1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



P - Q

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Clement 15 PACE, J. T. Est            
East Fork 1 PAINTER, J. C.            
Clement 36 PALM, A.            
Lake 1 PALM, A.            
Lake 2 PALM, Aug.      (See Polm) *          
Meridian 6 PALM, G. Est.            
Illustrations Carlyle Paper Mill            
Boulder  17 PARKER, John            
Illustrations  -- PARKS, J. F., A. T., R. F., Wm.            
Patron 19 PARKS, R. F. Farmer & township tax assessor 19 Lake Posey 1877  
Lake 19 PARKS, R. F.            
Lake 13W PARKS, R. F.            
Santa Fe 13 PARKS, R. F.            
Carlyle 36 PARSONS, John            
Carlyle 8 PASSFIELD, Geo.            
Carlyle 17 PASSFIELD, Geo.            
Clement 9 PASSFIELD, Geo.            
Clement 16 PASSFIELD, Geo.            
Meridian 27 PATCHIN, I.            
Meridian 27 PATCHIN, L.            
Patron 10 PATHEAL, Sam Farmer 10 Santa Fe Carlyle 1864  
Santa Fe 3 PATHEAL, Sam            
Santa Fe 10 PATHEAL, Sam *          
Santa Fe 15 PATHED, Sam *          
Brookside 19 PAULSMEIER, C.            
Lake 13 PAULSMEIER, Chas.            
Lake 13 PAULSMEIER, Henry            
Brookside 13 PAWLING, C. O. (Dawling?)            
Irishtown 24 PEAK, Eliz.            
Irishtown 24 PEAK, Wm.            
Sugar Creek 10 PECK, A. Est.            
Germantown 27 PECK, G. Est.            
Germantown 27 PECK, Geo. Est.            
Breese 5 PEEK, Aug Est.            
Breese 8 PEEK, Aug Est.            
Breese 18 PEEK, Aug Est.            
Breese 21 PEEK, G. Est.            
Breese 22 PEEK, G. Est.            
Breese Town 22 PEEK, G. Est.            
Breese 36 PEEK, G. Est.            
St. Rose 24 PEEK, G. Est.            
Wheatfield 9 PEEK, G. Est.            
Carlyle 24 PEEK, G., Est.            
St. Rose 25 PEEK, Geo.            
St. Rose 22 PEEK, Geo. Est            
St. Rose 27 PEEK, Geo. Est            
Breese 35 PEEK, Geo. Est.            
Wheatfield 8 PEEK, Geo. Est.            
Wheatfield 17 PEEK, Geo. Est.            
Patron Breese PEEK, Henry J. Farmer     Breese 1882 Born in Clinton County
Patron Breese PEEK, Mrs. Anna M. Retired     Breese 1848 Born in Clinton County
Germantown 11 PELTIES, H.            
Germantown 18 PELTIES, Henry            
Germantown 16 PELTIES, Hy.            
Wheatfield 14 PENDERGRASS, Mary            
Brookside 12 PENN, J.            
Carlyle 5 PEPPENHORST, B. Est.            
Wade 28 PEPPENHORST, John            
Wade 8 PEPPERHORN, F.            
Irishtown 33 PERINE, A.            
Clement 4 PERINE, J. T.            
Irishtown 32 PERINE, J. T.            
Clement 4 PERINE, M.            
Sugar Creek 4 PERSCHBACHER, Geo. Est.            
Breese 4 PETERMEYER, Jos.            
St. Rose 28 PETERMEYER, Joseph Est.            
St. Rose 33 PETERMEYER, Joseph Est.            
St. Rose 34 PETERMEYER, Joseph Est.            
Wheatfield 18 PETERMEYER, Joseph, Est.            
Wheatfield 20 PETERMEYER, Mrs. J.            
Looking Glass 17S PETERS, Anna            
Breese 30 PETERS, Ben            
Sugar Creek 11 PETERS, Ben            
Sugar Creek 25 PETERS, Ben            
Germantown 16 PETERS, J.            
Sugar Creek 34 PETERS, J.            
Breese 22 PETERS, John            
Breese 31 PETERS, John            
Sugar Creek 34 PETERS, R.            
Patron Albers PETERS, Rev. Bernard Catholic priest     Albers 1871 Born in Germantown
Patron 16 PETERS, Thomas Farmer & stockraiser 16 Irishtown Carlyle 1873  
Irishtown 16 PETERS, Thomas            
Looking Glass 28 PETERS, W. G. H.            
Brookside 6 PETIT, L. A.            
Looking Glass 1 PETTIS, H.            
Looking Glass 2 PETTIS, H.            
Wheatfield 2 PETTIS, W. H.            
Wheatfield 3 PETTIS, W. H.            
Wheatfield 9 PETTIS, W. H.            
Wheatfield 10 PETTIS, W. H.            
Brookside 14 PFEIFFER, M.            
St. Rose 11 PFISTER, Rudolph            
Sugar Creek 1 PHILIPINA, Aug.            
Looking Glass 31 PHILKRANZ, Wm.            
Breese 7 PHILLIPS, Abert            
Breese 18 PHILLIPS, Albert            
Brookside 3 PHILLIPS, C. S.            
Brookside 4 PHILLIPS, C. S.            
Meridian 25 PHILLIPS, Frank            
Brookside 3 PHILLIPS, L. A.            
Brookside 15 PHOENIX, E. M.            
Patron 15 PHOENIX, Mrs. E. N. Farming & dairying 15 Brookside Centralia   --  
Brookside 21 PHOENIX, S. W.            
Brookside 22 PHOENIX, W. S.            
Brookside 15 PHOENIX, W. S. Est.            
Brookside 16 PHOENIX, W. S. Est.            
Looking Glass 11S PICKHAUF, R. J.   Or rickhauf            
Lake 13W PIERCE, T.            
East Fork 11 PIGG, D. B.            
East Fork 13 PIGG, D. B.            
East Fork 14 PIGG, D. B.            
East Fork 24 PIGG, D. B.            
East Fork 9 PIGG, J. C.            
East Fork 16 PIGG, J. C.            
East Fork 24 PIGG, W. A.            
Germantown 21 PINGSTERHAUS, W.      *          
Trenton Vac/9 PITT, Joe            
Looking Glass 5 PLETSCHER, M. Est.            
Wheatfield 27 POCHTER, H.    ?            
Irishtown 30 POEHLER, Hy.            
Irishtown 31 POEHLER, Hy.            
St. Rose 30 POETTKER, H.            
St. Rose 31 POETTKER, H.            
Irishtown 12 POFF, M. & F. A.            
East Fork 8 POFF, M. L.            
Wheatfield 19 POHLMAN, H.            
St. Rose 24 POLLMAN, H.            
Lake 13 POLM, August    (see Palm) *          
Trenton Lew/P POOL, Wm.            
Patron Trenton POOS, Bert Livery, feed and sale stable     Trenton 1879 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 3 POOS, Frank & Stimkey, Louise            
Looking Glass 4 POOS, Frank & Stimkey, Louise            
Looking Glass 3 POOS, Wm.            
Looking Glass 8 POOS, Wm.            
Sugar Creek 16 POPE, E. E.            
Santa Fe 13 POPE, W. J.            
Santa Fe 14 POPE, W. J.            
Santa Fe 22 POPE, W. J.            
Looking Glass 19 POSTEL, Philip            
Brookside 4 POTTHOFF, John            
Brookside 8 POTTHOFF, John            
Patron 9 POTTHOFF, John Farmer & stockraiser 9 Brookside Centralia 1886  
Brookside 8 POTTHOFF, W.            
Brookside 8 POTTHOFF, W.            
Brookside 9 POTTHOFF, Wm.            
Brookside 16 POTTHOFF, Wm.            
Irishtown 9 POTTS, D.            
Irishtown 14 POTTS, J. W.            
Irishtown 15 POTTS, J. W.            
Irishtown 1 POTTS, Lizzie            
Lake 20 PRASUHN, F.            
Lake 19 PRASUHN, H.            
Carlyle 32 PRASUHN, Hy.               
Carlyle 31 PRASUHN, John            
Santa Fe 14 PRASUHN, John            
Santa Fe 23 PRASUHN, John            
Clement 16 PRATHER Heirs            
Clement 25 PRATHER Heirs            
Clement 34 PRATHER Heirs            
Brookside 2 PRATHER, D. C.            
Brookside 3 PRATHER, D. C.            
Brookside 3 PRATHER, R. S.C49            
Carlyle 32 PRATHER, Sophia Est.            
Clement 33 PRATHER, Sophia Heirs            
Clement 33 PRATHER, Wm.            
East Fork 12 PRATT, Abe            
East Fork 12 PRATT, Eliz            
East Fork 14 PRATT, Eliz            
East Fork 23 PRATT, Eliz            
East Fork 24 PRATT, Eliz            
East Fork 9 PRATT, G. W.            
Santa Fe 21 PREIS, Henry *          
Santa Fe 28 PREISS, Chas.            
Santa Fe 27 PREISS, Henry *          
Santa Fe 32 PREISSO, C.            
St. Rose 2 PRESGROVE, G. W.            
St. Rose 1 PRESGROVE, H. G.            
St. Rose 2 PRESGROVE, W. G.            
Irishtown 24 PRICE Bros.            
Meridian 14 PRICE, D. G.            
Meridian 22 PRICE, D. G.            
Brookside 2 PRICE, G.            
Meridian 27 PRICE, G. D.            
East Fork 6 PRICE, J. P.            
East Fork 18 PRICE, J. P.            
East Fork 19 PRICE, J. P.            
Meridian 22 PRICE, J. P.            
Irishtown 13 PRICE, J. P.            
Irishtown 24 PRICE, J. P.            
Lake 26W PRICE, M. G.            
Lake 27W PRICE, M. G.            
Illustrations Breese Public School            
Illustrations New Baden Public School            
Brookside 13 PULLEN, B.            
Brookside 24 PULLEN, B.            
East Fork 11 QUICK, Geo.            
East Fork 14 QUICK, Geo.            
Brookside 9 QUICK, J. R.            
Brookside 16 QUICK, J. R.            
East Fork 9 QUICK, J. W.            
East Fork 23 QUICK, J. W.            
Patron 9 QUICK, James R. Farmer & stockraiser 9 Brookside Centralia 1897  
Illustrations Centralia QUICK, James R. Residence            
East Fork 11 QUICK, P. W.            
East Fork 15 QUICK, W.            
East Fork 10 QUICK, Wm. and cemetery            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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