Resolutions to the Memory of the Dead

 Heroes of Clinton County

 At a meeting of the citizens of Carlyle, Clinton county, held on the 31st of March, A. D. 1848, John M. WEBSTER was called to the chair, and Zophar CASE appointed secretary, when the following resolution was offered by Benjamin BOND, Esq., and unanimously adopted, after the object of the meeting having been stated.

  Resolved: That a committee of seven be appointed by the chairman to prepare a preamble and resolutions to be reported to a meeting of this county expressive of the objects of this meeting. The chair thereupon appointed the following persons said committee. Benjamin Bond, Zophar Case, J. C. MOORE, O. H. P. MAXEY, C. H. HALSTEAD, G. SANBORN and Thomas JOHNSON.

  Meeting adjourned to meet at one o'clock on Monday, April 4, 1848.

  Resolutions: Whereas intelligence has reached us of the death of Charles R. SLADE, Quartermaster Sergeant, while in the discharge of his duty as a volunteer soldier, under Col. E. W. NEWBY, at Santa Fe, New Mexico, and whereas we are informed by the same missive, which brought the mournful intelligence of his decease that as a man and a soldier, and in the discharge of the duties of his station in the regiment, his course was marked by integrity and high moral qualities of mind. And whereas we who knew him in life among us, justly appreciate his worth, and feel and lament his untimely dissolution in the prime of manhood, and in the full matured vigor of intellect. And whereas it is a like due from us to make honorable mention of each noble spirit who left this county not a twelve month since for the scenes of war, in company A, under captain Thomas BOND, in the regiment aforesaid, and who have filled soldier's graves far from kindred and the dearest scenes and associations of home, and whereas not intending to disparage the living in said company we are, are compelled to assert, that those who have died out of said company, were choice spirits of the same and many of them here and in New Mexico, conducted themselves under the most trying circumstances as good citizens and good soldiers, and were proverbial for pure morals and genuine practical piety, setting an example to the debased people they were called out to subdue, eminently calculated to lead the least intelligent and most vile to see, and acknowledge the advantages and beauties of civilization and religion, over ignorance and superstition.

  Therefore, be it resolved by us, citizens of Clinton county, that we deeply sympathize with the fathers and mothers, wives and children, kindred and friends of Charles R. Slade, Jubilee POSEY, Oliver MORTON, Jabez POSEY, Elias ALLEN, George W. REEVES, George PETREE, Joshua MORRISON, Joseph Franklin HULL, Isham PEARSON, William ENSLY, John S. OUTHOUSE, Felix AMMONS, Theodore R. COX and Lewis HEBENER, volunteer soldiers from this county in the present war with Mexico, who have died in the service of their country, and who, while living, set examples as citizens and soldiers worthy the imitation and emulation of all good citizens of your free republic.

  Resolved, That as a small token of respect to those deceased friends and citizen soldiers, we ask of our county court in session, to have the proceedings of our meeting spread upon the records of said court.

 Source: History of Clinton and Marion Counties, Illinois, 1881, Page 122 

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