The following are some of the tools we use to create and maintain this website. Since these are external links, we cannot guarantee their content. If you have questions or suggestions, please Contact Us.

Tool Name/External Link Cost Primary Use Platform Comments
Bad-Bot Trap Free Identifies misbehaving bots and people php-Server We modified code from Seven-3-Five and implemented it on our site to allow us to identify Internet bots and people that do not follow the rules and look for content that is not intended for public viewing
Coffee Cup Free FTP Free We no longer us this routinely Windows We primarily use Filezilla
Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor Free Edit html and php web pages Windows We upgraded to the paid version
Coffee Cup HTML Editor $49 Edit html and php web pages Windows This is now our primary editor. Includes a built in FTP
Coffee Cup Sitemapper $29 Automatically build sitemaps Windows This is our primary sitemap builder
Coppermine Photo Gallery Free On-line Photo Gallery php-Server The software behind our Photo Gallery
Crimson Editor Free Text editor Windows Oldie but goodie - Great for all text based pages, html, php
FCC Web Page Free Latitude/Longitude Conversions Browser Simple tool to convert Degrees, Minutes, Seconds into Decimal Degrees
HandyFile Find and Replace $30 Global Search and Replace Windows Allows searching entire website and replacing items like changed email addresses
Earth Point Free Determine Latitude and Longitude Browser Website with Tools for Google Earth. Enables us to put in Township, Range, and Section and determine Latitude and Longitude
Filezilla Free FTP Windows This is our primary FTP
Google County Map Generator Free Create points on Google Maps Browser Web based tool to read USGS database and put the points on a Google Map
Google Earth Free View satellite imagery, maps, and terrain Windows Helps us locate the exact coordinates of places in Clinton Co such as cemeteries but we primarily use Google Maps
HTTP:BL PHP Script Free Spammer blocking script php-Server We modified code from Dirk Paehl that uses the Project Honeypot "Black List" to block spammers, address harvesters, etc.
IrfanView Free Image editor Windows Cropping and resizing images
Kompozer Free Web Page Editor Windows, Linux We no longer use this tool. It has some bugs, occasionally crashes, is not being maintained, but it is an excellent, straight forward web page authoring tool
Lazarus Guestbook Free On-line Guestbook php-Server The software behind our Guestbook
Microsoft Office $$$ Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Database (Access) and Email Client Windows, MAC-OS We use MS Excel extensively to organize and prepare tables of names, etc for web publication. We also use the other MS Office components. My version is 2002 SP3 which is relatively old. See Open Office for an alternative.
Mozilla Firefox Free Web browser Windows, MAC-OS, Linux I prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer mainly for the add-on tools. The site is designed to work with most web browsers. Google Chrome and Opera have also been recommended as alternative web browsers. I have not tried them $6 mo and up Backup service Windows, MAC-OS On-line, automated, off-site backup. Runs on local PC.
Nvu  Free Web Authoring Tool Windows, Linux I don't use this tool but it comes highly recommended. It appears to be very similar to Komposer
Open Office Free Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Database Windows, MAC-OS, Linux, Solaris A free alternative to MS Office. Will open most MS Office files.
PMView  $50 Image Editor Windows, OS/2 We do not use this program but it has been recommended. We use the IrfanView because it is free
Free Spam blocking/trapping service n/a We use this service to reduce the harvesting of email addresses and to prevent spammers from leaving junk in our Photo Gallery and Guestbook
Sam Spade Free network query utility Windows No longer supported but useful for internet DNS lookups, ping, and tracert.
Trellian WebPage Free Image maps Windows A full featured web page tool but too complex!
Web Developer Free Validating html Browsers: Firefox, Flock, Seamonkey A plug-in for the Firefox browser allows validating html, viewing source code, and finding problems.
WS_FTP $40 FTP Windows We no longer use this but we have an old version and have not found any need to upgrade
XML Sitemap Generator Free Create sitemaps Browser Creates search engine compatible XML sitemaps and html sitemaps. We no longer use this because it often was unavailable
Xenu Link Sleuth Free* Test for broken links Windows Kind of buggy and *contains anti-Scientology advertisements but does a good job of checking for both internal and external broken links

Page modified: 15 Nov 2011