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site search by freefind

FreeFind, the search engine above, creates a special index just for this site. It also indexes our Clinton Co Mail List Archives on RootsWeb. We have it set to update every 2 weeks. FreeFind provides this service for the priviledge of presenting advertisements along with your search results. You are more likely to get accurate and current results for this site from FreeFind, however, their web-search abilities present mostly pay/advertising sites. The FreeFind search of the Photo Gallery is very limited. We recommend you use the Photo Gallery search below.


You may want to use the following Google search. It is customized to provide results from this site:

Photo Gallery

To search the Photo Gallery, you must use this Search Engine accessable here and from the menu at the top of the Photo Gallery.

RootsWeb Archiver

This search engine allows you to search over 4, 500 e-mails from 1998 to the present. The Mailing List archives are also included in the FreeFind search engine, above.

ILCLINTO-L Mailing List Archives

You may also just Browse the Archives.


Another option is to use Yahoo! We receive a lot of referrals from Yahoo! and they have a decent web search.

    Last modified: 20 August 2012