1st Regiment **

of Illinois Foot Volunteers


  Adjutant General's Report*

 In the 1st Regiment of Illinois Foot Volunteers, commanded by Colonel E. W. B. Newby, called into the service of the United States by the President, under the act of Congress, approved May 13, 1846, at Alton, Ill. (the place of general rendezvous), on the 8th day of June, 1847, to serve for the term of during the war with Mexico, from the date of enrollment, unless sooner discharged; from the 30th day of June, 1848 (when last paid), to the 16th day of October, 1848. The regiment was organized by Colonel Newby, at Alton, Ill. in the month of June, 1847.

Soldier: Rank: Residence: Place of Enlistment: Enrolled:  Remarks:
NEWBY, Edw'd. W. B. Colonel Not Listed Alton, Ill. Jun 8 1847 Elected from Capt. in Newby's Co. "D" at Alton, Ill. Jun 8 1847.
BOYAKINS, Hend'n P. Lt. Col. Clinton Co. Alton, Ill. Jun 8 1847 Elected from private in Turner's Co. "C" at Alton Ill, Jun 8 1847.
DONALSON, Israel B. Major Not Listed Alton, Ill. Jun 8 1847 Elected from Capt. in Donalson's Co. "K" at Alton Ill Jun 8 1847.
SNYDER, William H. 1st Lt and Adjutant Not Listed Alton, Ill. Jun 8 1847 1st Lieut. in Hook's Co. "E". Discharged at Alton Oct 14.
HAMILTON, Rich'd N. 2nd Lt and A.A.Q.M. Not Listed Alton, Ill. Jun 16 1847 2nd Lieut. in Kenny's Co. "F".
TURNEY, Daniel Surgeon Clinton Co. Appointed by the President Jun 13 1847 None.
ROBINSON, James D. Assistant Surgeon Not Listed Appointed by the President Jul 13 1847 Absent with leave from Oct 7 to report at N. Y.
LESTER, Thomas B. Act. Asst. Surgeon  Clinton Co. Alton, Ill. Oct 8 1847 Is private in Co. "C", empl'y'd by Col. At Santa Fe Oct 8 1847 till Oct 3 1848.
WHITE, John H. Sergeant-Major Not Listed Alton, Ill. Mar 6 1848 Appointed from Sergt. in Co. "B" Mar 6 vice Tappan reduced.
SLADE, Charles R. Q. M. Sergeant Clinton Co. Alton, Ill. Jun 8 1847 Died at Santa Fe, Feb. 9
BULL, Geo. F. Q. M. Sergeant Not Listed Alton, Ill. Feb 17 1848 App'd from private Feb. 17, vice Slade, dec'd.
PACE, Thos. W. Principle Musician Clinton Co.  Alton, Ill. Mar 6 1848 App'd from Co. "C" vice Case, reduced.
KISER, John L. Principle Musician Not Listed Alton, Ill. Mar 6 1848 App'd from Co. "K" vice Maynard, reduced.

 Transcribed by: Dorothy Falk

**The Adjutant General's Report shows this unit as the 1st Regiment, another 1st Regiment is shown as enrolling a year earlier. The History of Marion and Clinton Counties, 1881, refers several times to this unit as the 6th Regiment. It further states that the First Regiment was commanded by Col. John J. Hardin; the Second Regiment by Col. Wm. H. Bissell; Third Regiment by Col. Ferris Forman; Fourth regiment by Co Col. Edward D. Baker, Fifth regiment by Col. James Collins; and the Sixth Regiment by Col. Edward W. B. Newby

*Excerpted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois, Volume 9 - revised by Brigadier General J. N. Reece, Adjutant General. Page 208. Printed Springfield, Ill, Phillips Bros., State Printers, 1900. Journal Company, Printers and Binders.

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