Clinton County Names On The Vietnam Veterans "Memorial Wall"


This Memorial stands to honor all who served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, not just those whose individual names it bears. The Memorial was dedicated November 13, 1982, and is built on a two acre plot of land on the prestigious Washington Mall in Washington, D.C. The policy is that only those persons who died of a combat injury suffered in Vietnam can be listed on the Memorial Wall. There are over 58,200 names of military personnel who were wounded in Vietnam between 1957 and 1975 and ultimately died of their wounds.

 The following Clinton County names are listed on the Wall. The locations of their names on the wall are shown.

Residence Name Service Rank Age Panel Line
Albers SCHMIDT, Gerald Bernard Marines LCPL  20 06E 26
Albers TOENNIS, Norman George Army SP4 20 13E 69
Beckemeyer MENSING, Stanley Alfred Army SP4 21 19W 18
Breese ROSEN, Daniel Elmer Army Cpl 18 24W 3
Breese TEBBE, Ronald Joe Army Sgt  20 52W 17
Breese WOBBE, Dennis Michael Navy AMS3  20 52W 24
Carlyle KOEHLER, Walter Allen Army 1 Lt 23 29W 11
Carlyle PEEK, Dennis Lee Marines 1 Lt 26 14W 20
Centralia GRABLE, Mickey Ray    Marines Cpl 19 09E 74
Centralia JACKSON, Billy Dale    Marines PFC 19  43E  45
Centralia WIKE, John Michael      Army SP4 19 13W 60
Germantown EVERSGERD, Marlin Chris Army SP4 20 16E 110
Germantown EVERSGERD, Norman Lee Marines PFC  19 48W 41
Germantown LANGENHORST, Herbert Cyril Army Cpl  22 41W 74
Germantown ORTMANN, Ralph Bernard Army Cpl 20 21W 48
New Baden WELLINGHOFF, Ralph Alvin Army Cpl 20 21W 122
New Baden WOLTERS, Theodore Anthony Army PFC 20 07W 20
Trenton RONIGER, Junior Floyd Army Sgt 22 32W 67

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