Last Will and Testament of A. J. RANDALL dec

I A. J. Randall born in the County of Bucks, State of Pensylvania on the 1st day of February in the year of our Lord 1817. Being of mature age and of sound mind, having volunteered in the Service of the United States Army, being fully sensible to the danger and casualties of war, and the uncertainty of life, I make the following my last Will and Testament

1st I give and bequeath unto my wife Mary Ann E. RANDALL the proceeds of all my Estate and effects, both real and personal, as long as she shall remain my widow.

2nd I do make her the said Mary A. E. Randall my Executrix to settle up my Estate and effects.

3rd In case of the death of the above named Mary A. E. Randall I desire and request her to name the Guardian to our minor children and if she desires may divide and apportion the Estate between our Children.

4th I also request the Hon. Probate Court to accept of my wife Mary A. E. Randall as my Executrix without Bond, or as light Bond as the Law will permit, I having all confidence in her honesty.

5th I desire that my Real Estate in Hamilton County Ohio near North Bend, bequeathed to me by Charles MCMICKEN dec. also my Real Estate situated in Clinton County Illinois shall not be sold. Also my Real Estate in Franklin County Missouri may be sold at the option of my wife Mary A. E. Randall to educate our children, or for her own comfort and support.

6th I also desire my wife Mary A. E. Randall to devide or set appart to each of our children a portion of my Estate so that each shall have an equal proportion as near as possible, but to retain a sufficient for her own comfort and support as long as she may live my widow.

7th In case my wife above named and our children should require more than the income of the above named real Estate she shall have power to sell such of my real Estate as will be necessary to maintain her and our children comfortable as long as she shall remain my widow.

In Witness whereof I hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty fifth (25) day of August A.D. One thousand eight hundred and sixty two 1862.

A. J. Randall

Signed sealed and published by the above named A. J. Randall in the presence of the subscribed witnesses at his request.


Richard SUTTON

Henry LEAR

State of Illinois} ss In the County Court of said County

Clinton County} In Probate November Term, A.D. 1874

Personally appeared in open court, Henry Lear and William D. Wood subscribing witnesses to the foregoing instrument of writing, purporting to be the last Will and Testament of A. J. Randall late of Clinton County, deceased, who being duly sworn, according to Law, do depose and say, each for himself, that the foregoing is the last Will and Testament of the said A. J. Randall deceased, that they subscribed their names thereto as the attesting Witnesses at the request of the said Testator, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, on the 25th day of August AD. 1862 that he then and there subscribed his name thereto in their presence, and declared the same to be his Last Will and Testament; and that the said Testator, at the time of executing the same as aforesaid, was of full age, of sound mind and memory, and under no constraint.

Subscribed and sworn to in open Court} Henry Lear

this 16th day of November AD 1874. } W. D. Wood

Henry Schurmann

County Clerk

Transcribed by Melody Reissen

From Family History Center Microfilm # 1007839 - Wills v. A-C 1857-1914