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LAMMERS, Clem 17  Aviston IL  Breese J  6 Dec 1923  Linda Holthaus 


Clem Lammers, Age 17, Crushed While Attempting to Climb Between Cars

Clem Lammers, 17 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lammers of Aviston, was crushed beneath the wheels of a C. B. and Q freight train last Sunday morning when he attempted to climb between two of the cars. His body was cut almost in two and he died in the Sacred heart Hospital about two hours after the accident.

The lad had been trapping, and shortly after seven o’clock Sunday morning he took his rifle and started down the B. & O tracks to look after some of the traps that he had set in the timber about a mile west of Aviston. He had to cross the tracks and, as there was a train standing on them, he evidently thought he could make time by climbing between the cars instead of waiting for the train to move on. While he was between the cars the train was set in motion and young Lammers, probably attempting to hold on to the rifle with one hand and the car with the other, lost his hold and was thrown beneath the moving train. The wheels cut the lad’s body almost in two but he was still conscious and called for help. One of the train crew heard his cries and upon investigation, found the boy and called to Aviston for help. A hand car was secured and the lad was taken to the depot where he was given first aid, later being removed to the Sacred Heart hospital. A gallant effort was made to save the boy’s life but he was injured to such an extent that that he was beyond human aid. His suffering was great, as he was conscious during the entire two hours that elapsed between the accident and his death.

The funeral was held Wednesday morning from the home of his parents to the St. Francis Church and thence to the Aviston Cemetery.

The sympathy of the entire community goes out in consolation to the bereaved family in the tragic loss of their beloved son. 

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