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Name Service Post Office Date left for service Age Occupation Church Comments Source
QUEEN, Leslie Lee Centralia  29 Dec 1942  31  Taxi driver     
QUICK, James David Boulder  28 Jun 1944  19  Farming     
QUICK, LeRoy Albert Centralia  11 Oct 1944  21  Farmer     
QUICK, Paul Laverne Boulder  17 Nov 1942  20  Section hand     
QUINN, Hubert John AC  Carlyle  4 Aug 1942  30  Shoe factory employee  St. Mary  enl  Ch, N 
QUITMEYER, Bernard George Trenton  3 Oct 1942  21  Cement & carpenter helper     
QUITMEYER, Delbert Beckemeyer        St. Anthony    Ch 
QUITMEYER, Vernel John Trenton  20 Oct 1942  19  Carpenter    enl 

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