1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



N - O

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
East Fork 26 NAGEL, John            
East Fork 36 NAGEL, John            
Meridian 1 NAGEL, John            
Patron New Baden NAGELE, X. O. Prop. Of Nagele's Art Studio     New Baden 1883 Born in Clinton County
Advertising New Baden NAGELE, X. O.            
East Fork 3 NATTIER, G. A.            
East Fork 4 NATTIER, Geo.            
Patron Breese NEEDHAM, Daniel Stationary engineer and mayor of Breese     Breese 1889  
Brookside 23 NEFF, John            
Brookside 22 NEFF, U. Est            
Wheatfield 20 NEIMEYER, Anton            
Looking Glass 1 NETEMEYER, G. L.            
Looking Glass 12 NETEMEYER, Gerhard L.            
Looking Glass 11 NETEMEYER, Jos.            
Looking Glass 14 NETEMEYER, Jos.            
Looking Glass 15 NETEMEYER, Jos.            
Germantown 21 NETERMEYER, Jas.            
Breese 30 NETTEMEYER, Ben            
Looking Glass 2 NETTEMEYER, J. H. *          
Breese 19 NETTEMEYER, Joe            
Wheatfield 36 NETTLES, Chas.            
Irishtown 31 NETTLES, Chas.            
Wheatfield 12 NETTLES, Ed            
Irishtown 14 NETTLES, Ed            
East Fork 29 NETTLES, G. W.            
Patron 29 NETTLES, G. W. Farmer & Stockraiser 29 East Fork Boulder 1861  
Irishtown 25 NETTLES, Geo.            
Irishtown 30 NETTLES, J. R.            
Wheatfield 27 NETTLES, John            
Advertising New Baden New Baden Milling Co.            
Illustrations New Baden New Baden Milling Co.            
Irishtown 15 NEWKIRK, Harriet            
East Fork 11 NICHOLS, R. W.            
East Fork 12 NICHOLS, R. W.            
Irishtown 28 NICHOLS, W. H. H.            
Meridian 10 NICOLAY, C. H.            
Meridian 11 NICOLAY, C. H.            
Meridian 14 NICOLAY, H.            
Meridian 14 NICOLAY, J. L.            
Carlyle 8 NIDNER, A.            
Breese 26 NIEBUHR, Jos. *          
Breese 27 NIEBUHR, Jos.            
Germantown 7 NIEBUHR, Rose *          
Breese 24 NIEBUR, C.            
Patron Breese NIEBUR, Christ Blacksmithing, dealer in hardware and farm implements     Breese 1873 Born in Clinton County
Breese 15 NIEBUR, Clem            
Breese 21 NIEBUR, Clem            
Advertising Breese NIEBUR, Crist            
Looking Glass 2 NIEBUR, J.            
Breese 22 NIEBUR, Jos. *          
Germantown 29 NIEBUR, Rosa *          
Santa Fe 9 NIEHENKE, Theresia            
Breese 35 NIEMAN, Jos.            
Breese 17 NIEMAN, Jos.            
Breese 21 NIEMAN, Jos. A.            
Breese 16 NIEMAN, Jos. A. & cemetary            
Breese 26 NIEMANN, Jos.            
Breese 2 NIEMEYER, A.            
Breese 4 NIEMEYER, Anton            
Breese 8 NIEMEYER, Anton            
Breese 9 NIEMEYER, Anton            
Germantown 1S NIEMEYER, C.            
Sugar Creek 25 NIEMEYER, Fritz            
Patron New Memphis NIEMEYER, Henry E. Niemeyer Store Co., post office, general merchandise and saloon     New Memphis 1881 Born in Clinton County
Advertising New Memphis NIEMEYER, Henry E.            
Advertising Breese NIEMEYER, Jos.            
Patron Breese NIEMEYER, Joseph A. Liver, feed and sale stable   Breese Breese 1890 Born in Clinton County
Breese 1 NIEMEYER, Otto            
Breese 11 NIEMEYER, Otto            
Breese 12 NIEMEYER, Otto            
St. Rose 36 NIEMEYER, T.            
Breese 4 NIEMEYER, Theo.            
Looking Glass 5S NIEMEYER, W. *          
Meridian 30 NIXON, Nester            
Irishtown 10 NOE, C. E.            
Meridian 1 NOLLER, Ed            
Meridian 28 NOLLER, J. L.            
Meridian 25 NOLLER, Louis            
Meridian 26 NOLLER, Louis            
Meridian 36 NOLLER, Louis            
Meridian 36 NOLLER, Louis            
Lake 11 NOLTING, Mary & Lena            
Patron Carlyle NORCROSS, A. C. Journalist     Carlyle 1873 Born in Clinton County
Illustrations Carlyle NORCROSS, H. C.            
Germantown 21 NORDHAUS, J.            
Germantown 8 NORDHAUS, John            
Irishtown 17 NORDIKE, Lizzie            
St. Rose 17 NORDMAN, B.            
St. Rose 20 NORDMAN, B.            
Germantown 13 NORDMANN, F.            
Germantown 24 NORDMANN, F.            
Germantown 13 NORDMANN, Fred            
Germantown 14 NORDMANN, Fred            
Breese 24 NORDMANN, John            
Patron 24 NORDMANN, John Farmer & stockraiser 24 Breese Breese 1867 Born in Clinton County
Irishtown 12 NORMAN, C.             
East Fork 8 NORMAN, C. C.            
Irishtown 5 NORMAN, C. G.            
Irishtown 5 NORMAN, C. S.            
Irishtown 12 NORMAN, C. S.                
Germantown 34 NORMAN, F.            
Wheatfield 24 NORMAN, J.            
Irishtown 1 NORMAN, P. P.            
Irishtown 6 NORMAN, P. P.            
Irishtown 12 NORMAN, P. P.            
Patron 24 NORMAN, R. S. Farmer & stockraiser 24 Wheatfield Carlyle 1867 Born in Clinton County
Carlyle 25 NORRIS & McHale            
Carlyle 25 NORRIS, W. H.            
Patron Breese North Breese Mine John Schrotter, Mgr, coal mining     Breese   And of St. Louis, MO
Advertising Breese North Breese Mine            
Sugar Creek 2 NORTON, R.            
Clement 3 NOTHAUS, Jos.            
Clement 10 NOTHOUSE, Anton            
Clement 14 NOTHOUSE, Anton            
Clement 23 NOTHOUSE, Anton            
Clement 13 NOTHOUSE, Jos.            
Clement 21 NOTHOUSE, Jos.            
Brookside 11 NOVACK, Joe            
Looking Glass 35 NUNGESSER, J.            
Looking Glass 19S NUNGESSER, J.            
Brookside 21 O'CONNER, Chas. C.            
East Fork 6 OECHSNER, M.            
Wheatfield 23 OGLE, J. L.            
Wheatfield 27 OGLE, J. L.            
Trenton 19 OHNEFELD, W.            
Trenton 20 OHNEFELD, W.            
Damiansville 35 OLLEGER, Ben            
Irishtown 14 O'NEILL, J.          (See McNeill)            
Irishtown 7 O'NEILL, J. T.            
Irishtown 7 O'NEILL, P.            
Irishtown 14 O'NEILL, P.         (See McNeill)            
Clement 4 ORREL, G. W.            
Lake 18 ORRELL, A. F.            
Lake 19 ORRELL, A. F.    (See Orrill) *          
Lake 15 ORRELL, G.            
Lake 10 ORRELL, G. W.            
Irishtown 27 ORRELL, G. W.            
Irishtown 33 ORRELL, Geo.            
East Fork 4 ORRELL, T.            
Lake 1W ORRILL, A.            
Santa Fe 1 ORRILL, A.            
Lake 12W ORRILL, A. F.   (See Orrell) *          
Santa Fe 28 OSICK, J. F.            
Looking Glass 4S OSTERICH, Louis *          
Looking Glass 15S OSTERWISCH, L.            
New Memphis 32 OSTERWISCH, Louis *          
Breese 12 OTHKE, Casimir            
Breese 14 OTHKE, Casimir            
Breese 15 OTHKE, Casimir            
St. Rose 35 OTKE, C. H.            
Sugar Creek 25 OTKE, G. J.            
Patron 36 OTTENSCHNIEDER, Frank Farmer & stockraiser 36 Sugar Creek Aviston 1878  
Sugar Creek 36 OTTENSCHNIEDER, Frank            
Sugar Creek 36 OTTENSCHNIEDER, Henry            
Germantown 34 OUIGES, Henry            
Clement 16 OUTHOUSE, Christ            
Clement 23 OUTHOUSE, Maria            
Clement 26 OUTHOUSE, Maria            
Carlyle 32 OUTHOUSE, Maria Est.            
Clement 26 OUTHOUSE, Mary            
Clement 10 OUTHOUSE, O. Est            
Clement 14 OUTHOUSE, O. Est.            
Clement 24 OUTHOUSE, O. Est.            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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