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1860 Clinton County Census Lists full name of each person in household, age and place of birth and indexed.  The census is copyrighted, so please don't ask for photo copies.  If you wish to purchase a copy of the census, you can order it from the Clinton County Historical Society, 1091 Franklin Street, Carlyle, Illinois 62231.  Cost is $20.00 plus $3.00 postage. Dorothy Falk
1870, 1880, 1900 Clinton County Census These three censuses are copyrighted by the Bond County Genealogical Society.  Please do not ask for photo copies of these records. Dorothy Falk
1881 History of Clinton and Marion Counties Illinois   Dorothy Falk
1949 Carlyle City Directory Please put "1949 Carlyle City Directory" in the subject of the requesting email Debby Burkett-Miseles
After All These Years, A History of Meridian Township from Territorial Days
by William Orrell, M.A.
Includes articles on the land, flora & fauna, life & customs, farming, law & order, politics, transportation & roads, schools, churches, cemeteries, causes of death, organizations, information on about 90 families, and much more. Copyrighted. Frankie Heinzmann
Auswanderungen und Auswanderer aus dem ehemaligen Kreise Lingen nach Nordamerika by Walter Tenfelde New 11 Nov 09 The book lists immigrants to North America from Lingen, Germany. Information about each immigrant may, but not always, include birth date/place, marriage date/place, and parents' names.
Clinton County Historical Society's Quarterlies I now have access to most of the Clinton County Historical Society's Quarterly reports and am willing to do some look-ups.  If you'd like something looked up, please give me as much info about the event as you can, don't make me "reinvent the wheel". Court house records are not 100% inclusive. Cemeteries:  Most of the ones that have been read. They are not indexed. If you don't know the cemetery, try to give me the township or city. Marriage licenses: Mostly 1856 through 1873 plus sporadic ones before and after that. Deaths - Listing 1877 to 1899 and sporadic before and after this period. Obits - Sporadic  1892 Property owners in 13 of the 15 Townships. Family information - Sporadic. The Quarterlies are copyrighted, so please don't ask for photo copies. You can buy past copies of the Quarterlies for $5 -- that includes postage. Their address is Clinton County Historical Society, 1091 Franklin Street, Carlyle, Illinois 62231 Dorothy Falk
Duncan Cemetery, McKendree Cemetery, Paine Cemetery, Wisetown Cemetery These four cemeteries are in Bond County, just over the Clinton County line and contain many Clinton County people.  These listings are copyrighted by the Bond County Genealogical Society. Dorothy Falk
Jennings, Davidson and Allied Families
by Lillie Pauline White
Genealogical list and histories of the descendants of John Jennings, Southampton NY and John Davison, Augusta Co. VA. Most of the people were NOT in Clinton County but a many did live here. Copyrighted. Available from Higginson Books. Frankie Heinzmann
Quicks of East Fork, Early 20th Century Farm Life
by H. Wilbert Quick
Starting with 1820, gives the history of Illinois, Clinton County, and East Fork Township.  Many pictures and family information on the descendants of George Quick (1828-1883) and related families. Copyrighted. Frankie Heinzmann
Trenton’s Past in Our Presence 
by Loretta Cope Strake
A Project of the Trenton Woman's Club, 1998.  Recollections of a 91-year-old lifelong resident of Trenton. A series of articles about her recollections of the history of Trenton from the settling of the town to today.  39 chapters are in this 5” x 8” book. This book may be purchased for $12.00 (includes postage). Please make checks payable to Trenton Woman's Club and send to Trenton Woman's Club, % Karen Koch, 442 North Maple Street, Trenton, IL 62293.
Trenton, Illinois, A Community Photo Album of  Compiled by the Trenton Woman's Club Pictorial History Committee in observance of the 150th Sesquicentennial Celebration of Trenton, June 2005.  Includes a brief history of Trenton along with historical photos contributed by 41 individuals including past mayors, city scapes, businesses, school memories, civic events, families/individuals, and photos of current 2005 Trenton landmarks. This book may be purchased for $10.00 (includes postage). Please make checks payable to Trenton Woman's Club and send to Trenton Woman's Club, % Karen Koch, 442 North Maple Street, Trenton, IL 62293.

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