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RIVERMAN, Henry 38  East St Louis IL  CarlyleUB  29 Oct 1863  Linda Holthaus 

The Weekly Union Banner Thursday, October 29, 1863 Page 2, Column 4


At half past three o'clock yesterday afternoon, a lamentable accident occurred on one of the tracks of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, near the Depot, in East St. Louis. Mr. Henry Riverman, a well-known road master, was employed in looking for and picking up scraps of iron from the track, and was walking towards the depot and between the rails. A freight engine and a switch engine were maneuvering near, and the latter came up behind unperceived by him. The "breaks" struck his legs, and he fell with his head over the rail. The wheels of the engine at once passed across his neck, severing his head almost entirely from the trunk. Only a slight remaining portion of the skin prevented the decapitation from being perfect. Scarcely a moment before, Mr. Riverman had been pleasantly conversing with the Master of Trains, Mr. J. L. HINCKLEY. So awfully sudden was the transition from rejoicing life to the desolation of death. Deceased had been six or seven years in the employment of the company, and was generally esteemed. He was thirty-eight years of age, and a resident of Breese, Clinton County, Illinois, where he has left a wife and children. 

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