Submitter: Daryl G. Hurst ( )
Date: 20 Oct 2009

George Hurst Family

George and Magdelena (Scholer) Hurst with the son, William arrived in Illinois from Baden, Germany about 1855. According to the 1870 and 1880 census they lived in Looking Glass Twp, New Baden. Magdelena died Dec. 18, 1893 in New Baden. George died July 21, 1899 in New Baden and both are buried in New Baden Cemetery, Row 13, sites 1 and 2. (Single Stone) 

George and Magdelena had the following children: 

1. William born abt 1850 in Germany. William married Lirette Lizzie Hettsheimer March 18, 1879. About 1889 they relocated to Chariton Co. MO where he was a farmer until his death after 1920.  

2. Magdelena born abt 1858 in IL

3. Barbara born March 4, 1859 in IL, died Feb 27, 1932 in Collinsville, IL. Barbara married Frank Krause July 9,1878 in Clinton Co. They lived in Sugar Creek Twp and had at least seven children.

4. Caroline Carrie born abt 1861 in IL, died in New Baden Oct 18, 1944, buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Belleville. Caroline married Gottlieb Vogler and they had at least one son, Julius Peter. Carrie and Gottlieb are both buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery 91blk2 annex gr 6 (Caroline does not have a stone).

5. George Hurst born July 8,1864 in IL, died July 5 1951 in New Baden and is buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Belleville. He was my great-grandfather. George (Pappy) married Elizabeth Stammer in St. Clair Co. Aug 18, 1885. Lic # 1299. George and Lizzie had the following children:
a. George Hurst Jr. died 1959 Belleville.
b. John Hurst b. 1886 d.1943 Belleville.
c. Henry b. 1889 d. 1962 Belleville.
d. Walter D. b. Dec 30, 1893 d. Feb. 25, 1965 Belleville. (my Grandfather) Walter married Helen Hemmer in Belleville. Walter's wife Helen died from the flu on Oct.27, 1918 and is buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Belleville. Walter and Helen had the following children:
A. Raymond E. b. Sep 15,1915 in Belleville d. dec Dec. 6,1987 in Decatur, IL (my father)
B. Pauline Becker b. July 12,1918 Belleville and died 1984 St. Clair Co.  

Daryl G. Hurst 

Submitter: Tom Lindsey ( )
Date: 24 August 2009

In a continuing search for our Lindsey ancestry, I would like to request any information that you or your readers may have on Amanda Ammons Lindsey (b. 1852 Clinton County) who remarried to W. K. Lewis in 1879 following the death of Benjamin Franklin Lindsey in 1878. We have written correspondence in 1879 that indicates W. K. Lewis and Amanda may have been living in Highland, Madison County, Illinois. Also W. K. may have gone by the name of “King”. I believe that there was a Wingat K. Lewis (b.1843) who appeared in the 1920 Clinton County Census. However, I am not sure if he is one and the same. Amanda would have had 4 small children ( Joseph B., Leslie, Robert E. and Hazel) by Benjamin Franklin Lindsey. They must have been raised by W.K. Lewis and Amanda, but retained the Lindsey family name. If anyone has any background information on these individual I would appreciate sharing any details that I may have. I would be more than happy to answer any questions concerning other family links. 

BTW does anyone know how to contact Sterling Ammons, an Ammons family expert? I have sent e-mails and letters via the USPS but to no avail. 

Again I thank all of the good folks there in Clinton County who have helped all of us research our roots through your diligent efforts. 

Tom Lindsey

Submitter: Nancy SCHMID ( )
Date: 19 May 2009

I am the granddaughter of Christ and Dora (SCHUETTE) ROWEKAMP. Dora's plate in on this stone. My mother is no longer living, but she never knew exactly where her mother was buried. She did not even know she had a older brother that died at birth. Please contact me if you have any information you can add about these families.

Submitter: Carole (Gutzwiller) MILLER ( )
Date: 14 April 2009

Seeking info about my great-grandfather, Virgil GUTZWILLER (1842-1885) born Therwil, Baselland, Switzerland, buried at Carlyle Cemetery. If anyone will be at the cemetery this Memorial Day, please snap a photo of his gravestone and send by email. (Note: Virgil Gutzwiller's interment was in St. Mary's Cemetery, Carlyle, Section G, Row 27, Grave #35. Cemetery map, Plat Map Section G)

His widow, Elise GERBER GUTZWILLER married second to EW GASSMAN, 18 Jul 1887, in Clinton Co, IL (found them in list of marriages by maiden name).

By 1891 the GASSMANS were living in Columbus, NE; owners of a bakery. Two siblings of Elise were already living there, Fred GERBER and Rosina GERBER KUMMER SPOERRY.

The GASSMANS would retire in 1909 to San Bernardino, CA; lived on an orange grove. They are buried there, with their son E. Ernst GASSMAN.

My grandfather, Emil GUTZWILLER (born 1881 in Switzerland) had immigrated with his parents. He married in NE, had a son Victor. Emil died in 1914 when his child was 16 mos old. His wife died 7 years later.

Thank you for any information you can add.

Surnames: ROBERTS
Submitter: Roy Bozych (  OR )
Date: 30 March 2009

I am the Historian for the WWII 323rd Bomb Group. On December 13, 1943, our Bomb Group was on a mission along with the 386th Bomb Group to bomb the Schiphol Air Field in Amsterdam which was under the control of the Germans.

Flight Officer (F/O) Raymond ROBERTS was flying as a co-pilot with the 386th Bomb Group, 555th Squadron and they were leading the mission. FLAK (enemy ground fire) was reported as heavy and accurate. F/O Roberts' B-26 Martin Marauder was hit and shot down. Everyone on the aircraft was killed except for the pilot who was blown out of the plane when it exploded. He was captured by the Germans and spent the rest of the war as a POW.

Roughly two years ago as a new development in Schipol was being prepared, the crash site was discovered.  A Dutch group involved in recovering crashed allied planes (CRASH) was called in at the time to assist. CRASH has a memorial to the crew (they retrieved one of the planes guns) in their museum and is involved with local citizens and groups in developing a memorial to the crew to be dedicated in May of 2010. They wish to be able to invite family members of the crew to the dedication. Another individual and I are attempting to assist them in locating family members of this crew which made the ultimate sacrifice, a sacrifice that is deeply appreciated by the Dutch.

Here is the Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) that was filed when F/O Roberts B-26 was shot down. His Mother, Mrs. Malinda Roberts, was listed as his next of kin. In doing a records search I found your website and saw that Mrs. Roberts died in 1976. We are attempting to find any other living relatives of F/O Raymond C. ROBERTS to inform them of what is happening and to extend an invitation to them to attend the ceremonies next year in Amsterdam. I was wondering if you would have knowledge of any relatives or could help us locate them. An article should have been run in your local newspaper a couple of weeks ago. But so far no responses have been received. 

Flight Officer Raymond C. Roberts, T-120450 currently rests at Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands.

Any assistance you could give us would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Roy Bozych
323rd BG & 454th BS

Note: The following information is based on assumptions.

Birth about 1920 in Illinois (ref 1930 census)
Enlisted 23 Sep 1941 (ref World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946)
Death 13 Dec 1943 (ref Missing Air Crew Report (MACR))

Father: Otto Henry ROBERTS 16 Sep 1876 - 22 Sep 1929 (ref New Baden City Cemetery Inventory)
Mother: Malinda DRISCOLL 1890 - 1976 (ref New Baden City Cemetery Inventory)

Siblings (ref 1930 census):

Herman J Roberts birth abt 1914
Joseph H Roberts birth abt 1914
Ester E Roberts birth abt 1916
Margarete R Roberts birth abt 1918
Ralf W Roberts birth abt 1922
Roy A Roberts birth abt 1927

Surnames: WIEBERG
Submitter: Ray DeRousse ([email protected])
Date: 8 March 2009

I am the great-great-grandson of Johannes and Elizabeth WIEBERG and looking for family researchers. Please see the webpage above for notes on John G. WIBBERG and themany different spellings of our family name including WIBBERG, WEBERG, WENBERY, WEBERRY, WEBERY, and WEINBERY. Also included is comments on Elizabeth's maiden name which has been thought to be KILUESENES, KLASSNER, or CLIEZNER.

 Daniel Oppliger ([email protected])
Date: 16 Feb 2003 and 26 February 2009

I am still looking for death records of Abraham Jacob Oppliger and Anna Wyss Oppliger. My great grandfather, Alfred (Frank) Oppliger, born 1861, was orphaned and is listed in the 1880 Census as an indentured servant. The whole family is listed in Trenton in the 1870 census. Abraham Jacob was listed as a minor.

The son of Abraham Jacob (Jacob Oppliger) is listed under marriage records and in the 1880 census. He was a minor and died in a mine accident. He was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1851. Jacob and his children are buried in Trenton.

Submitter: Louis Burmeister ([email protected])
Date: 12 February 2009

I seek information, especially obituaries, for Johann Heinrich BURMEISTER (born June 3, 1797 in Messlingen, Minden, Prussia; died November 5, 1879 in New Memphis, Clinton County, Illinois; member of the St. Peter's Lutheran church there; immigrated in 1857). His wife was Christine Friderike (MEIER) BURMEISTER (died July 1877 at age 77 in the vicinity of Effingham, Illinois with burial there; immigrated in 1857). His daughters were Elizabeth BURMEISTER (born September 16, 1858; died May 25, 1875 of a lightning strike; confirmed in St. Peter's Lutheran church in New Memphis, Illinois), Christine Wilhelmine Louise BURMEISTER (born July 8, 1856 in Petershagen, Minden, Prussia; immigrated in 1857 with her parents).

Louis C. Burmeister (great-great-grandson of Johann and Christine Burmeister

Submitter: Tom Lindsey ( )
Date: 5 February 2009

First, I would like to congratulate and express my appreciation for the excellent service provided by each and every volunteer. Everyday I see the efforts by you folks to respond quickly and accurately to inquiries from all over the country.

In the past, I have corresponded with several of you in regards to my great grandfather, Benjamin F. Lindsey. Our family continues to get pieces of information filling in his life and are hoping that someone in the readership may have additional leads relative to his family’s ties to Clinton County. Here is a brief summary of his history as we have pieced it together.

Benjamin F. Lindsey was one of eleven children. He was born on 13 Mar 1838 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. His father, Joseph B. Lindsey (b.1807) was an early pioneer and farmer in the new Alabama district.  During the Civil War, Benjamin and his two brothers William and Joseph Lindsey signed up on the same day. The oldest brother, John G. Lindsey, remained in Alabama and later served in the Home Guard towards the end of the war. The brothers all served in the 14th Alabama Regiment, Company G known as the Hillabee Blues. Records and narratives indicate that Benjamin was captured during the Peninsula Campaign but was released in a prisoner exchange. He was wounded and captured again during the battle at Antietam, Maryland (Sharpsburg) and was held as a POW at Union Ft. Monroe until the end of the war. In April 1865 records indicate that he was given some money and transportation to Jefferson County, Missouri.

We have little information about Benjamin following this point after the war until he married Amanda Ammons in St Louis on 19 May 1873. Again the trail went cold except that we know our grandfather Joseph B. Lindsey was born 9 Dec 1874 in Collision, Vermilion County, Illinois. There were 3 other children, Leslie, Hazel and Robert E. Lindsey, all children of Benjamin F. The Clinton County records indicated that Benjamin F. (surname was Linsey on his death certificate) died on 16 Mar 1878 of pneumonia. He was buried in the Lake Branch Cemetery on the 17th and believed to be one of the few Confederate soldiers buried in Clinton County. His wife Amanda subsequently married W. K. Lewis, 19 March 1879 almost 1 year to the day from Benjamin’s death. I believe that WK and Amanda Lewis raised the children, all under the ages of 6 yr, but have no substantiating information.

I am hoping that somewhere in the readership of this Clinton County website, there may be someone who may have information on Benjamin F. Lindsey between 1865 to 1873, or Amanda Ammons or possibly W. K. Lewis before and after his marriage to Amanda Ammons. We have reached somewhat of a dead end, however all of the family connections during this time period seem to reside or cross in Clinton County.

Thank you again for all of the efforts, Sincerely,

Tom Lindsey

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