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MONTGOMERY, Allen   Clinton Co IL  CarlyleUB  9 Sep 1869  Linda Holthaus 

The Union Banner

Thursday, September 9, 1869 Page 4 Column 2

Murder. Alfred Furguson shot Allen Montgomery (both colored), last Friday afternoon about 2 o'clock, with a shot-gun, killing him instantly. The murder was committed about three miles South of this place, on the farm of John McAllister, and was the result of an altercation about some wheat Furguson owed Montgomery. The murderer is reputed to be a rather reckless and desparate character, and it is supposed that this is not the first crime he has committed, as he always went armed. There were two or three others on the ground at the time of the killing, but as Furguson held on to his gun with one hand while he stripped the harness off of one of the horses in his team, standing by, with the other, and mounted, none of the deemed it a wise plan to attempt to stop him, and he rode off, carrying his shot-gun along. At about 5 o'clock, the horse strayed back, and on Sunday, news was received that a person answering the decription of the murderer, was at Breese, at the depot, Friday night, inquiring when the freight train from the East was due; that he went on to Hull, where the train overtook him, and he took passage for St. Louis. Sheriff Steele offers a reward of $50 for his apprehension and devlivery. He is described a being very black, thin face, sharp nose, large eyes, 5 feet 4 inches in height, and about 26 or 27 years old. He was dressed in and old dark-colored coat, blue jeans pants, and yellow flannel shirt. 

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