1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



Sh - Sw

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Meridian 27 SHANKLINE, J. B.            
East Fork 16 SHARP & TUTTLE            
Irishtown 13 SHARP, B. F.            
Carlyle 25 SHARP, D. M.            
Carlyle 36 SHARP, D. M.            
East Fork 17 SHARP, D. M.            
Wade 35 SHARP, D. M.            
Wade 16 SHARP, J.            
Wade 17 SHARP, J.            
Santa Fe 10 SHARP, Sam'l            
Santa Fe 3 SHARP, Samuel            
East Fork 19 SHARP, T. C.            
Santa Fe 22 SHARP, T. C.            
East Fork 16 SHARP, T. W.            
East Fork 17 SHARP, T. W.            
East Fork 22 SHARP, T. W.            
Lake 13W SHARP, T. W.            
Santa Fe 9 SHARP, T. W.            
Santa Fe 10 SHARP, T. W.            
Santa Fe 22 SHARP, T. W. *          
Wade 33 SHARP, T. W.            
Wade 34 SHARP, T. W.            
Wade 35 SHARP, T. W.            
Santa Fe 2 SHARP, W.            
Santa Fe 3 SHARP, William            
East Fork 20 SHARP, Z. T.            
Wade 34 SHARP, Z. T.            
Wade 35 SHARP, Z. T.            
Santa Fe 9 SHARP, Z. T.      Don't see this            
Wade 34 SHARP, Z. T. Est.            
Santa Fe 14 SHARP, Z. T. Heirs            
Santa Fe 15 SHARP, Z. T. Heirs            
Santa Fe 22 SHARP, Z. T. Heirs            
Santa Fe 13 SHARPE, T. W. *          
Santa Fe 29 SHARPER, E. *          
Santa Fe 30 SHARPER, Engelbert            
Carlyle 13 SHELLY & Weightman Heirs            
East Fork 34 SHERER, E. Z.            
East Fork 12 SHERMAN, Enoch            
Trenton 20 SHERWIN Est.            
Lake 7 SHOEMAKER, D. O.            
Lake 12W SHOEMAKER, D. O.            
Lake 1 SHORT, C. E.            
Clement 26 SHORT, John            
Patron Carlyle SHOUPE, T. D. & Son Editors & publishers of The Carlyle Constitution     Carlyle    
Advertising Carlyle SHOUPE, T. D. & Son            
Lake 22 SHUETTE, W.  (See Schuette) *          
Irishtown 27 SHUP, J. H.            
Clement 22 SIDDELL, G. B.            
Patron 22 SIDDELL, G. B. Farmer 22 Clement Huey 1865 Born in Clinton County
Clement 3 SIDDELL, G. B.             
Irishtown 1 SIGGS, F.            
Patron 18 SIMONS, J. C. Farmer & stockraiser 18 Lake Posey 1891 Born in Clinton County
Lake 18 SIMONS, J. C.            
Lake 13W SIMONS, J. C.            
Santa Fe 22 SIMONSON, W. *          
Lake 27W SIMONTON, W. S.            
Santa Fe 27 SIMONTON, W. S. *          
Patron 23 SIMONTON, W. T. Farmer, stockraiser and saw mill operator 23 Lake Posey 1896  
Lake 23W SIMONTON, W. T.            
Santa Fe 23 SIMONTON, W. T.            
Lake 26W SIMONTON, W. T. & W. S.            
Lake 27W SIMONTON, W. T. & W. S.            
Santa Fe 27 SIMONTON, W. T. & W. S.            
Irishtown 9 SIMPSON, N.            
Looking Glass 23 SINGLER, B. Est.            
Looking Glass 17 SINGLER, George            
Looking Glass 18 SINGLER, George            
Looking Glass 7 SINGLER, H. P.            
Looking Glass 18 SINGLER, H. P.            
Looking Glass 17 SINGLER, Julius            
Looking Glass 18 SINGLER, Julius            
Irishtown 28 SKIDMORE, M. R.            
Wheatfield 14 SLOAN, Geo.            
Carlyle 30 SLOAN, Jos.            
Wheatfield 14 SLOAN, Joseph            
Meridian 22 SMITH, Eva            
Meridian 15 SMITH, Eve.            
Clement 36/3N SMITH, J. B.            
Wade 9 SMITH, Maria            
Wade 11 SMITH, Maria            
Wade 10 SMITH, Maria W.            
Clement 3 SMITH, Marie W.            
East Fork 9 SMITH, Pearl            
St. Rose 2 SMITH, Susan            
Meridian 6 SNYDER, Henry            
Irishtown 26 SNYDER, Mary A.            
Lake 18 SODDERS, Sophia *          
Looking Glass 18 Southern Coal Co.            
Illustrations New Baden Southern Coal Mine            
Looking Glass 23 SPAETH, J.            
Looking Glass 7 SPAETH, Joseph            
Meridian 24 SPANUEL, Louis            
Sugar Creek 22 SPECHT, J.            
Sugar Creek 15 SPECHT, Jacob            
Sugar Creek 22 SPECHT, Jacob J.            
Breese 8 SPECHT, Leo            
Sugar Creek 6 SPECKERT, Jos. Est.            
Irishtown 25 SPEISER, V.            
Clement 36/3N SPEISER, V. W.            
East Fork 31 SPEISER, V. W.            
East Fork 32 SPEISER, V. W.            
St. Rose 25 SPIERLAND, I.            
St. Rose 21 SPIERLING, Theo.            
St. Rose 2 SPITTLER, Mrs.            
Hoffman 12 SPREHE, B.            
Lake 2 SPREHE, Ben            
Breese 26 SPREHE, F.            
Breese 34 SPREHE, F.            
Germantown 27 SPREHE, F.            
Germantown 28 SPREHE, F.            
Germantown 34 SPREHE, F.            
Lake 1 SPREHE, Henry, Est.            
Germantown 3 SPREHE, Sophia            
Breese 35 SPREHE, Sophie            
Illustrations Beckemeyer St. Anthony's Church            
Illustrations Breese St. Dominic's Church & Parsonage            
Illustrations Breese St. Dominic's Hall            
Illustrations Breese St. Dominic's School            
Illustrations Breese St. Johannes' Church & Parsonage            
Illustrations Breese St. Johannes' School            
Illustrations Breese St. Joseph's Hospital            
Illustrations Carlyle St. Julian Hospital            
Illustrations Carlyle St. Mary's Catholic Church            
Illustrations Carlyle St. Mary's Church Rectory            
Wheatfield 2 STANLEY, B. F.            
Brookside 1 STANLEY, E.            
Illustrations Breese State Bank            
Patron Breese State Bank of Breese General Banking     Breese    
Advertising Breese State Bank of Breese            
Clement 35 STEFFEN, Christ            
Clement 36 STEFFEN, Christ            
Trenton 19 STEFFEN, T.            
Trenton 20 STEFFEN, T.            
Wheatfield 22 STEFFEN, William *          
Trenton - L/G   STEFFENS, Dr.            
Sugar Creek 17 STEFFENS, G. A.            
Wheatfield 8 STEFFENS, W.            
Wheatfield 16 STEFFENS, William *          
Germantown 22 STEILING, T.            
Germantown 34 STEILING, T.            
Germantown 4 STEILING, Theo            
Germantown 11 STEILING, Theo.            
Germantown 14 STEILING, Theo.            
Germantown 27 STEILING, Theo.            
Germantown 35 STEILING, Theo.            
Meridian 16 STEIN, A. Est.            
Meridian 16 STEIN, F. J.            
Meridian 16 STEIN, John            
Meridian 2 STEIN, Joseph            
Clement 1 STEIN, L.            
Clement 36/3N STEIN, L.            
Meridian 16 STEIN, Louis            
Meridian 10 STEIN, Xavier            
Lake 23 STEINKAMP, Fred            
Clement 36/3N STEINMAN Bros.            
East Fork 31 STEINMAN, E.            
Breese 1 STEINMAN, F.            
Breese 2 STEINMAN, F.            
St. Rose 34 STEINMANN, E.            
Clement 1 STEINMANN, E. H.            
Wade 5 STEINMANN, Frank            
Wade 8 STEINMANN, Frank            
Sugar Creek 15 STEINMETZ, C. J.            
Sugar Creek 16 STEINMETZ, C. J.            
Wheatfield 20 STELLE, W. H.            
Irishtown 32 STEPHENSON, F.            
Irishtown 33 STEPHENSON, F.            
Carlyle 6 STERRETT, A.            
Clement 4 STERRETT, C.            
Clement 27 STEUVER, Herman            
Meridian 21 STEVENSON, T. T.            
Centralia 13 STILZREIDE, M.            
Looking Glass 3 STIMKEY, Louis & Poos, Frank            
Looking Glass 4 STIMKEY, Louis & Poos, Frank            
Trenton 19 STINER, J.            
Germantown 6 STOCKMAN, B.            
Looking Glass 11 STOCKMAN, E.            
Germantown 20 STOCKMANN, B.            
Patron 33 STOECKEL, Ed. Farmer & stockraiser 33 Wheatfield Carlyle 1889 Born in Clinton County
Wheatfield 32 STOECKEL, Mrs. G.            
Wheatfield 33 STOECKEL, Mrs. G.            
Patron New Baden STOECKEL, Wm. Livery, feed and sale stable     New Baden 1877 Born in Clinton County
Advertising New Baden STOECKEL, Wm.            
Illustrations New Baden STOECKEL, Wm. & Family            
Illustrations New Baden STOECKEL, Wm. Livery Barn            
Sugar Creek 2 STOFF, G. H.            
Sugar Creek 11 STOFF, G. H.            
Clement 11 STOKE, E.            
Clement 2 STOKES, E.            
Meridian 8 STOKES, M.            
Meridian 9 STOKES, M.            
Meridian 17 STOKES, Mich'l.            
Clement 4 STOKES, Thomas            
Meridian 17 STOKES, Thomas            
St. Rose 25 STRAETER, T.            
St. Rose 22 STRAETER, Theodore            
St. Rose 27 STRAETER, Theodore            
Breese 22 STRAKE, B. J.            
Looking Glass 9 STRAKE, Geo.            
Germantown 3 STRATHJOHN, Henry            
St. Rose 12 STROHEIDE, F. *          
St. Rose 4 STROHEIDE, R.            
Breese 31 STROOT, B. H.            
Sugar Creek 35 STROOT, B. H.            
Patron New Baden STROOT, F. H. Livery and undertaking     New Baden 1908  
Advertising New Baden STROOT, F. H.            
St. Rose 10 STROTHEIDE, Fritz *          
St. Rose 2 STROTHEIDE, H.            
Wheatfield 29 STROTHEIDE, John            
St. Rose 1 STROTHEISE, F. *          
Sugar Creek 27 STRUBHART, M. Est. *          
Looking Glass 11 STUCKENBERG, Frank            
Breese 19 STUEVER, C. Est.            
Looking Glass 2 STUEVER, C., Est            
Breese 36 STUEVER, Eliz.            
Sugar Creek 35 SUDHOLT, H.            
Looking Glass 1 SUDHOLT, H.            
Sugar Creek 34 SUDHOLT, Henry            
Patron 36 SUDHOLT, Herman Farmer & stockraiser 36 Sugar Creek Albers 1859  
Germantown 6 SUDHOLT, Herman            
Sugar Creek 36 SUDHOLT, Herman            
Germantown 1 SUHL, A.            
Patron 7 SUHL, Anton Farmer & stockraiser 7 Santa Fe Bartelso 1875  
Santa Fe 7 SUHL, Anton            
Santa Fe 32 SUHL, Anton            
Santa Fe 8 SUNDRAPP, A.            
Illustrations Carlyle Suspension Bridge            
Patron 15 SWAGLER, Ben Farmer & stockraiser 15 Meridian Shattuc 1881  
Illustrations Shattuc SWAGLER, Ben Residence & Barn            
Meridian 15 SWENGLER, Ben            
Meridian 15 SWENGLER, Louis            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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