            
Advertising Carlyle MURRAY, H. V.            
Lake 22 MURRAY, H. V.            
Patron Carlyle MURRAY, Hugh V. State's Attorney for Clinton County     Carlyle 1870 Born in Clinton County
Irishtown 14 MURRAY, M. P.            
Carlyle 6 MURRAY, Mary            
Brookside 20 MUSEL, John            
Clement 22 MUSGRAVE, M. E.            
Brookside 20 MUSIT, Christian            
Brookside 20 MUSIT, O.            
East Fork 34 MUTSCHLER, J. Est.            
Santa Fe 20 MYER, L. *          
Germantown 10 MYERLING, A.            
Carlyle 30 MYERS, Louis            
Carlyle 25 MYRES, Louis            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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