Time Line of Clinton County, Illinois


This is tracking the ownership of the land of Clinton County, Illinois. In the following recap, the word "we/us/our" means "Clinton County as we know it today." Most years are linked to additional information.

June 14, 1671  The French in Illinois  - All land of the vast and unknown interior of the continent was claimed as a French possession under military rule.

1721 - Civil administration as part of French Louisiana.

1763  A Brief History  - British sovereignty, part of Western Wilderness Territory, military rule.

1774 - British military rule, Province of Quebec.

Dec 1778  Early Colonial History - Illinois was organized into a County belonging to Virginia. Included all land northwest of the Ohio River.

Mar 1, 1784  A Brief History Chapter 3  - The County of Illinois was ceded by the State of Virginia to the United States, the thirteen colonies in common, and became part of the Northwest Territory.

April 27, 1790  Illinois 1790 (N. W. Territory) - Illinois was about 2/3 of the current day size and was formed into two counties. We were in St. Clair County.

July 4, 1801  Illinois 1801 (Indiana Territory) - Illinois was expanded to today's size and became a portion of the Indiana Territory on July 4, 1801. We remained in St. Clair County.

Jan 24 or Mar 25, 1803  Illinois 1803 (Indiana Territory)  - County boundaries redefined - our southeastern tip now belongs to Randolph County, the remainder was still in St. Clair.

Mar 1, 1809  Illinois 1809 (Illinois Territory) - Illinois Territory separated from the Territory of Indiana and was established with two counties - we remained primarily in St. Clair County with the southeastern tip still in Randolph County.

Mar 1812  Illinois 1812 - First smaller counties of Illinois established. Our southeast portion remained Randolph County, our northern third of land now belonged to Madison County, the remainder is St. Clair County.

Dec. 11,1813  Illinois 1813 - Our southeast tip is now St. Clair County also, northern third is Madison County.

Jan 4, 1817  Illinois 1817 - Our northern third is now a portion of the new Bond County, remainder is still St. Clair.

Dec 3, 1818  Illinois 1818 - Illinois became the 21st State. Our northern third remains Bond County, the remainder is now a portion of the 11-month old Washington County. See our 1818 census now on-line.

Feb. 14, 1821  Illinois 1821 - The eastern fourth of our land that belonged to Bond County became a portion of the new Fayette County.

Dec 28, 1824  Illinois 1824 - Clinton County was established. Took the majority of our land from Washington and additional land from Bond and Fayette Counties, and began our existence in our present boundaries, a total of 498 square miles. See our 1825 census now on-line.

Compiled by Dorothy Falk

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