Clinton County Illinois Marriages

About Dec 1825 to 1920


These marriages are listed in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763-1900, an ongoing project of the Illinois State Archives and the Illinois State Genealogical Society.

 Roughly, not much more information is available for Clinton County marriages through 1877 - except maybe who gave consent for a minor to marry, or maybe the person that performed the ceremony. Additional data might be available on some marriages after 1 Jan 1878 - give or take isolated marriages before/after that point in time. Perhaps ages, parents' names, where they lived, etc. might be available. The spellings are as transcribed, the parents' surname is often spelled slightly differently, which could have been an Americanization of the names or a sloppy clerk posting the names. Be sure to check for alternate spellings.

For a query now, send email to Dorothy Falk.  The additional data (parents names, where they lived, etc.) will be transcribed and put on line after all of the basic marriage data for all of the years gets entered into the State data base.

If a (Nlr) follows the groom's name, it means that the register indicates that "No licenses was returned", so perhaps the couple did not marry at that time or perhaps they did marry but the licenses didn't get returned for many reasons.

Transcribing was difficult between the capital L and the S and sometimes G.  Also, between the capital T and F and between capital M and W.  In the lower case letters, "u, n, m, i, e, r" could be perfect symmetrical humps.  Examples are Lee vs See. Brennann vs Biermann.

Officiates of Marriages

Marriages 1825 - 1848

Book A

One page of Book A is missing, the names of the first marriages listed in the history book are added here for an approximation of what was probably on that page. Don't forget to check for phonic spellings. This is all the data given in that Book.

Grooms' Names Alphabetically

A - B C - D E - G H - J
K - M N - Q R - S T - Y

Brides' Names Alphabetically

A - B C - D E - G H - J
K - M N - P R - S T - Y

Proofread against: Clinton County Marriages - 1825 - 1856, Compiled by Helen Sharp Wickliffe

Transcribed by Laura Cordingley and Dorothy Falk

 Marriages 1856 - 1873

Book 2

Grooms' Names Alphabetically

A B C D - E
F G Ha - He Hi - Hy
I - K L M N - O
P - Q R Sa - Se Sh - Sw
T - V W - Z    

Brides' Names Alphabetically

A B C D - E
F - G Ha - He Hi - Hu I - K
L M N - P Q - R
Sa - Sh Si - Sz T - V W - Z

Marriages Dec 1857 - about Sep 1867

Book 1A

(plus a few other isolated dates)

Marriages 1874 - 1913

Grooms' Names Alphabetically

A Ba - Be Bi - Br Bu Ca - Cl
Co - Cu Da - Di Do Du E Fa - Fi
Fl - Fu Ga - Gl Go - Gu Ha He
Hi - Ho Hu I J Ka - Kl
Kn - Ky La - Le Li - Ly Ma - Mc Me - Mi
Mo - My N O Pa - Pf Ph - Pr
Q Ra - Rh Ri - Ry Sa - Sc Se - Sk
Sl - Sp St - Sw Ta - Ti To - Ty U
V Wa We Wh - Wi Wo - Wy
X Y Z    

Brides' Names Alphabetically

A Ba Be - Bl Bo - Br Bu
Ca - Ch Cl - Cu Da - Di Do - Dy E
Fa - Fl Fo - Fu Ga - Gi Gl - Gu Ha
He Hi Ho Hu I
J Ka - Ke Ki - Kn Ko Kr - Ky
La - Le Li - Ly Ma Mc - Me Mi - My
N O Pa - Pe Pf - Pu Q
Ra - Re Ri Ro - Ru Sa - Sc Se - Sh
Si - Sp St - Sw Ta - Ti To - Ty U
V Wa - Wh Wi Wo - Wy Y

Maiden Names Alphabetically

Marriages 1914 - 1920

Grooms' Names Alphabetically

A - B C - E F - H I - L M - Q R - S T - Z

Brides' Names Alphabetically

A - C D - G H - K L - O P - S T - Z

    Maiden Names Alphabetically 1914 - 1920   


Microfilm available through your local lending library from the Illinois State Historical Library.  Also available at IRAD and at the Family History Centers.

Original Marriage Registers at the Clinton County County Clerk's office in Carlyle, their address is on-line on the main page under "Useful Clinton County Addresses".  They do not have copies of the marriage certificates nor the requests for marriage.

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