1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



Ra - Re

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Sugar Creek 20 R., M. A. & A. B.            
Sugar Creek 24 RACKEL, Clem            
Looking Glass 11 RADEMACHER, T.            
Irishtown 18 RAGAN, Wm.   (Rogan?)            
Patron Carlyle RAGEN, William Clinton County sheriff          
Wheatfield 2 RAGLAND, S. C.            
Wheatfield 11 RAGLAND, S. C.            
Breese 18 RAKERS, Albert            
Breese 25 RAKERS, Hy.            
Sugar Creek 9 RAMSEY, James            
Breese 7 RANDALL, Brown            
Breese 8 RANDALL, Brown            
St. Rose 36 RANDOLPH, C.            
Irishtown 12 RANSOM, A.            
Breese 17 RATERMAN, Ben            
Breese 7 RATERMAN, F. J.            
Breese 20 RATERMAN, H.            
Breese 17 RATERMAN, J. B.            
Breese 11 RATERMAN, J. B.            
Breese 18 RATERMAN, Wm.            
Breese 36 RATERMANN, B.            
Breese 18 RATERMANN, F. J.            
Breese 36 RATERMANN, W.            
Carlyle 12 RAUSCH, C.            
Santa Fe 14 RAUSCH, C.            
Wade 20 RAUSCH, C.            
Wade 23 RAUSCH, Con            
St. Rose 35 RAUTENSTRAUCH, Geo.            
East Fork 8 RAUTH, Mary            
Patron 2 RAY, G. W. Farmer 2 Irishtown Keyesport 1900  
Irishtown 2 RAY, G. W.            
St. Rose 1 RAYMOND, H.            
Wheatfield 4 RAYMOND, H.            
Wheatfield 4 RAYMOND, Mary            
Meridian 25 READER, A.            
Sugar Creek 27 REBLING, A. Est.            
Sugar Creek 8 REBLING, Alf.            
Sugar Creek 24 REBLING, Aug. Est            
St. Rose 25 REBLING, C.            
St. Rose 27 REBLING, C.            
St. Rose 35 REBLING, C.            
Breese 30 REBLING, E.            
Sugar Creek 27 REBLING, E.            
Breese 30 REBLING, Emil            
Sugar Creek 2 REBLING, M.            
Sugar Creek 2 REBLING, Melvina *          
St. Rose 27 REBLING, Oswald            
Brookside 13 RECKER, R.            
Irishtown 2 REDDICK, M.            
Patron Posey REDEKER, C. H. Merchant     Posey 1898  
Lake 12 REDEKER, C.H. & Husmann, M.            
Sugar Creek 8 REDLING, Clara *          
Sugar Creek 5 REDLING, Clara & Male            
St. Rose 4 REHKEMPER, H.            
St. Rose 5 REHKEMPER, H.            
Wheatfield 7 REHLMANN, H.            
Looking Glass 8S REICHERT, C.            
Looking Glass 17S REICHERT, Christ            
Lake 13 REICHMANN, Henry            
Santa Fe 23 REIDEN, S.            
Patron Breese REILMANN, Henry Clerk of Breese Twp. & saloon     Breese 1882 Born in Clinton County
Breese 25 REINEK, M. *          
Germantown 2 REINEKE, M.            
Breese 35 REINEKE, M.         (See Rieneke) *          
Santa Fe 28 REINHARD, F.            
Santa Fe 32 REINHARD, F.            
Wheatfield 6 REINHARDT, G.            
Wheatfield 7 REINHARDT, G.            
Wheatfield 18 REINHARDT, G.            
Patron 18 REINHARDT, Gust H. Farmer & stockraiser 18 Wheatfield Carlyle 1906  
Wheatfield 6 REINHARDT, H.            
Wheatfield 7 REINHARDT, Hy.            
Wheatfield 18 REINHARDT, Hy.            
Brookside 13 REINKENSMEIER, -            
Meridian 18 REINKENSMEIER, E.            
Meridian 29 REINKENSMEIER, F.            
Meridian 32 REINKENSMEIER, F.            
Meridian 18 REINKENSMEIER, Wm. & Carline            
Meridian 34 REINKENSMEYER, -            
Clement 16 REINKENSMEYER, Hy.            
Clement 22 REINKENSMEYER, Hy.            
Germantown 35 REINSHAW. Wm.            
East Fork 34 REIS, F.            
St. Rose 10 REIS, Frank            
St. Rose 11 REIS, Frank            
East Fork 19 REISS, F.            
St. Rose 12 REISS, F. *          
Lake 22 REITER, W.      (See Reuter)    *          
Wheatfield 19 REMICK & Eisenmayer            
St. Rose 24 REMICK & Eisenmeyer            
Sugar Creek 21 REMICK, G. W.            
Sugar Creek 28 REMICK, G. W.            
Trenton 20 REMICK, J. W.            
Sugar Creek 7 REMICK, Kath.            
Sugar Creek 16 REMICK, Z. T.            
Trenton Lew/K REMICK, Z. T.            
Trenton Lew/K REMICK, Z. T.            
Trenton Lew/M REMICK, Z. T. *          
Looking Glass 10S REMICK, Z. T.            
Looking Glass 16S REMICK, Z. T.            
Looking Glass 19S REMICK, Z. T.            
Looking Glass 3S REMICK, Z. T.            
Looking Glass 4S REMICK, Z. T.            
Looking Glass 9S REMICK, Z. T.            
St. Rose 36 REMMERT, H.            
Wheatfield 31 REMMERT, H. A.            
Trenton Lew/D REMMICK, Z. T. *          
Germantown 16 RENCHEN, H.            
Carlyle 32 RENKEN, J. D.            
Lake 5 RENKEN, J. D.            
Santa Fe 6S RENNEGARBE, F.            
Santa Fe 6S RENNEGARBE, Hy.            
Breese 30 RENSCHEN, Henry            
Looking Glass 4S RENSHAW, Wm. *          
Looking Glass 21 RENSING, Frank, etal.            
Patron 14 RENSING, G. H. Farmer & stockraiser 14 Germantown Germantown 1844  
Germantown 14 RENSING, G. H.            
Looking Glass 36 RENSING, G. H.            
Looking Glass 14 RENSING, J. H.            
Looking Glass 15 RENSING, J. H. Est.            
Germantown 31 RENSING, J. W.            
Looking Glass 24 RENSING, J. W.            
Looking Glass 27 RENSING, J. W.            
Germantown 32 RENSING, M.            
Looking Glass 22 RENSING, M. C.            
Looking Glass 23 RENSING, M. C.            
Looking Glass 27 RENSING, M. C.            
Looking Glass 28 RENSING, M. C.            
Looking Glass 22 RENSING, M. C. Est.            
Patron New Baden RENSING, Martin Dealer in fine wines, liquors and cigars, agent for Star Brewery Co.     New Baden    
Advertising New Baden RENSING, Martin Saloon            
Looking Glass 2S RENTH, W.            
Illustrations Breese Residence S.S. de Notre Dame            
Lake 22 REUTER, Wm.            
Lake 23 REUTER, Wm.  (See Rueter) *          
East Fork 30 REYNOLDS, Anna            
East Fork 31 REYNOLDS, B. F. & Hicks, G.            
Irishtown 15 REYNOLDS, J. M.            
Irishtown 27 REYNOLDS, J. M.            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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