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SLADE, Charles R 34  Carlyle IL>Bodie CA  CarlyleUB  4 Mar 1880  Carolyn Kress Dennis 

The Last Rites.

The Funeral of Charles R. SLADE.

(Grandson of Charles and Mary D. Slade)

The following concerning the funeral of Charles R. Slade, who met a violent death at Bodie, California, on the 1st of February is taken from the Eureka (Nevada) Sentinel. As stated in the extract, the deceased was born in this place, and his mother, a most estimable lady, the oldest daughter of our late lamented citizen, Judge Sidney BREESE, is now a resident of Carlyle:

"Yesterday afternoon, says the Bodie Free Press of Wednesday, the many friends of the late Charles Slade paid their last respects to his memory, and laid the body away in the grave. The funeral took place from the residence of his friend and companion, James MONAHAN. At the open grave in the Bodie Cemetery the Rev. Mr. HINKLE led the beautiful and impressive burial service, and then the company dispersed, each to his calling. But few here knew Charles Slade's inner life, and the many good qualities which remain uncovered to the outer world. His real life and that of the profession which he had adopted were entirely different, and no one should judge him harshly. He was born in Carlyle, Illinois, in 1846, and while a mere infant his father went to the Mexican war, and fell in the defense of his country. In his early boyhood he was all life and animation, bright and full of promise. At the early age of 15 he started for the West, and was in Montana in 1861. From there he went to Salt Lake, and thence to Eureka. For a long time Slade was a hard worker in the latter place, and it was there that he first took to sporting. On the Comstock he was well liked; his steady habits, genial and circumspect manner won him many friends. He came to this place last summer. It is but a short time ago that he drank to any extent, and it was only when under the influence of liquor that he was at all disagreeable. Slade was a man easily influenced, and allowed himself to be governed by others, even against his own will. It is thought that the tragedy which ended his life was not wholly his own seeking. If Charles Slade had been governed by his own conscience, he would never have met a violent death. His mother still resides in his native town, a respected lady, and the death of her son in this far-off land will bow her head with grief. In his last moments Charley made mention of his mother. Let the grave close over his remains in peace begot by charity. 

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