Column Definition - Abbreviations
Name (1) Names as reported in the 1940's. Biggest concern is the similarity in the names, same person could be on here twice. Includes some residents of neighboring counties.
Serv (2) Service they joined. Biggest concern is that often one source reported one service and another source reported a different service.
A = Army; AR = Army Reserve; AAC = Army Air Corps; AC = Air Corps; CG = Coast Guard; M = Marines; MM = Merchant Marines; N = Navy; NAC = Naval Air Corps; NR = Naval Reserve; R = Reserves; W = WAACS
Post Office (3) Town where they received their mail. If no information was found except for a church record, the town reported is the church's town.
Date left for service (4) Date they left for the service. Starts in early 1941 after Germany invaded Europe.
Age (5) Age when they entered the service.
Occupation (6) Occupation before they went into the service.
Church (7) Church reported members. Biggest concern again is the similarity in names and the possible reporting by two churches if his family moved between the time he joined and the time the church newspaper was published after the war.
Comments (8) Other comments found in any of the sources.
Source (9) Sources
C Listing of "Carlyle Veterans of World War II" from Carlyle 1809 – 1956 Clinton County Annals, copy in Carlyle and St. Louis County libraries.
Ch Church - "The Messenger", Belleville Catholic Diocese newspaper, Jan 30, Aug 11, Aug 18, Sep 8, 1944. Listing of Catholic men and women who served in the World Wars I and II armed forces from Clinton County churches. Copy in Belleville Library's verticle file.
Ch Church - "List of Members Who Served in the Armed Forces", Trinity Lutheran Church and School Booklet, Pages 80-81
M Brochure "Clinton County Veterans Day Celebration Program" 11 Nov 1996, gives names of war dead engraved on memorial.
M Same names of those who died during war years listed in Clinton County Historical Society (CCHS) Quarterly # 20-4, Oct - Dec 1997. Photos and obits of Carlyle war dead in CCHS Quarterly 22-4, Oct-Dec 1999. CCHS working on remainder of county Jan 2000.
N Note File Cards, now at Clinton County Historical Society, "Case-Halsted Public Library - Statistical Information Department - Clinton County Young Men in Service - Second WW" 4" x 5" cards. These cards could possibly have been prepared when the Carlyle newspaper stated that a person left for the service. Thanks to the unknown person that created such a treasure. Probably excludes many people from the outer area of the county.
R NARA.  Abbreviations: DNB = died from non battle injuries, DOW = died of wounds; KIA = killed in action. Town shown is home of residence at enlistment time according to NARA.
R Same NARA (r)ecords found in a printed brochure in the Belleville Public Library's "Illinois - World War, 1939-1945" vertical file. Article in "World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing", State of Illinois, War Dept., June 1946
D Email changes from veteran or relative.

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