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PHELPS, S     CarlyleUB  7 Sep 1871  Linda Holthaus 

The Union Banner

Thursday, September 7, 1871 Page 4 Column 2

Murder. A Mr. S. Phelps, living at what is known as East Fork, in Clinton county, and near the line of Bond, was brutally murdered on Saturday last, by three men, two named Stevens and one named Scott. We have not hears the particulars, but learn that the Sunday previous, the three last named individuals got on a drunk, went to where a Sabath School was in progress and succeeded in breaking it up. Mr. Phelps, who, we believe, was superintendent of the school, thinking that such outrageous preoceedings ought not to go on unpunished, had a writ issued for their arrest, and in serving it, these men, somehow, made the assault on him, resulting in his death. The murderers were traced to Keyesport, but were not, at last accounts, captured. 

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