1913 Plat Book Listing

Clinton County, Illinois



Wa - We

Portion of Plat Book Section Name Occupation Section Township Post Office Address Became resident of county Other Comments
Wheatfield 2 WAD, W. L. *          
Irishtown 9 WADE, A. Otto            
Clement 16 WADE, Jacob            
Wheatfield 11 WADE, John, Jr.            
Irishtown 11 WADE, L.            
Irishtown 12 WADE, L.            
Wheatfield 1 WADE, Wm. *          
Lake 23W WAELTZ, C.            
Patron 24 WAELTZ, Henry Farmer & threshing machine operator 24 Lake Posey 1867  
Lake 24W WAELTZ, Henry            
Santa Fe 24 WAELTZ, Henry            
Illustrations Posey WAELTZ, Henry Residence            
Santa Fe 23 WAELTZ, Hy.            
Sugar Creek 28 WAGNER, J. Est.            
Trenton Lew/G WAGONER --            
East Fork 1 WALKER, H. W.            
Wade 20 WALKER, J. N.            
Wade 28 WALKER, J. N.            
Wade 29 WALKER, J. N.            
Santa Fe 3 WALKER, M. M.            
East Fork 3 WALLACE, Anna            
Santa Fe 15 WALLACE, L.            
Santa Fe 23 WALLACE, L.            
Santa Fe 24 WALLACE, L.            
Germantown 18 WALLER, Clem.            
Germantown 29 WALLER, Clem.            
Germantown 20 WALLER, Glenn            
Germantown 19 WALLER, H.            
Germantown 20 WALLER, H.            
Germantown 29 WALLER, H.            
St. Rose 14 WALLING, Henry            
Brookside 16 WALLIS, I. S.            
Brookside 17 WALLIS, I. S.            
Patron 17 WALLIS, I. S. Farmer & stockraiser 17 Brookside Centralia 1853  
Brookside 20 WALLIS, S. S.            
Looking Glass 17S WALTHER, F. & Bro.            
Looking Glass 17S WALTHER, Hy.            
Looking Glass 9S WALTHER, M.            
Looking Glass 6S WALTHES, Mrs. Hy.            
Looking Glass 19S WANGER, S. *          
Looking Glass 19 WANGLER, Hy. *          
Clement 35 WARD, Frank            
Irishtown 3 WARD, Henry            
Irishtown 13 WARD, Hy.            
East Fork 11 WARD. Est.            
St. Rose 6 WARNECKE, C.            
St. Rose 12 WARNECKE, H.            
St. Rose 1 WARNECKE, H.            
St. Rose 2 WARNECKE, H.            
St. Rose 6 WARNECKE, H.            
St. Rose 6 WARNECKE, H. W.            
St. Rose 1 WARNECKE, J.            
St. Rose 11 WARNECKE, W. G.            
St. Rose 12 WARNECKE, W. G.            
Looking Glass 10S WARNER, G.            
Looking Glass 15S WARNER, G.            
East Fork 5 WASSUM, J. E.            
East Fork 6 WASSUM, J. E.            
East Fork 7 WASSUM, J. E.            
East Fork 8 WASSUM, J. E.            
Looking Glass 30 WATCHINGER, J.            
St. Rose 30 WATKINS, L. T.            
Breese 5 WATKINS, M.            
Patron 2 WATSON, S. E. Farmer, stockraiser and mineral water 2 East Fork Boulder 1883  
Advertising Boulder WATSON, S. E., Mineral Water            
East Fork 2 WATSON, Scott E.            
East Fork 2 WATSON's Mineral Springs            
Brookside 7 WATTS, A. S.            
Brookside 17 WATTS, A. S.            
Lake 13 WATTS, Ben            
Brookside 8 WATTS, C. C.            
Brookside 7 WATTS, Clarence            
Brookside 8 WATTS, Clarence            
Brookside 17 WATTS, Clarence            
Brookside 17 WATTS, Eliz. J.            
Brookside 19 WATTS, Eliza              
Brookside 19 WATTS, Eliza J.            
Brookside 18 WATTS, Haden            
Brookside 17 WATTS, O. W.            
Brookside 18 WATTS, O. W.            
Brookside 19 WATTS, O. W.            
Patron 18 WATTS, O. W. Retired farmer 18 Brookside Centralia 1856  
Illustrations Centralia WATTS, O. W.            
Brookside 8 WATTS, Thurza            
Brookside 17 WATTS, Thurza            
Carlyle 13 WEAST, Jacob Est.            
Carlyle 24 WEAST, Jacob Est.            
Looking Glass 16S WEAVER, H.            
Looking Glass 32 WEAVER, H. P.            
Looking Glass 31 WEAVER, Henry            
Looking Glass 32 WEAVER, Hy.            
Looking Glass 5S WEAVER, Hy.            
Looking Glass 22 WEBER & Ahlers            
Carlyle 30 WEBER & Albers            
Irishtown 14 WEBER & Albers            
Looking Glass 15S WEBER, B.            
Looking Glass 29 WEBER, B. Est.            
Looking Glass 16S WEBER, B. Est.            
East Fork 30 WEBER, C. H.            
East Fork 31 WEBER, C. H.            
East Fork 32 WEBER, C. H.            
Advertising Carlyle WEBER, H. G.            
Germantown 2S WEBER, H. G.            
Irishtown 14 WEBER, H. G.            
Irishtown 25 WEBER, Henry            
Patron Carlyle WEBER. H. G. Attorney & member of State Board of Equalization from 23rd District     Carlyle 1868 Born in Clinton County
East Fork 32 WEDEKEMPER, Wm.            
Patron 32 WEDEKEMPER, Wm. Retired farmer 32 East Fork Shattuc 1878  
Irishtown 26 WEDEKEMPER, Wm.            
Santa Fe 6S WEEKE & Campe            
Breese 22 WEH, Ben            
Looking Glass 11S WEHRMANN, E. A.            
Looking Glass 20 WEHRMANN, E. A.            
Looking Glass 16S WEHRMANN, E. A.            
Looking Glass 9S WEHRMANN, E. A.            
Meridian 4 WEIDEL, W.            
Meridian 5 WEIDELKEMPER, W. H.            
East Fork 32 WEIDLE, Minnie            
East Fork 33 WEIDLE, Wm. Est.            
St. Rose 4 WEIDNER, C.            
St. Rose 1 WEIDNER, Chas.            
St. Rose 2 WEIDNER, Chas.            
Carlyle 13 WEIGHTMAN Heirs & Shelly            
Irishtown 32 WEIGLE, Sam            
Clement 16 WEIHE, E.            
Clement 21 WEIHE, Ernst            
Lake 24W WEIHE, Ernst            
Lake 25W WEIHE, Ernst            
Santa Fe 13 WEIHE, Ernst            
Santa Fe 14 WEIHE, Ernst            
Lake 24W WEIHE, W.            
Lake 19 WEINBERG Bros            
Lake 18 WEINBERG Bros.            
St. Rose 25 WEISE, Wm.            
Patron Carlyle WELCH, G. N. Restaurant, dealer in wines, liquors and cigars     Carlyle    
Advertising Carlyle WELCH, G. N.            
Irishtown 10 WELCH, J. T.            
Irishtown 11 WELCH, J. T.            
Patron Keyesport WELCH, O. C. Real estate and insurance     Keyesport 1856  
Advertising Keysport WELCH, O. C.            
Looking Glass 13 WELLAN, A. Est.            
Germantown 33 WELLEN, A. Est            
Germantown 29 WELLEN, A. Est.            
Looking Glass 12 WELLEN, A. Est.            
Sugar Creek 34 WELLEN, B.            
Sugar Creek 23 WELLEN, J., Est.            
Germantown 18 WELLEN, Mary            
Looking Glass 36 WELLEN, Theo.            
Santa Fe 29 WELLING, J.            
Germantown 2 WELLING, J. T.            
Germantown 9 WELLING, John            
Santa Fe 19 WELLING, John            
Looking Glass 1 WELLING, John            
Germantown 34 WELLINGHOFF & Meyer            
Patron 18 WELLINGHOFF, Henry Farmer & stockraiser 18 Santa Fe Bartelso 1881  
Santa Fe 17 WELLINGHOFF, Henry            
Santa Fe 18 WELLINGHOFF, Henry            
Santa Fe 20 WELLINGHOFF, Henry            
Santa Fe 27 WELLS, Geo.            
Santa Fe 28 WELLS, Geo.            
Breese 24 WERTH, H. C.            
Breese 25 WERTH, H. C.            
Patron Breese WERTH, Henry Henry Werth & Son, General merchandise     Breese 1881 Born in Westphalia, Germany in 1862.
Advertising Breese WERTH, Henry & Son            
Santa Fe 21 WESSEL, B.            
Lake 14 WESSEL, C.            
Lake 23 WESSEL, Christ            
Breese 34 WESSEL, Eliz.            
Breese 35 WESSEL, Eliz.            
Patron 9 WESSEL, Wm. Farmer & stockraiser 9 Brookside Centralia 1886  
Santa Fe 31 WESSELL, Ben            
Brookside 9 WESSELL, Wm.            
Germantown 23 WESSELMANN, B.            
Germantown 26 WESSELMANN, B.            
Santa Fe 31 WESSELS, B.            
Advertising Carlyle WESTERMANN Department Store            
Germantown 9 WESTERMANN, W.            
Patron Carlyle WESTERMANN, W. S. Westermann Dept. Store     Carlyle    
Lake 19 WETTEMEYER, Anna            
Wheatfield 27 WEYMAN, H.            


* Surname could have an alternate spelling.


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