1913 Plat Book

Clinton County, Illinois

This plat book shows who owned property in the rural areas and in a few cases, perhaps at the edge of the towns and villages in 1913. As with the 1892 plat book already on line, this does not give us family structure, nor tell us anything about people who rented property, nor tell us who lived within the towns. It does give us clues about where the head of a household in the townships might have lived at that point in time, or at least where they owned property. In some cases, it might give us information that a person had died before this book was published since some property is marked as "Estate". It might give us clues for marriages that were often made between reasonably close neighbors and for in-laws that might have been co-owners.

Names were transcribed as close to the spelling on the plats as possible, even though it’s what might be an obvious spelling error. If there was more than one parcel of land for the same person in the same Section, the parcels were consolidated into a single entry. We have found a way to get some of the actual plats online. A couple have the outer edges missing through a previous copying, but we feel they are still valuable. The data from the missing plats is included in the "All Names in the 1913 Plat Book - All Sections."

In the original book, there are plats for each township, each village, town, and city. Again, it does not tell who lived in the towns. There are three sections that people probably paid to get their information printed. First is the Advertising by the businesses. Next was the Patrons, the people who basically just listed their names and nativity. And there is an Illustration section where the owners furnished sketches or photos of themselves, their family, their store, their barn, their wagon, their home or even a favorite horse. These were ways to help defray the cost of the printing the book.

The source of this information is the "Standard Atlas of Clinton County, Illinois: including a plat book of the villages, cities, and townships of the County . . ." published Chicago, Ill., Geo. A. Ogle & Co., 1913. O.C.L.C. # 24345582. A copy of this book may be ordered through the interlibrary loan system from the Illinois State Library. It weighs between five and ten five pounds if you have to pay postage. A copy is also available at the Clinton County Court House, County Clerk. You may order copies of the land documents from there or from IRAD.

Like all genealogy listings, this should not be taken as gospel but should be used as a springboard for further research.

These are the maps that are available in the plat book:



Names listed in 1913 Plat Book.



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