1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois




Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
East Fork 14 TABOR, Anna            
East Fork 11 TABOR, Geo.            
Meridian 12 TABOR, Hy            
Sugar Creek 34 TACHTERMAN, L.            
Breese 36 TAPHORN, G.            
St. Rose 24 TAPHORN, G.            
St. Rose 34 TAPHORN, G.            
Wade 20 TAPHORN, J. G.            
Wade 21 TAPHORN, J. G.            
Wade 28 TAPHORN, John G.            
Wade 29 TAPHORN, John G.            
Santa Fe 31 TATE, Jas.            
Irishtown 1 TATE, W.            
Germantown 36 TAVER, John            
Lake 19 TAYLOR, A.            
St. Rose 20 TEBBE, H., Sr.            
St. Rose 18 TEBBE, J. H.            
St. Rose 13 TEBBE, J., Sr.            
St. Rose 17 TEBBE, Theodore, Sr.            
St. Rose 20 TEBBE, Theodore, Sr.            
Brookside 24 TERRY, B. G.            
East Fork 30 TERRY, G.            
Meridian 28 TERRY, Geo.            
Meridian 34 TERRY, Geo. & Sons            
Clement 35 TERRY, Thos.            
Brookside 10 THARP, C.            
Breese 22 THEIN, Rob't.            
Germantown 3 THEISHING, Hy. *          
Germantown 1S THEISING, E.            
Santa Fe 19 THEISING, F.            
Santa Fe 30 THEISING, F., Jr.            
Santa Fe 31 THEISING, F., Jr.            
Patron 19 THEISING, J. F., Jr. Farmer & stockraiser 19 Santa Fe Bartelso 1883 Born in Clinton County
Carlyle 8 THEISLING, H.            
Germantown 4S THILBER, C.            
Germantown 26 THIRSING, F.            
Breese 6 THOELE, Ben            
Germantown 2 THOELE, H. *          
Breese 32 THOELE, Herman            
St. Rose 30 THOLE, B.            
St. Rose 31 THOLE, B.            
St. Rose 19 THOLE, C.            
Aviston 24 THOLE, C. A.            
Germantown 16 THOLE, G.            
Germantown 17 THOLE, G.            
Germantown 21 THOLE, G.            
St. Rose 31 THOLE, H.            
Meridian 13 THOMAS, A.            
Meridian 14 THOMAS, A.            
Meridian 23 THOMAS, A.            
Meridian 24 THOMAS, A.            
Santa Fe 32 THOMAS, C. H.            
Meridian 12 THOMAS, J. B.            
Meridian 2 THOMAS, John Est.            
Meridian 11 THOMAS, John Est.            
Meridian 12 THOMAS, John Est.            
Patron Trenton THOMSON, Lewis W. Vice Pres.& Dir. of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1905 and Dir. in 1913     Trenton    
Brookside 3 THORP, B. F.            
Brookside 9 THORP, B. F.            
Brookside 5 THORWEINN, L.            
Brookside 8 THORWEINN, L.            
Damiansville 29 THUENEFELD, Henry            
Wade 11 THUENEMAN Hrs            
Germantown 21 THUENEMAN, John            
Looking Glass 12 THUENEMANN, B.            
Looking Glass 13 THUENEMANN, B.            
Patron 17 THUENEMANN, John Farmer & stockraiser 17 Germantown Albers 1892  
Germantown 17 THUENEMANN, John *          
Germantown 7 THUNNEMANN, Ben *          
New Memphis By Ch TICHMAN, Chas.            
Breese 12 TIEDAN, F.            
Breese 3 TIMMERMAN, C.            
Breese 4 TIMMERMAN, C.            
Breese 2 TIMMERMAN, G.            
Breese 4 TIMMERMAN, G.            
St. Rose 25 TIMMERMAN, H.            
St. Rose 35 TIMMERMAN, H.            
St. Rose 34 TIMMERMAN, Herman Est.            
Breese 28 TIMMERMAN, Theo.            
Breese 36 TIMMERMAN, Theo. T.            
Breese 27 TIMMERMAN, W.            
Breese 26 TIMMERMAN, Wm.            
Breese 32 TIMMERMAN, Wm.            
Breese 33 TIMMERMAN, Wm.            
Patron Breese TIMMERMANN, A. H. Timmermann Bros., Justice of the Peace, dealer in shoes and rubbers, and repairs     Breese 1874 Born in Clinton County
Germantown 5 TIMMERMANN, E. J.            
Breese 11 TIMMERMANN, G.            
Germantown 16 TIMMERMANN, G. P.            
Patron Beckemeyer TIMMERMANN, Henry Dealer in general merchandise     Beckemeyer 1879 Born in Clinton County
Breese 35 TIMMERMANN, Theo.            
Brookside 18 TODD, E. E.            
Brookside 17 TODD, F. E.            
Patron 18 TODD, W. F. Farmer & stockraiser 18 Brookside Centralia 1900  
Illustrations Brookside Twp. TODD, W. F. Residence            
Looking Glass 36 TOENNIES, A.            
Patron 15 TOENNIES, A. H. Farmer, dairyman and breeder of Holstein cattle 15 Looking Glass Albers -- Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 8 TOENNIES, A. H.            
Looking Glass 14 TOENNIES, ALBERT H.            
Looking Glass 15 TOENNIES, Albert H.            
Looking Glass 23 TOENNIES, B.            
Patron Albers TOENNIES, Francis A. Notary public, fire insurance and dealer in general merchandise     Albers 1888 Brief biography here
Patron 16 TOENNIES, Fred G. Farmer, dairyman and breeder of Holstein cattle 15 Looking Glass Albers -- Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 7 TOENNIES, G.            
Patron   TOENNIES, Gerhard Farmer, stockraiser 22 Looking Glass Trenton 1875 Born in Clinton County
Looking Glass 15 TOENNIES, Gerhard            
Looking Glass 22 TOENNIES, Gerhard            
Looking Glass 23 TOENNIES, H. *          
Looking Glass 36 TOENNIES, H.            
Damiansville 23 TOENNIES, Herman            
Damiansville 39 TOENNIES, Herman            
Looking Glass 13 TOENNIES, J. G.            
Looking Glass 36 TOENNIES, J. G.            
Patron 13 TOENNIES, John G. Farmer, stockraiser and dairyman 13 Looking Glass Albers 1865 Born in Clinton County
New Memphis By Ch TOENNIES, Rev. G.            
Patron New Baden TOENNIES, Rev. Gerard Catholic Priest     New Baden 1864 Born in Germantown
Germantown 4S TOENSING, F.                      
Irishtown 19 TONEY, Anna *          
Irishtown 30 TONEY, Anna            
Illustrations Albers TONNIES, F. A. Residence            
Looking Glass 11 TONNIES, H. *          
Albers 11 TONNIES, H.            
Patron Albers TONNIES, Henry Postmaster, dealer in general merchandise, lumber, builders material and coal     Albers 1861 Born in Clinton County
Advertising Albers TONNIES, Henry            
Illustrations Albers TONNIES, Henry            
Albers Ton-4 TONNIES, Henry            
Illustrations Albers TONNIES, Mr. & Mrs. F. A.            
Wheatfield 13 TOOMEY, J.            
Irishtown 18 TOOMEY, J.            
Irishtown 19 TOOMEY, J. *          
Lake 1 TOUVENIN, L. *          
Santa Fe 1 TOWNSEND, J. R. *          
Santa Fe 2 TOWNSEND, J. R.            
Santa Fe 11 TOWNSHEND, J. R. Est. *          
Santa Fe 12 TOWNSHEND, J. R. Est.            
Looking Glass 20 TRACKSSER, John            
St. Rose 15 TRAME, A.            
Santa Fe 28 TRAME, F.            
Santa Fe 8 TRAME, F. Est.            
Looking Glass 27 TRANKLE, F.            
Looking Glass 34 TRANKLE, F.            
Looking Glass 2S TRANKLE, F. and club house            
Looking Glass 2S TRANKLE, Fred            
Looking Glass 34 TRANKLE, Geo. Est.            
Wade 16 TRAPP, H.            
Wade 17 TRAPP, H.            
Wade 16 TRAPP, Julius            
Wade 16 TRAPP, W.            
Brookside 13 TREAT, J.            
East Fork 34 TREFFERT, A.            
Meridian 15 TREFFERT, A.            
Meridian 16 TREFFERT, A.            
Patron 16 TREFFERT, Albert Farmer & stockraiser 16 Meridian Shattuc 1883  
Advertising Shattuc TREFFERT, Albert            
Meridian 9 TREFFERT, Albert            
Illustrations Shattuc TREFFERT, Albert Residence            
St. Rose 19 TREMBLY, A. T.            
Patron Trenton Trenton Milling Co. Milling     Trenton    
Brookside 12 TRIANTO, J.            
Looking Glass 3 TRIPPEL, A. Est.            
Sugar Creek 33 TRIPPEL, E. Est.            
Looking Glass 20 TRIPPEL, F.            
Looking Glass 35 TRIPPEL, L.            
Looking Glass 3 TRIPPEL, P.            
Patron 33 TRIPPEL, Philip Farmer & veterinary surgeon 33 Sugar Creek Trenton 1857  
Sugar Creek 33 TRIPPEL, Phillip            
Looking Glass 4 TRIPPEL, Phillip Est.            
St. Rose 19 TROLLIET, Annie            
St. Rose 18 TROLLIET, M.            
St. Rose 19 TROLLIET, M.            
St. Rose 30 TROLLIET, M.            
Trenton Lew/G TROST, W.            
Carlyle 24 TRUESDAIL & Fisk            
Irishtown 15 TRUNKEL, M.            
Patron Trenton TRUTTMAN, Frank Mgr Grafeman Dairy Co.     Trenton    
St. Rose 6 TSCHANNEN, Adolph            
St. Rose 7 TSCHANNEN, Adolph            
St. Rose 7 TSCHANNEN, Adolph            
Sugar Creek 21 TSCHUDY Bros.            
Patron Trenton TSCHUDY, Arnold J. Dir. of Farmers Bank in Trenton in 1913.     Trenton    
Germantown 31 TUEHNE, M.            
Looking Glass 36 TUENEMAN, B.            
Germantown 31 TUENEMANN, E.            
Germantown 9 TUENEMANN, John            
Germantown 20 TUENEMANN, John            
East Fork 3 TUNE, E.            
East Fork 2 TUNE, Jasper            
Meridian 22 TUNNICLIFF, J.            
Sugar Creek 20 TURNER, C.            
Looking Glass 4 TURNER, C. F.            
Looking Glass 9 TURNER, C. F.            
Looking Glass 10 TURNER, C. F.            
Looking Glass 2 TURNER, C. Fred            
Looking Glass 3 TURNER, C. Fred            
Irishtown 1 TURNER, G. T.            
East Fork 16 TUTTLE & SHARP            
Wade 27 TUTTLE, A.            
Wade 34 TUTTLE, C. A. Est.            
Santa Fe 10 TUTTLE, Clara            
Lake 23 TWENHOEFEL, Wm.            
Sugar Creek 11 TWISS, Sarah            
Sugar Creek 13 TWISS, Sarah            
Sugar Creek 14 TWISS, Sarah            
Sugar Creek 23 TWISS, W. W.            
Sugar Creek 24 TWISS, W. W.            
Brookside 23 TYSON, C. F.            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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