How to get Pension Papers
  You must use (National Archives) NATF Form 80 to obtain pension records, military service records and pre-1856 service Bounty-land warrants. These may be obtained by email by sending a request with your mailing address to: [email protected] (Note: This email address no longer works)
  The NATF Form 80 may also be obtained by writing to:  
National Archives Records Administration
General Reference branch (NNRG-P)
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20408
  Allow 8 - 10 weeks to receive a reply. Pay by credit card if possible; it will speed the process. The fee is normally $10.00 unless the packet is extra large. You will not be sent the amount over the $10.00 charge without your permission. Payment is made before receipt of copies.
  Some things you may learn from pension records:  

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